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Nunzwithgunz1432 karma

Do you have a strainer on your head in your driver’s license picture?

irishgue2164 karma

Actually yes, We is encouraged to wear strainers on our head for Passport photos, Drivers licences, e.c.t. Though we are not always allowed in countries that don't recognise us as a true religion. It is our Official headgear.

Skywire20001185 karma

What is the most confrontational encounter you've had involving this religion? Has your belief in this religion been the main cause of any fights? What were they like?

irishgue1852 karma

Most people either dismiss me as stupid or are so ecstatic about learning about such a thing they won't stop coming back for more information about the religion. I've avoided telling people that may have a problem with me being a Minister, but i'd say the U.S Embassy might have a problem when I walk in for my passport photo with a strainer on my head...

Lukas03031090 karma

This religion was made to criticize and mock the absurdity of religious beliefs, am I right? And if so, is that why you are a member?

irishgue2384 karma

It was created to contest the boundaries of what is a religion, In my country, People who are not Catholic, are, shall we say, Looked down on by some members of society, And I was previously an atheist, Our school system teaches Catholicism as a mandatory subject. In second level education its called "Religious Education" They do teach us about other religions but its 90% Catholicism, My school didn't put up much of a fight and I was given and exemption, But my Religion teacher doesn't know yet that Im a Pastafarian. I joined because, Like many other people, I just wan't to have an answer to questions like "are you religious?" Living in a Catholic Country, When your an Athiest, You feel alone, But when you have a Religion which was literally created to poke holes at Christianity, I feel alot stronger when standing up to the system and refusing to participate in catholic practices

Lukas0303454 karma

I love that answer! How do I join?

irishgue642 karma

We have no formal "joining" process as such, As it says on the website, If you wan't to consider yourself a member, Your welcome to do so. Buying the gospel and becoming a Minister are simply optional extras, We have a holy scripture called the "Loose Cannon" which you can read for free as a PDF, https://www.spaghettimonster.org/2010/07/the-loose-canon/

Lukas0303164 karma

Thanks mate! I really appreciate people who don't take life so seriously. Have a good day! :)

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R'amen Comrade!

TheRealReapz1027 karma

Which pasta is superior?

irishgue1830 karma

all pasta is treated equally <3

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What does the afterlife look like in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

irishgue3131 karma

Heaven: Beer Volcano and stripper factory, And the flying spaghetti monster is there

Hell: Beer Volcano And stripper factory, Except the Beer is warm and the strippers have STDs

(this is probably why alot of countries are reluctant to recognise us as legit)

jimicus893 karma

So does that mean you don't actually know if you're in Heaven or Hell until you try the beer?

irishgue132 karma

Well, you'd see the flying spaghetti monster if you were in Heaven, and i'd imagine the palm trees in hell are dead

KubaG731 karma

That’s badass

irishgue42 karma


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Oh yeah? I'm an ordained Dudeist Priest.

irishgue729 karma

I've heard of it. Nice one

Normal_Juggernaut691 karma

Do you get tax exempt status?

irishgue650 karma

sadly no

Notasymbol448 karma

Wtf why

irishgue639 karma

Alot of countries don't recognise us as legit yet, Though we are always trying to get recognition

KamahlYrgybly686 karma

According to your scriptures, what is the origin story, the genesis so to speak of the FSM?

irishgue1651 karma

The Gospel Of The flying Spaghetti Monster is like 200+ pages long (yes i've read it start to finish multiple times) So ill try shorten it down as much as possible

The earth is 5000 years old, The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) arranged the universe to look much older than it was. Even placing Dinosaur bones in the earth

All humans are descended from Pirates, Those pirates descended from the first man Named "man" and first Woman named "Woman".

There are some stories that I can't really shorten down that tell how the first inhabitants of earth became pirates, but the gospel is like 10$ and it benefits the religion if you wanna go buy it yourself.....

