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kelukelugames2 karma

Hi Taylor, I've done a handful of open mics and was wondering if you would consider this joke theft? Or is it okay? I have never said this on stage and don't plan to. Asking out of curiosity.

The setup is loosely: one of my favorite comedians saying getting a man to wear a condom is like asking a 5 year old to put on a jacket over their Halloween costume. I recently knocked up someone with a trust fund.

Punchline is something along the lines of "Now this 5 year old now lives in a mansion."

Doe allusions, references, or homages exist in stand up comedy?

link to original joke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f82CYDZyTeU

kelukelugames2 karma

haha yeah it's an awkward setup. Just wondering what counts as joke stealing.

kelukelugames1 karma

Looking forward to seeing you in Tacoma! I saw Sam Morril there last year. He got on stage in sweatpants. Why so much disrespect for Tacoma? And will you also wear sweatpants?