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In a classroom like that, with the door by one corner, there's only one corner not really in eyeline and it's even worse to put everyone in one corner

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I'd imagine they've ruin the cost/benefit equation on that one.

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You guys seemed poised to take on religious freedoms abuses head on but didn't ever seen to do anything with your momentum early on. Meanwhile Satanists have been consistently there to show the hypocrisy of religion by erecting religious statues, handing out satanic coloring books, etc. What are your plans to actually do something positive with the clout you've seemed to squander? I love the idea. I just would love to see more progress

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Better Off Dead is my second favorite Cusack movie(huge fan as well). I had the VHS copy in my car for years, Mainly out of pure coincidence, but also because I would always be like "You haven't seen Better Off Dead?" and proceed to run out of the house and come back tape in hand. Until no one had VHS anymore.

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How possible would it be to completely remove parties from our system as a whole? Other than just making them illegal and removing them from the ballot information what other changes would we need to accomplish something like that? Parties seem to be the biggest mistake in all of politics and create a an antagonistic environment and create an easy way for people to just funnel tons of money to candidates everywhere while simultaneously removing voters from the responsibility of making informed decisions by allowing them to just vote on the letter by the candidates name rather than the person themselves. Seeing the state we're in I can't imagine another solution to right the ship. What would it take to do that if we woke up one day and political parties were outlawed?