Hello! I started doing stand up at 16 years old and have been letting it slowly ruin my life ever since. Now I’m in my mid-twenties and still struggling. My Netflix Special ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ premiered on Netflix this past Tuesday.

You can catch me doing stand-up on The Tonight Show and CONAN, as well as touring all around the country! I also co-host The Self-Helpless Podcast with Delanie Fischer and Kelsey Cook.

I’m out on tour - you can find the city near you right here and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. I'm performing all weekend at Hilarities in Cleveland, Ohio - if you're in the area, grab some tickets and come hang out!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/3z3myniqhqk41.jpg

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Sunburn7920 karma

Hola Taylor,

I saw you on Fallon the other night. Hopefully I don't butcher your joke, but the one about full boob development before full brain development was hilarious. Awesome job there.

My question is: What comics have inspired you the most throughout your journey, or alternatively, who do you find the funniest when you want to sit down and watch a show?

TaylorTomlinson18 karma

Thank you so much!

I love so many comics. I love Maria Bamford and everything she does. I'm inspired watching Richard Pryor documentaries and his stand up obviously. Opening for guys like Brian Regan and Bert Kreischer taught me a lot. I think John Mulaney is brilliant. Dave Chappelle keeps putting out incredible hours. There's so many.

dubjanka14 karma

What were your best and worst handled heckles?

Edit : mushbrain?

TaylorTomlinson21 karma

My best are when I can make jokes that make the audience and the heckler laugh (and then be quiet). My worst are when I'm not funny and I just get mad at someone for being rude.

sentientbean-14 karma

Hello Taylor! I loved your Netflix special. I’m about to turn 25 and so much of your material resonates with me.

I’ve always wondered this about comedians. How much of your material has truly happened to you, how much is exaggerated, and how much is just straight fiction that you create for your joke?

TaylorTomlinson26 karma

All of my jokes happened to me. Sometimes I will change details (names or where I saw something happen - saying "someone I dated" instead of "my current boyfriend" etc) to protect people I have relationships with but the material is true.

Templetam13 karma

Real talk: how bad does Bert smell?

TaylorTomlinson15 karma

How dare you Bert is my friend

asimitian12 karma

Loving the special!! Curious how did you react to knowing you'd be filming a Netflix special?

TaylorTomlinson30 karma

I was insanely excited for about 30 minutes, then self-doubt crept in and I started panicking, then I put my head down and got to work.

GrandThurismo10 karma

How does it feel to have achieved this kind of success and exposure at 25? It took a lot of greats longer to achieve what you have accomplished. Please enjoy the Netflix money and be filthy rich to piss of other guys. 😂

TaylorTomlinson15 karma

Haha I mean it feels good? I know this business is fickle and you have to be lucky to get where I am so I try to remember that.

PreacherClete10 karma

Hey TToms! We used to do comedy in SD together. We weren't close, but I watched you destroy at Mad House all the time. Makes me happy to see you breaking through over the last couple years.

I always wanted to ask: you came up doing spots on the Christian comedy circuit and now you've transitioned over to the mainstream successfully which is really rare, maybe unprecedented. Can you talk about what that experience is like? Has your audience stuck with you? What has the reaction been like from the other Christian comics?

TaylorTomlinson12 karma

Hey thanks man. I don't know what Christian comics think or if they think about me at all. It's a very specific niche market that I was not right for. I only was a part of it for a few years in my teens.

Tokkemon10 karma

You're a treasure!

What do your parents think of your routine? Do they feel offended being such easy material?

TaylorTomlinson19 karma

I've told my parents my comedy isn't really their taste anymore. I run jokes about my family past them before putting it on TV.

GrandThurismo9 karma

Soo... Are you a sunrise or a sunset person? 🙃

Laught so hard. Watching your special last night. Also: how nervous were you performing the first big gig in front of a lot of people and how to get over that?

Next up should be European tour. You are very funny.

