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  1. I do not watch my own scenes. I will watch the trailers for my scenes when they come out. I do not watch the full-length scene. When I watch the trailers, I assess myself as a performer and how I can improve.

  2. No, not really. I have not been recognized in public. Years ago I was flying from OAK to LAX and the TSA guy winked at me and told me he was a big fan. I thought it was really funny.

  3. Bloopers: I can't think of anything off the top of my head. There are sex mishaps and sometimes I make weird noises during sex. Sometimes I slip out of "i'm on camera mode" but nothing crazy.

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I am from Minnesota so Prince, duh.

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I kinda decided that porn would be a fun thing to "try" when I was 19 (2007) and I was really curious about sexual exploration. There were so many things I wanted to try and starting to understand that I am bisexual. The idea of porn was a safer space to try things out.

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I am very well, thank you for asking.

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Both of those are on my wishlist! I don't think gangbangs are going to be happening anytime soon.