My short bio: Hey everyone! I am Siri Dahl. I started my adult actress career in 2012, took a brief hiatus from 2015 to 2020 and now I’m back and better than ever! I am a rambunctious redhead who loves powerlifting, adventure, and recording episodes for my Podcast “After Adult”! Ask Me Anything!

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SloMoAss203 karma

What was the primary motivation behind your fairly recent breast reduction, and are the tattoos related to the reduction?

PS. Not complaining at all, just curious

defnotsiri75 karma

It was four years ago! I had it done very soon after I left the porn industry. I find that a funny question!

Dr_Qrunch242 karma

But the answer though?

defnotsiri5 karma

Sorry, I try to avoid stating the painfully obvious.

I did it because I wanted to.

Jeffwiz120 karma

How are you?

defnotsiri126 karma

I am very well, thank you for asking.

Brasscogs108 karma

Hi Siri, serious question for you: what are your thoughts on the growing movements like that are pushing for more verification and accountability from the large porn streaming sites? Do you think that these companies are doing enough as it is to combat sex trafficking and child abuse or do they have a responsibility to take further steps to combat these sad realities of porn?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

defnotsiri47 karma

I don't support the movement to abolish PornHub entirely, which I have seen some folks calling for. I don't see how that is a reasonable or even remotely realistic goal for one of the most visited websites on the planet. It's obviously terrible and disgusting that any nonconsensual videos would ever be uploaded to PornHub and escape filtering/takedowns long enough for people to watch them, but we know that has happened on many occasions.

There needs to be more accountability on tube sites. I've been saying that since 2012, and just because PH has a way for me to earn income via ModelHub, it doesn't change my opinion.

IMHO, anonymous user accounts should not be able to upload videos to PornHub, period. It makes it far too easy for piracy and abuse to flourish. I would absolutely love to see a day when PH makes video uploads available only to verified model accounts, who have passed age and identity verification, as well as signed 2257 documents and provided model releases for all video participants. Do I think that day will come? Probably not. A requirement like that might kill PH because it would so drastically impact the site's traffic.

What honestly bothers me the most about the "ban pornhub" argument is that it's basically a slash-and-burn approach that disregards all of the positive effects of sex work for the many, many models/performers who promote and sell content on PH. A lot of it seems like opportunism on the part of people and organizations who are anti-porn and anti-sex work to begin with. There should be room for nuance in these discussions, but I'm not seeing much of it. "PornHub took too long to remove a video of nonconsensual sex, so we should all boycott PornHub forever," sounds like something a person who hates sex workers would say because they're waiting for the right moment to pounce. Again, it is terrible and disgusting that this content ever gets uploaded and stays available on PH, but this is a very extreme minority of videos we're talking about. And how is a website as large as PH supposed to detect that? There are billions of videos on the site, and most of the content takedowns and reports are managed by automation and algorithms, because they must be in order to make the process even remotely manageable.

There is an entirely different discussion that needs to take place around trafficking and PH, and that's about decriminalizing sex work. Just like other forms of black market/trafficking economies, if sex work is decriminalized, that would have the biggest impact on the industry of sex trafficking. But you don't see conservatives talking about that, because their real mission isn't to save victims of sex trafficking, it's to abolish the sex industry altogether.

TL;DR I don't have any solutions here but I would fully support PH implementing a "verified user only" content uploading rule.

XTheFlyingDutchmanX96 karma

Hi Siri, what a great initiative! Just some questions: do you watch your own scenes? If so, what do you think of it? Do you get recognized in public? Any funny stories/bloopers of things that happened on set? Love your content, keep up the good work!

defnotsiri184 karma

  1. I do not watch my own scenes. I will watch the trailers for my scenes when they come out. I do not watch the full-length scene. When I watch the trailers, I assess myself as a performer and how I can improve.

  2. No, not really. I have not been recognized in public. Years ago I was flying from OAK to LAX and the TSA guy winked at me and told me he was a big fan. I thought it was really funny.

  3. Bloopers: I can't think of anything off the top of my head. There are sex mishaps and sometimes I make weird noises during sex. Sometimes I slip out of "i'm on camera mode" but nothing crazy.

Sestamibi62 karma

I'm also curious about what happens when you slip out of camera mode. How is it different for you?

defnotsiri5 karma

I just get a lot weirder. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm a bit more goofy off-camera.

bangsteve77 karma

would you rather get into a cage fight with a crossfit champion or an olympic deadlifter gold medalist?

defnotsiri87 karma

Cage fight with an olympic deadlifter for sure. Crossfit requires a lot of cardio so I will not outlast that person!