TaylorTomlinson9 karma

Thank you so much! I'd looooove to do a European tour. I used to have terrible stage fright, the best way to get over it is to just get onstage so much that it becomes second nature and not at all a big deal.

Spuzzell8 karma

Hey Taylor!

As a comedian, when you watch another comic do a great bit can you just enjoy it or are you always annoyed that they came up with it first?

TaylorTomlinson16 karma

I love comedy so I can enjoy it. Occasionally I'll think, 'Damnit it was right there and I didn't see it!!!"

freeplay4c6 karma

Hi Taylor, big fan. How do you balance personal life with your comedy? Has your family/friends/boyfriends seen your shows? What do they think of the parts about them?

Btw, I saw you when you performed about a year and a half ago at UCF, and it was the first time I laughed after my breakup. So thanks for that!

TaylorTomlinson11 karma

Aw thank you I'm so glad you laughed and hope you won the breakup.

Balancing a personal life with any artistic career is always difficult. Especially when you use your personal life as inspiration. My friends love what I do and when I do jokes about them. My family thinks it's cool that I'm able to do this even if they don't love everything I say. Boyfriends it depends.

ForgotToKnock6 karma

Hi Taylor!

As you've gotten more and more popular have you had to test new material differently than just going to an open mic?

TaylorTomlinson11 karma

Yeah I'm lucky enough now that I can work on new material at the best clubs in LA.

rayboria5 karma

What advice would you give a comedian starting out pretty late in his life? I'm 27 and have been doing open mics for about six months now.

Also huge fan and I love your comedy.

TaylorTomlinson10 karma

Thank you so much!

Get onstage as much as humanly possible, study the greats, and write like stand up is your job.

thepharmacist04974 karma

Hey Taylor! First off, really love your stand up. Have been following you for a couple of years. You discuss your family disapproving is your standup. Do your sisters ever watch your standup? Has there been a joke that your family has surprisingly been okay with or surprisingly disapproved of?

TaylorTomlinson5 karma

My sisters do watch my stand up and love coming to shows! NO dad wants to hear his daughter talk about sex so of course there has.

zsportsfan883 karma

What do you struggle with the most?

TaylorTomlinson12 karma

Anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome

woodentigerx3 karma

Saw you in Dallas you were amazing.

You seem to be open to joking about any part of your life no matter how dark. Is there any part or experience that you don’t or haven’t found a good way to make jokes about?

TaylorTomlinson8 karma

Thank you! I haven't found anything (knock on wood) that I can't make jokes about from my own life. If a family member or partner says they don't want me to tell a certain joke I won't.

thedinobot19893 karma

The wedding bit with walking down the aisle and taking a sidebar was my favorite! How long does it take to nail the delivery and little nuances of a capturing that specific joke? Also do you ever film it to tweak the performance?

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

I always record my sets at least on audio. A joke really evolves the more you do it which is why doing the road is so important. You need those reps to make something polished and perfect.

Nelly79023 karma

Obviously love your comedy and a fan. Looking forward to seeing you when you're in the Chicago area again.

What kind of places did you do comedy at when you were 16? Favorite experience in comedy? Favorite Ninja Turtle?

TaylorTomlinson7 karma

I performed at churches, schools, fundraisers, coffee shops. My favorite experience in comedy was filming this special! Donatello

Kt_inatree3 karma

Hi Taylor, I just listened to Ali Wong on Conan's podcast and she described how after her netflix special she did not realize how good it went until her tickets showed up on Ticketmaster for 1000 a piece. I'm curious, do you yet realize how big your special is? If so, what tipped you off?

TaylorTomlinson5 karma

It's only been 3 days so I definitely haven't started selling $1000 tickets quite yet haha - FINGERS CROSSED THOUGH

Novel_spite3 karma

Coming from someone who has no artistic talents. How difficult is it to write new material versus steal/edit others' work?

TaylorTomlinson10 karma

Writing new material is sometimes very easy and other times very tough when you have writers block. Haha I assume stealing is fairly easy I have obviously not done that. If you're asking for permission to do so, please don't.