I would go into more detail but the questions are flooding in :)

DeadlyDancingDuck469 karma

In thousands of years of adjustments, hearsay and deliberate corruptions do you think people will actually believe in this religion and these bible stories?

irishgue848 karma

Unfortunately I think it will die out. All religions are dying because back when Christianity started to be a thing, There was no internet, no Conspiracies, So everybody believes everything they heard, The only reason people still believe in the case of Christianity is because of Social Pressure, (i know there are legit christians who are devout and believe everything in the bible but that number is falling fast) So as all other religions die, The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster will go down with them, Because without other religions to stand up to, It serves little purpose. Though it will have served us well.

br0mygoditsjake417 karma

Dang you got a card?! I became ordained under the FSM back in 2013 and I don't believe it was an option back then. But I do have my official certificate which I hang proudly in my home!

irishgue473 karma

R'amen! Aye, You can pick between getting the certificate or the card, or both now.

Nyquil_Jornan365 karma

I can see a lot of potential negative reactions from people, especially businesses. Has there been any negative unforeseen effect of your being ordained in the religion? (and do you think you would recognize it if it had occurred?)

irishgue613 karma

Because schools in my Country teach "Religious Education" (90% Catholicism 10% Other Religions) My school was certainly not happy, After writing a letter to the Principle requesting an Exemption, He gave it to me but never responded to the Letter, So it would stay informal. Alot of people i've told who are older and grew up in the Ireland (I live in Ireland idk if I mentioned that here yet) where you could loose your job for not going to church, and the local priest would come to your house if you didn't attend church, Certainly are NOT happy with these "young people" expressing their rights. As I said in another response, The Passports office won't be happy when their receive the photo of me with a Strainer on my head for my new passport.

irishgue386 karma

So yeah I do think there have been negative effects, But its all worth it for getting to stand up against the old system.

khizee_and1312 karma

Is eating pasta considered unholy or not allowed in your religion? If it is allowed what is your favorite pasta dish?

irishgue491 karma

It is encouraged, But not 7 days a week, I think we are supposed to eat 3 bowls of pasta a week, Though the religion has no strict rules so, thats only a guideline.

ThatChrisFella279 karma

Is the FSM the only one of his kind?

irishgue418 karma

He is the only one, Our Noodly Master

Undertaker59208 karma

How often are you touched by His Noodly Appendage?

irishgue625 karma

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is forever touching us with his Noodly Appendage from our birth until our death, He presses down on our head to simulate gravity, Thats why Humans are getting taller, because there are more and more humans for him to hold down, And less noodly appendage to go around

DeadlyDancingDuck183 karma

Is the monster a monster like in horror films?

irishgue453 karma

Not exactly, Here is a picture of him, He is a friendly fellow who likes humans, Specifically Midgets. And he enjoys hanging around the beer volcano in Heaven.

Theres a photo of him: https://imgur.com/a/jQJLX1O

notparistexas150 karma

Is COVID-19 in any way related to the number of pirates currently operating on the world's oceans?

irishgue274 karma

The Number of Pirates is directly determined by global warming. The less global warming, The more pirates, Thats why one of our Slogans is "Stop global warming! Become a Pirate!" So, with COVID-19 causing alot of factories, flights and other things to close, Less global warming, More pirates.

Registrationfail3d143 karma

How often do you have to deal with pasta jokes?

irishgue178 karma

I get alot of slagging, Mostly friendly though, I don't tell everyone I meet, But eventually it gets out. Im not trying to hide my faith, But sometimes its easier if people don't know, Not to say I don't encourage people to join.

jumperforwarmth139 karma

Is this the one where the ex porn star has her licence with strainer on her head?

irishgue185 karma

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... I have not been informed but ill get back to you on that one lol

greree139 karma

Didn't a judge in Nebraska rule that the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster was not a totally legit religion, but was instead "a parody intended to advance an argument about science, the evolution of life and the place of religion in public education."?


irishgue93 karma

Pretty much yeah

TheRealTomTalon109 karma

Am just here to ask for your blessing🙌🏻?

irishgue211 karma

May you be touched by his noodly appendage


FunkyCurds106 karma

As an ordained minister are you legally allowed to perform marriages? I considered joining to see if I could so it for my friends

irishgue194 karma

Depends on the Country, In the eyes of the Church Of the FSM, Yes, In the eyes of the state, They would be un-offical. In New Zealand our Marriages are recognised by the state, There is a video of the first one on YouTube, I think germany recognise our Marriages as well, If not they do recognise us as a religion. Check if your Country Recognises us, If they do, You can become a Minister for 15$ (31$ if you wan't the fancy certificate)

Ronald_Villiers4397 karma

I now identify as a pastafarianist, or whatever the word it...what is it?

irishgue124 karma

Pastafarian. Welcome, Comrade!

