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The twilight years zone.

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I thought, "pinapple leather, bull shit" but then I googled it. Holy shit, thats a real thing, thanks for sharing!

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As someone with Aspergers who is also a gamer, I enjoy organizing inventory screens and optimizing systems in games like minecraft, 7 days to die, etc. I think the problem with classifying gaming, with regard to addiction, is that there are such a wide variety of games that cover such broad aspects that more specificity is required to make an accurate... I lost my train of thought because there was a cat attacking my phone. sorry.

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Didnt specifiy the bed.

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You have done a phenomenal job working with Mind Control Theater. I was curious, what is shooting with them actually like? Lots of breaks because people start laughing, do you work off a script full script, is it harder then a less niche type of shoot?
Also, are you doing anything else in that niche, or with them, and more generally anything in VR?