JBagKY2 karma

Really enjoyed the special. Wife and I got tickets to see you in August in Cincy. I am guessing that its new material. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing what you have been working on. You seem pretty open about going to therapy, at least in your sets. Do you find that it helps you work on new material or give you inspiration for a thread that you think might be funny?

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Amazing! Yes it is new material. I have a lot of new material about therapy - most of the new hour is about therapy or things I learned about myself in therapy.

hooligan07832 karma

Hey Taylor!

I hate seeing people get heckled. How much does the stuff people say and do stay with you after the show?

TaylorTomlinson8 karma

If a heckler disrupts the show and I've been traveling and I'm exhausted I get pretty upset.

plsignoremylastemail2 karma

Hi Taylor! Big fan! I met you once at the 10,000 laughs festival. You were awesome.

What's something that you would like to write a joke about but haven't yet (either because you're not sure how to make it funny to other people or because you haven't experience it yet)?

TaylorTomlinson9 karma

Thank you so much! I am working on jokes about my mom dying when I was a kid and I'd like to keep expanding on that chunk.

kiaha2 karma

I found out about you through the Tim Hawkins podcast, my favorite story you said in it was the horror story of you doing standup at a memorial and the picture of the deceased gentleman was on display right behind you. Since then, have you had any other similar situations?

TaylorTomlinson4 karma

Oh my gosh I don't even remember that, did I do that?? Maybe it was for the Christopher Reeve foundation?

kelukelugames2 karma

Hi Taylor, I've done a handful of open mics and was wondering if you would consider this joke theft? Or is it okay? I have never said this on stage and don't plan to. Asking out of curiosity.

The setup is loosely: one of my favorite comedians saying getting a man to wear a condom is like asking a 5 year old to put on a jacket over their Halloween costume. I recently knocked up someone with a trust fund.

Punchline is something along the lines of "Now this 5 year old now lives in a mansion."

Doe allusions, references, or homages exist in stand up comedy?

link to original joke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f82CYDZyTeU

TaylorTomlinson4 karma

Honestly I've never heard someone say "One of my favorite comedians has a joke about this" like it's a quote as a set up before

nucifera_no2 karma

I've been an avid self-helpless podcast listener since 2018, I absolutely love it and it's had such a massive positive effect on my life and my mindset. I'm sure the podcast has definitely influenced your personal life as well, but I am wondering if you ever come up with bits for your sets because of Kelsey and Delanie? Do you and Kelsey ever both come up with the same bit, and how do you work around that? I love the 3 of you so much, sending much love from the UK!

TaylorTomlinson4 karma

Oh my gosh thank you! Yes I think we've come up with bits in conversation with each other. Kelsey has a joke about something I told her I did haha - you have to see her live to see it.

louielulu942 karma

Hi Taylor! Do you have any advice on other fellow millennials going through a quarter life crisis? I’m in my mid twenties as well, and sometimes it gets to me too much lmao. Love your work btw hope you have a great day!

TaylorTomlinson6 karma

Thank you! My advice is work hard to accomplish your goals, stay humble and try to empathize with people who hurt you. Because you will be hurt by friends, family, partners and it will feel very intense because you're young. Think about how awful high school was and how it felt as though it would never end and you never even think about it now - I think our twenties will be like that too.

BillFireCrotchWalton2 karma

Hey Taylor, haven't had time to watch your new special yet, but I'm going to this weekend.

Would you ever go on Marc Maron's podcast? I'm a big fan of both of you and I'd love to hear you talk to him.

TaylorTomlinson4 karma

Of course I would but he has legit movie stars on now so I think we should both not hold our breath on that one haha

RJ13372 karma

What's your go to food choice after a set late at night? Also do you get something different depending on how the set goes?

TaylorTomlinson6 karma

Ooooo. I mean if I'm being healthy and I had a good set I'll try to be healthy and get fish and vegetables or something. If I had a rough show I might need something comforting like a croissant.

riotfood2 karma

Sooo, you're doing pretty frickin' well on TikTok. Thoughts? Feels? Would you say you enjoy TikTokin?