Stixmix76 karma

If I'm already an ordained Dudeist Priest, am I still able to join the Flying Spaghetti Monster sect?


irishgue73 karma

You sure are, We allow people to join who are already members of other religions

norsurfit60 karma

Have you ever touched his noodley appendage?

irishgue101 karma

We are all, Always being touched by his noodly appendage, He pushes down on our heads to simulate gravity.

404usernamenotknown48 karma

Do confessions in your church start with “I have offended the Spaghetti and now I Regretti?”

irishgue35 karma

We don't have traditional confessions, Though you could admit to the FSM you have sinned. Maybe some regional association could adopt that line, Lol

acidkaat40 karma

Did the flying spaghetti monster originate from chef boyardee in a Jesus / God sort of relationship or is boyardee the spawn of the spaghetti monster?

irishgue107 karma

I don't think it is mentioned where he came from, He just sorta... appeared. And then got drunk and created the universe.

probe10133 karma

I have a vague memory of reading an article many years ago that stated you refer to yourselves as "Pastafarians". Am I correct or just confused with something else?

irishgue58 karma

Thats us, We go by "The Pastafarian Church" But more commonly the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, And the followers as Pastafarians.

crapmyusernameisgone32 karma

How long have you been involved with the Church? What made you join and eventually become an ordained minister?

irishgue95 karma

I started getting involved with it about a year ago, Around summer 2019, By December I had been ordained, which is alot easier than you'd think, Since the religion has no strict rules, You just pay 31$, Which helps keeps the website running and keeps our Prophet Bobby Henderson afloat so he doesn't have to get a job, so he can work full time of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and representing us. I think the main reason I joined was because as I said in another response, Some people in my country don't like Atheists, And The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster gives me something to use as my answer for questions like "oh so your not religious?"

vaporfang29 karma

Why this religion. Usually people who support religions have a testimony, it just seems like you’re establishing the legitamacy of the group. But i wanted to ask you why you’re an ordained minister?

Edited: too vague, ty OP

irishgue48 karma

Theres no specific reason why this specific religion, There are other parody religious such as Judaism and the Banana Cult, Its just the Church of the FSM seemed the most absurd and is one of the bigger religions. I like to see the look on peoples faces when they ask how many members we have, The expect something like 100, or 200, Then you get to see the absolute awe when you say "Roughly one million, possibly more"

irishgue40 karma

I decided to become a Minister simply to have more involvement in the religion, Since we have no formal joining process, It got my name on the books, and it was harder for other people to testify if im actually a legit member

azathCutter24 karma

Why do you think your method is effective in spreading atheism? And please answer seriously, don't tell me that you guys are theists. I'm sorry if something similar has been asked before.

irishgue29 karma

We don't see ourselves as Atheists, but a large number of our members are converted Atheists. I'd support somebody becoming and Atheist just as much as joining the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Though I think people join, Because it gives them something to say rather than "yeah im and atheist...." (i think you've made a minor grammar mistake in your question so sorry if this response is a bit half-assed)

welp4223 karma

How do you deal with being so epic and funny?

irishgue13 karma

can you narrow down that question chief?

