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I was insanely excited for about 30 minutes, then self-doubt crept in and I started panicking, then I put my head down and got to work.

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All of my jokes happened to me. Sometimes I will change details (names or where I saw something happen - saying "someone I dated" instead of "my current boyfriend" etc) to protect people I have relationships with but the material is true.

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My best are when I can make jokes that make the audience and the heckler laugh (and then be quiet). My worst are when I'm not funny and I just get mad at someone for being rude.

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I've told my parents my comedy isn't really their taste anymore. I run jokes about my family past them before putting it on TV.

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Thank you so much!

I love so many comics. I love Maria Bamford and everything she does. I'm inspired watching Richard Pryor documentaries and his stand up obviously. Opening for guys like Brian Regan and Bert Kreischer taught me a lot. I think John Mulaney is brilliant. Dave Chappelle keeps putting out incredible hours. There's so many.