TaylorTomlinson10 karma

Haha I'll be honest, somebody else runs my TikTok because I don't understand it. I'll go on it occasionally out of curiosity and I think it's entertaining but it makes me feel old.

doconnor882 karma

Hey Taylor. 2 questions

What’re your favorite podcasts?

What’re your thoughts on being bicoastal? Is it necessary as an LA comic?

TaylorTomlinson5 karma

I love Bertcast, Gilmore Guys (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Goys now but I still listen to old Gilmore Guys episodes too), Fresh Air, Good One, Conan's podcast is great, Gettin Better with Ron Funches.

I think being bicoastal, if you can swing it, is the way to go. LA and NY have different things going for them. There is a lot of TV opportunities in LA and podcasts - but NY is amazing and you can do so many shows in a night there.

nashvegask2 karma

Any fun moments with Conan O'Brien you can share?

TaylorTomlinson5 karma

Conan is just the nicest funniest person - he's literally everything you want him to be. That's not funny it's just true.

jackofallchange2 karma

Hey Taylor! Awesome set, poignant and laugh out loud funny. Who are some of your inspirations? What did you grow up watching? Any downsides to being an up-and-coming comic? Can’t wait to see what you keep putting out, love the energy. (Answer whichever you want :) )

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

The hardest thing about being an up and coming comic is getting enough stage time to get better. Hopefully you're in a good city with lots of open mics.

[deleted]1 karma

Would you date a fan?

TaylorTomlinson12 karma

Probably not

Octopus-Pawn1 karma

Would your friends and family say you’re funny? Or is your comedy like a persona you put on in front of an audience?

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Haha I certainly hope they would!

trvsct1 karma

Hey Taylor!! Great special!

Now that you've had a hit special, what is your next project?

TaylorTomlinson5 karma


We're always working on developing the next hour special and of course TV shows, etc

leilillard1 karma

Just finished watching your special, and cackled out loud throughout. THANK YOU!

I’m also 25, and something I struggle with is being taken seriously within my profession. How do you reconcile being true to yourself and your age with being respected?

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Thank YOU!

I think regardless of age we all worry about being respected - not just in comedy but in any profession. That being said, I did and do worry that I won't be respected because I'm young, which is why I just try to work as hard as I can so that I'm worthy of every opportunity I'm lucky enough to get.

brevisa1 karma

Hi Taylor! I'm watching your stand up special as I type this!

How did you write jokes at 16, and how has your writing changed as you've gotten older?

You're hilarious! Thanks for doing this

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Thank you so much! I think writing jokes has definitely gotten faster and easier for me as I've gotten older. You just understand yourself better and know your voice.

DaBlakMayne1 karma

Hi Taylor. Big fan of your stand up and I listen to your podcast from time to time.

Where you known as a class clown in school? Also, do you want any pets?

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Hey thank you! Technically I did win Class Clown senior year of high school but on the voting ballots it said "Funniest" and the Yearbook staff changed it to Class Clown, which I was not at all. I think people voted for me for "funniest" because they knew I did stand up. I don't have any pets. :( I travel too much.

GrandThurismo1 karma

Do you compare yourself to others or do you live your dream regardless? How to balance your careergoals and social goals, like being on the road a lot...

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

I definitely compare myself to others sometimes and it's never helpful. Being on the road is tough and isolating sometimes but it's where you get great.

I_lost_the_gerbil1 karma

Every comedian has their own style in which they create and source their material. Some blend personal experiences with a touch of fabrication, some channel their inner darkness, some are strictly political.. ect. Do you have an approach based solely on personal experiences or do you draw from observation as well?

(Since your first Conan set I've been waiting to see you tour through Salt Lake. You are one of the best comics out there and hopefully we get another Netflix Special before your midlife crisis!)

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

Thank you so much!

I would say I'm a personal comic with some observations thrown in.

FakeTacos1 karma

Tacos or pizza?

