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Hello and thanks for your time. What trends have you noticed in populations rises/falls in relationship to the presence of humans? Which populations are more commonly affected first when there are disruptions in the local community?

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Is de-scaling nuclear power (into a more portable capacity) an option?

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Hey Taylor! Awesome set, poignant and laugh out loud funny. Who are some of your inspirations? What did you grow up watching? Any downsides to being an up-and-coming comic? Can’t wait to see what you keep putting out, love the energy. (Answer whichever you want :) )

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First of all I commend you for the challenging situation you are going through. Watching the development, it is easy to see how quickly the government started using all techniques possible to disenfranchise protesters, and the reality of the situation. I wish you and everyone you know safety, and hope your government will fold soon. My question, has there been a feeling of 24/7 panic and shut down? Are there times when there is any peace, or is the police activity constant and growing in aggression? “You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”- Marcus Aurelius

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Cool, thanks for the answer and advice. Keep breaking legs, hope i can see you live sometime.

Follow-up: Cornerstone movies from the funny corner?