Cognitively_Absurd64 karma

What inspired you to go for this career?

defnotsiri129 karma

I kinda decided that porn would be a fun thing to "try" when I was 19 (2007) and I was really curious about sexual exploration. There were so many things I wanted to try and starting to understand that I am bisexual. The idea of porn was a safer space to try things out.

FallenKnightGX44 karma

In terms of safety how do you view the industry now?

defnotsiri15 karma

Most of the power lies in the hands of performers now, which in my opinion has made the industry better and safer for performers than ever before.

CloudiusWhite49 karma

Hey Siri, what are some new restaurants in my area?

defnotsiri40 karma

It looks like Eat My Ass is nearby, and is open until 10pm tonight. Would you like to call this business?

shekindasaidyes44 karma

Hey, I loved seeing you do your first hot! Do you plan to do a gangbang or bukkake anytime soon? I suppose COVID might make that tricky.

defnotsiri89 karma

Both of those are on my wishlist! I don't think gangbangs are going to be happening anytime soon.

tyomochka36 karma

Prince or MJ?

defnotsiri131 karma

I am from Minnesota so Prince, duh.

lost_in_life_3428 karma

When it’s one of those days, how do you smile and put on a good face to make a good scene?

defnotsiri40 karma

Usually I haven't had "one of those days" not when I've been on set, recently. When I am having a work from home day and I'm doing OnlyFans stuff I'll just take the day off.

Rein9stein224 karma

Hey Siri, how often do people say Hey Siri to you?

defnotsiri9 karma

enough that I made it a literal t-shirt.

ExpoAve1721 karma

Is there a reason male pornstars aren't touching or groping a woman's body parts during sex in porn? (Not including foreplay) . Seems like squeezing boobs and butts isn't common during sex scenes.

apatheticnihilist20 karma

For real, that is one of the funnest things about sex but you hardly ever see it in porn, it's just never ending repetitive thrusting.

ExpoAve173 karma

Yeah dude it's whack they don't do it!

defnotsiri21 karma

do y'all pay for porn site memberships? because that's where most of these weird customs come from. I can't even tell you how many times I'm on set and a director says "oh yeah I wish we could do that, but the fans, they hate it and they'll just complain in the comments"

if you want to see (or not see) something in porn scenes, seriously you need to PAY for a membership to a porn site you like, watch the scenes on that site (not for free on pornhub) and comment. a lot. be really loud and annoying. the loudest and most annoying porn fans get to see exactly what they want. that's why I'm almost never allowed to use a vibrator during porn scenes, even though it makes it more fun and I cum WAY more. the loud annoying guys will comment "ughh why is she using that vibrator, I can't see the dick, this scene sucks" and then guess what? NO MORE VIBRATORS EVER in that production company's videos.

ETA: I pretty much always use a vibrator in my self-shot sex scenes. I do what I want.

travisdeahl72414 karma

Have you met any famous people?

defnotsiri55 karma

Uh, yeah! I have met a lot of random celebrities out and about in LA. I can't say I know anyone who is a mainstream celebrity. I am friendly with Mick Foley!

darthbator00712 karma

Have you done any scenes that has armpit fetish? If so with whom and what is the name of the scene?

defnotsiri38 karma

No I don't think so. You can order a custom one though.

Jesuslordofporn10 karma

You have done a phenomenal job working with Mind Control Theater. I was curious, what is shooting with them actually like? Lots of breaks because people start laughing, do you work off a script full script, is it harder then a less niche type of shoot?
Also, are you doing anything else in that niche, or with them, and more generally anything in VR?

defnotsiri23 karma

Shooting with them is good! I haven't shot for them since 2014. I did a remote zoom call type scene more recently. It is a good experience.

I work off a full script. In some ways it is more difficult than a niche shoot. Since it's dealing with a specific fetish there are more specifics to remember when shooting.

In that niche...when it comes to fetish work I generally do not create that content on my own. I do not have a high demand for fetish content. I pretty much focus on BG scenes for my own content. I do do custom videos though!

defnotsiri22 karma

VR, I just filmed my first VR scenes for Naughty America. The scenes were with Alex Mack and I enjoyed the sex part of the scenes.

starfyredragon8 karma

What's your favorite part of the job?

defnotsiri32 karma

Getting to try new things sexually and getting to have sex with a lot of attractive people!

Rony_Rojas8 karma

Apart from the pandemic, do you want to visit South America?

defnotsiri12 karma

Yeah! Absolutely. I've been to Costa Rica. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to go to Peru.

defnotsiri7 karma


Thanks for hanging out with me! I had so much fun answering your questions!