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

Tacos I'm lactose intolerant :(

Woblywobleton1 karma

Taylor, big fan, love your comedy, super cute lol.

My question is: If you were yogurt, would you be fruit at the bottom or a stirred? Bonus points if you get the movie reference. :D

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

Fruit on the side of greek yogurt

And_ED1 karma

Hey! I saw your special on Wednesday. Was legendary.

Q: How have you handled introversion in comedy? I'm not in comedy, just an introvert myself and wanted to see if it's affected you or anything.

TaylorTomlinson5 karma

Thank you so much! Being an introvert can hurt you in this business sometimes because "networking" (EW GROSS WORD) is definitely a thing unfortunately. I've gotten better at socializing. A lot of comics reached out to me early on and said I seemed standoffish but I was just shy and afraid haha.

dtlyfee1 karma

What is your inspiration for the type of comedy you do? What is it that motivates you? Your humor and style is different from that of female comedians of today. Amy Schumers jokes are dirty and raunchy and Eliza Shlesingers are hard to relate too, as a male. Your humor and artistry finds a way to relate to both men and women.

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

I just tell jokes about my own life and try to make it relatable enough for as many people to enjoy as possible.

[deleted]1 karma

What would say to aspiring comedians? How to get started?

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

Write, watch, and perform as much as possible.

Zenny1431 karma

Hey, around how many times did you go on stage before you started going on stage regularly? And by regularly I mean like once a week- good luck with everything

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Every night if I could.

kelukelugames1 karma

Looking forward to seeing you in Tacoma! I saw Sam Morril there last year. He got on stage in sweatpants. Why so much disrespect for Tacoma? And will you also wear sweatpants?

TaylorTomlinson4 karma

I will probably not wear sweatpants but never say never

coryrenton1 karma

How does the negotiations with netflix work -- would you be able to negotiate adding 10+ hours of material for more money, or do they cap it at a certain length?

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Netflix agreed to give me this special, hopefully I get to do more but I'm not a famous comedian who inked a deal for like 3 or 4.

harveynumber41 karma

Your debut special is as good a one I can remember seeing. You've made a fan for life so thank you for that.

For a self-proclaimed introvert, you have incredible stage presence. How long did it take for you to feel comfortable performing to crowds or is that still something you think about?

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

It took me years and I still occasionally get nervous up there!

Sunburn791 karma

With all of the travel that you do, is there a go-to food that you seek out in every city in an attempt to find the best?

Ex: Are you out there trying to find the best taco truck, the crispiest fried chicken, or the smokiest barbecue, etc?

TaylorTomlinson5 karma

I love a good taco. Usually I'm trying to be healthy so I'm on Google maps trying to find a Whole Foods haha

DasRite1 karma

Huge fan of your stand-up! As a die-hard Conan fan, is his off-screen personality anything like his on-screen?

TaylorTomlinson5 karma

Yes Conan is legit everything you want him to be and more. Kind, hilarious, humble, real. The best.

alexafindmeausername1 karma

Hey Taylor! Big fan of your comedy and am just about to watch your special in a few minutes. So of course I've got to ask the important question: What would be the best snack to go along with your special?

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

Ooooo great question. I love me some dark chocolate covered pretzels personally.

SomethinCleHver1 karma

I enjoyed your appearances on Bert's podcast, any other big podcasts coming up while making the rounds?

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

Yes stay tuned!!!

RWJ_MO1 karma

We enjoyed your NF special and wonder when you might come to Saint Louis?

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

I was just there in Oct I believe so probably not for a little bit but I'll be back!

drummerakajordan1 karma

Hi Taylor,

How long did it take you to get these 30 minutes to a place where you're happy with them?

TaylorTomlinson3 karma

It is 60 minutes and years

nicholt1 karma

What is your opinion of guys named Taylor?

TaylorTomlinson2 karma

I think it's cool

Zanctium1 karma

Do you have a favorite childhood movie you revisit from time to time?

I frequent The Last Unicorn myself. :)

TaylorTomlinson3 karma