LazyCon22 karma

You guys seemed poised to take on religious freedoms abuses head on but didn't ever seen to do anything with your momentum early on. Meanwhile Satanists have been consistently there to show the hypocrisy of religion by erecting religious statues, handing out satanic coloring books, etc. What are your plans to actually do something positive with the clout you've seemed to squander? I love the idea. I just would love to see more progress

irishgue29 karma

We are trying, The thing is, we dont really have that sorta organization's or money to put up statues, But for instance, We are an official option on the New Zealand Cencus, I personally hope and think it is possible to open Pastafarian schools, We just need a higher concentration of members in certain areas. Progress is slow, But we are working on it all the time, trying to get recognition and attention from media outlets. We do have the occational event that is posted about on our website where people dress as the FSM, Or pirates. We also have a documentary being made about us called "I, Pastafari"

coypug199420 karma

Are we getting the beer volcanos?

irishgue25 karma

if your good ;)

gelastes16 karma

Have there been any schisms yet, and how do you think about people who justifiably point out that you are wrong about the beer volcano?

irishgue62 karma

Firstly, I don't go parading around the streets saying "SAVE YOUR SOUL! JESUS LIED! JOIN THE CHURCH OF THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!" So I haven't got into any heated arguments or fights yet,

Secondly, people think there is no beer volcano?

Thanael12316 karma

What’s your favorite Pastafarian holiday and how do you practice it?

I‘m a big fan of Talk like a Pirate day since before I even heard of FSM. Do you know if the original inventors of the holiday are Pastafarians?

irishgue40 karma

We have three main holidays, Ramendam, Holiday, and Pastover

On Ramendam, you eat loads of Ramen Noodles

Holiday is just the same as Christmas

And Passover celebrates when the first pirates made their first ship, The Venganza. On this day, You prepare a large "Heaping bowl" of pasta, Smear some tomato sauce on your doorstep, And then eat the pasta, If you can't finish it, you have to give it to your in-laws

Manik00712316 karma

Does the FSM have meatballs? Are those meat meatballs or plant-based meatballs? Is there a place for vegan people in FSM?

irishgue26 karma

They are meat based meatballs, but if you want to eat plant based meatballs, it wont offend the FSM

DizzyWhereas310 karma

What do your parents think of your faith?

irishgue15 karma

They are Atheists, so they think its pretty cool

Mr_Jabberwocky_8 karma

Is your god edible? Would it be possible to taste the FSM?

irishgue11 karma

I think it would be possible, but I don't think he would be very happy with you

BuckFandai5 karma

Whats your favorite Copy Pasta?

irishgue7 karma

I've never really read or watched any copy pasta, Lol, is copy pasta still a thing?

UselessMarvin5 karma

Do you think there should not be any countries based on religion? I am from israel, and we have a big problem separating religion and state. It is a called a jewish-democracy, and there is alot of friction between religious people and atheists here. On the one hand, we are a democracy (though it dosent feel like that sometimes..) and on the other hand, this really is the only country for jewish people to be without encountaring antisemitism. What do you think about this situation?

irishgue16 karma

I think we at least shouldn't teach Religion in school, I think Ireland is one of the only countries in the world that have it as a Mandatory Subject. In Ireland, There is HUGE Social pressure for people to be Catholics, It doesn't matter if you actually believe in the bible or not, If your not at mass, The whole town will be talking about you, In the 70s and 80s and even a bit in the 90s You wouldn't be able to get a job if you weren't Catholic.

Its eased up alot now, But the same old System still exists. Correct me if im wrong but, In Israel, the conflict gets a bit more Violent than just Social Pressure?

cat-god5 karma

How often do you shower?

irishgue2 karma

i don't believe this is relevant to the AMA.... but every day...

Blastspark014 karma

How long does the ordination process take? Do you have to pay to receive your card?

irishgue5 karma

As long as it takes to get mail from America to your country, You just pay either 15$ for your ID card or 31$ for a fancy cert and an ID card, there is no training like in the Christian Church. Alot of people just think its a sham Bobby Henderson is running for money, But once your in the inside of the Religion its very clear he isn't using the profits for his own Personal Gain. But you get all the propper benefits of being a Religious Leader, Such as being able to perform Holy Ceremonies such as Marriages.