Thank you to for having me as their September Bang Babe!

prettybutunlovable6 karma

How did you start out? Like did you know someone who invited you to try it or did you take your own initiative?

defnotsiri16 karma

I made a very decisive decision to move to LA to do porn.

whimsicaldickbutt6 karma

Do you have any specific powerlifting goals? Also is there a lot of crossover interest between the adult entertainment industry and the fitness industry as a whole?

defnotsiri20 karma

There are a lot of women that are fitness models that are more "fitspo" - that create an OnlyFans so they are intersecting with adult. There is a big crossover between the two for sure. Fitness and body consciousness go hand in hand.

Powerlifting goals: My gym is open and I can't train when I travel to LA I can't train there. It has been inconsistent since March based on gym openings, of course. My next goal is 300lb deadlift and 150lb benchpress. I have long legs and a short torso so I would love to have a 220lb squat.

Libsoccer205 karma

Favorite thing about the job? Least favorite thing about the job?

defnotsiri18 karma

Favorite: I am my own boss and make my own schedule.

Least: Stigma of sex work!

Eplayofficial5 karma

Ok. Siri Dahl. How did this name come about?

defnotsiri26 karma

I recently added Dahl as my last name. It has nothing to do with Roald Dahl. I loved the name, it's Swedish and Dahl has Scandinavian roots as well.

noshore4me4 karma

What are your top 3 binge-worthy shows?

defnotsiri23 karma

  1. Schitts Creek
  2. Teenage Bounty Hunters
  3. Big Mouth

bigtex20034 karma

do you have a favorite co-star? male and female?

defnotsiri11 karma

Interesting. No I don't want to pick favorites.

slavetrasher13 karma

What have you enjoyed most since returning to porn and what did you miss most during your absence?

I wanna add, that I'm still so happy you're back and you said you wanna become an ass girl and anal slut and you absolutely did it with your new scenes, I love them! And btw I love your chemistry with Robby Echo, please shot a professional scene together!

defnotsiri16 karma

Since returning: buttsex on and off camera

Missed most: Community feeling of people in the porn industry!

vzapata2 karma

Hi Siri! What's your favorite type of music?

defnotsiri6 karma

I kinda listen to a mix of stuff. If I had to pick a all-encompassing genre it would be indie music and electronic.

AVSheree2 karma

What's your favorite exercise for those amazing thighs of yours?

defnotsiri5 karma

I like doing clams with a hip band!!

Oberisuk1 karma

You probably have a bit of freedom when it comes to what gigs you do/do not accept, but was there ever a shoot where you felt uncomfortable or just weren't too into it?

Immediately I'm thinking of the Art Gallery shoot for Kink, just because it seemed like a mild deviation from your usual stuff at the time.

defnotsiri3 karma

Yes, but I'm not going to go into detail. I've told the story on my podcast before.

The shoot for Public Disgrace was actually one of my dream shoots, and I specifically requested everything that happened in that scene.

Rbhockey91 karma

Assuming your family and friends knows about you in the porn industry, have they been receptive and supportive?

defnotsiri3 karma

there are three possible responses: supportive / confused / disappointed

it's all over the spectrum, but those I'm closest to and actually give a crap about are generally supportive.

TheD1v1s1on51 karma

How do you deal with depression?

defnotsiri3 karma

therapy and getting off social media when I need to

Throwaway9two841 karma

How old were you when you started to think about wanting to get into the adult entertainment industry someday? If you could start all over again, would you still choose this career or something else?

How should I feel when my 16 year old daughter tells me she wants to become a stripper? Was it appropriate of me to say, "Do whatever makes you happy, there's nothing wrong with "sex work"? Or should I strongly advise her against getting into adult entertainment? Her motivation is money, not seeking attention or validation from ANYONE. As much as I didn't necessarily want to hear my child say that, I would never ever knock her for making that choice once she turned eighteen. Not sure if the right words came out of my mouth and I should have discouraged her instead.

defnotsiri2 karma

I was 19. I didn't actually do porn until I was 23 and I was happy I waited, simply because it is a challenging industry to navigate for someone who's fresh out of high school.

I applaud you for your response to your daughter's interest in sex work. Despite our culture's puritanical values and the misinformation from media and conservative organizations conflating sex work with trafficking, many independent SWers are quite happy with their choices. I don't know anything about working in a strip club since I never have, but there are lots of amazing women who do and who write about/discuss it openly. @stripperwriter on instagram comes to mind.

lancelot4siri-2 karma

Are you vegetarian or fully vegan and what's the reason?

defnotsiri11 karma

I am neither! I am an omnivore. I do eat a lot of plant-based things. One of my favorite things is fried chicken.