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Hang on a minute.

Are you seriously suggesting that the difference between results for Ricky and a.n.other wrongly convicted person could come down to Ricky writing to his lawyer and suggesting avenues for investigation - and Mr. A.n.other discussing it verbally so having no written evidence that such avenues had been discussed?

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So does that mean you don't actually know if you're in Heaven or Hell until you try the beer?

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Sounds a bit like a pilot. Most of the time a computer's doing the driving; the driver earns his money when something goes horribly wrong with the automated systems.

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Yeah, I understand that.

But the point I'm driving at is that Mr. A.N. Other might be languishing in a cell, charged with murder but yet to face trial, thinking "It's okay, once my lawyer follows up the stuff I told her to, I'll be out of here. Probably won't even be a trial". He takes solace in thinking he'll be a free man soon, and doesn't bother to write any letters.

By the time he realises she didn't do her job, it's too late. He's being railroaded through a process that is far more interested in sending someone to prison than in finding the truth.

And - as you say - his options in terms of appeal look a lot grimmer. A strong avenue ("My lawyer didn't do her job!") is effectively closed because there's no evidence.

If that doesn't scare the shit out of anyone, I don't know what would. "There but for the grace of God...." and all that.

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Have you ever fired your gun up in the air and gone "Aaah!"?