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"I'm sorry dear, I thought you would want to speak out to other victims."

That woman defines what it means to be human garbage. Trying to politicize that girl's nightmare like that, then after being called on it she tries to save face by attacking Elizabeth.

Should've just said I'm sorry and moved on with the interview. That would require a shred of decency though.

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This is important.

Will you re-hire some of the old staff who more or less made up for the administrative essence of Reddit?

If not, can you provide a reason for why?

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If you haven't visited Cape Cod I would recommend it along with the islands around it. Not to mention Province Town.

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In terms of safety how do you view the industry now?

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Welcome back VideoGameAttorney!

From a strictly legal stand point, is there anything for users to worry about when it comes to the Metro, Steam vs Epic debacle? Is it possible more games may pull this with Steam, or can Steam legally defend themselves from this re-occurring with a new contract?

It just seems odd it happened in the first place.