_Floydian4 karma

Does your church compete with Dinkoism?

irishgue13 karma

We wouldn't really compete with other religions (unless its one of the major world religions) We respect the members of our fellow parody religions

Darayneman3 karma

What inspired you to wake up and post this?

irishgue5 karma

quarantine bordem. \._./

KatanaGirl242 karma

What is the community like? Do you talk to others in The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Do you know anyone/have any friends who have the same beliefs?

irishgue2 karma

There are not many in my country though I know two other Pastafarians. The Community is filled with amazing people who are also flexing their rights as citizens of their country to express their religion. Our Prophet, Bobby Henderson posts updates on Pastafairan-related matters on our website every month or so


pepperping2 karma

Are you affiliated with the Temple of Floating Hokkien Beasts?

irishgue8 karma

Temple of Floating Hokkien Beasts?

im not exactly sure what that is

Dead_Toad2 karma

What gender does the FSM identify as? Do they have a spouse/SO?

irishgue8 karma

He is male, However he has no spouse, or mother or father.

Jizslr2 karma

What counties accept your religion?

irishgue4 karma

Germany and New Zealand do, if I wen't digging there are probably a few more. They have a high Pastafarian Population so it was kinda hard to ignore them, In other countries they don't have many Pastafarians so its harder to get recognised, However in my country, I heard about it after a Pastafarian was interviewed on the radio.

Jueri201 karma

How many members does your religion have ?

irishgue3 karma

Since we have no formal joining process, But based of surveys and stuff, Its estimated around 1 million, but possibly more.

xxVordhosbnxx1 karma

Edit: moved to comment thread.

irishgue1 karma


I have thought about this, But, Its not the believing in it that really matters. To keep the religion alive, I always say I do believe in everything in the Gospel of the FSM

The True meaning of the religion is to stand up to the system and to make a point that it doesn't matter how old, or how many members a religion has, Every religions story is as crazy as the others. So they all deserve to be recognised as true.

collided_equations1 karma

Which countries recognize you as legit and what is your expanding strategy? Do you know/have anybody in india?

irishgue2 karma

I don't personally know any indian pastafarians, With roughly 1 million worldwide though there is bound to be some in India, For now, Germany and New Zealand recognise us and allow us to do marriages and ceremonies. As I said before though,they aren't the only two, I think there is one or two more.

rootbeer41 karma

What are the core beliefs of your religion?

irishgue5 karma

The Flying Spaghetti Monster created the entire universe, He arranged it so it looked alot older than it actually is. He also controls gravity and got drunk during creating the eath. The stories in the gospel go into alot more detail,

MrSelfDestructLS1 karma

What are your thoughts on other "parody religions (i think is the term)" like Discordianism and Last Thursdayism?

irishgue3 karma

They are cool, I would have joined on of them, But once I heard the Church Of the Flying SPaghetti Monster was actually getting recognised by Countries, I couldn't pass up the opportunity, Lol

D34th_gr1nd1 karma

How can I get ordained?

irishgue1 karma

AbdallahKabany1 karma

What sin angers the FSM most?

irishgue3 karma

Probably if you are a Sleazy loan shark or a boss that only pays your workers minimum wage. Other than that, he doesn't really care as long as your not a complete asshole. We have some guidelines but we are not required to follow them, as i said before we have no strict rules. They are called the 8 i'd really rather you didn'ts.


OuterHeadDebris1 karma

What's the worst pasta pun you've heard? And is it true your HQ is based in Las Agneles?

irishgue3 karma

Thats a good question, I haven't really got any memorable puns thrown at me, More just friendly slagging. There are people I know however that bring it up, arguably to much.

We don't have a "HQ" as such, Our Prophet Bobby Henderson, Last I heard he is living in the Philippines now, But he is American and previously lived in Oregon. I haven't heard anything about a HQ.

Archedeaus1 karma

What would your reaction be if you found out that the spaghetti monster was actually real?

irishgue2 karma

i'd probably start praying more. and of course inform other pastafarians, and then invite the flying spaghetti monster down to earth for a party

happyhappysadhappy-1 karma

This still a thing?

irishgue5 karma

I guess?