Nutaku Publishing is offering $10,000,000 to fund the growth of the adult game development community.

Since launching in 2015, Nutaku has grown to become the largest free-to-play browser and downloadable gaming platform in the world, delivering 400+ games to a userbase of over 40M. With the goal of distributing high-quality games, boasting stunning graphics and gripping adult scenes, Nutaku offers up what is arguably the best cross-platform gaming experience for adult gamers around the world.

Ask us anything!

People Present:

Dan - Director of Business Development

Tom - Senior Business Developer

Nordland - Social Media and Marketing

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lyalicia78 karma


TeamNutaku100 karma

Tom - Adult or non-adult, all games follow very similar principles. Just like with any good game, the core and meta game-loops need to be fun, engaging and entertaining. There needs to be enough good high-quality adult content to keep the players engaged and actively playing the game

TrashTalkTiger44 karma

Maybe a little late to the party here, but I’ve never actually used Nutaku before for hentai gaming, I always assumed it was another site for downloading viruses and malware in the guise of adult entertainment.
As someone who frequents hentai gaming on a regular basis, what do you guys think separates you from the host of other “free” adult gaming websites?
If i were to go to nutaku for some adult gaming what would you recommend?
Do you have any promising leads for the distribution of your funds? If so, what makes them promising, is there other works they’ve done that caught your interest?

TeamNutaku48 karma

Tom - Nutaku is a very safe well-guarded platform for our users. You will notice we have zero advertising on our site and this is to keep a nice clean environment for all. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality adult games versus the usual 'free hentai games' websites.

Our Mobile App Store / Desktop Client and market-leading distribution platform put us at the forefront of hentai/adult game distribution. I like to think of us as the Steam and Google Play of adult games.

As for promising projects, there are definitely a few 'gems' in the pipeline, but I don't want to make too many new announcements too early. How did that fair for No Man's Sky!

For recommendations - check ou Merge Nymphs / Project QT & Custom Order Maid 3D2 (if you're into VR).

Waycores34 karma

How do you decide who gets money and who doesn't?

TeamNutaku31 karma

Tom - We have a full review committee made up of experienced game designers, producers, production managers and financial forecasters amongst others. Our job is to make sure we do our due diligence correctly. We spend multiple weeks and many hours reviewing each project down to the finest detail. Feedback from all review members is vital as this is not a single person's decision

juanj76030 karma

Can we expect to see you guys at anime expo 2020?

TeamNutaku59 karma

Unfortunately we won't be there next year! :( Sad timez

edit: actually, we might go! New information has come in!

Mussay29 karma

Why did games like Brave girls raven and osawari island shut down , players base wise osawari island did have an okay count imo ? Since i was active in the community . But more towards me just asking the reason why did they shut down . And more content for Flower knight girls , please , Thanks .

TeamNutaku27 karma

Nordland: Games shut down for a multitude of reasons (operation cost, studio closures, or other studio based decisions, low player count etc). It's always in our best interest to keep games on the platform for as long as possible obviously, but in some cases the game studios make the decision to have the game removed from the platform.

IFookedYamama27 karma

My X,A,Y and R keys are all stuck from semen from these games. Will you guys send me a new keyboard?

TeamNutaku59 karma

Nordland: you just gave me a business idea! WASHABLE KEYBOARDS!

TeamNutaku49 karma

Nord: dammit, my dreams are now dead

NS022621 karma

Is there a game you ever regretted not funding?

TeamNutaku28 karma

Tom - We try not to live with regret, but there are a few that we didn't fund that we would have liked to see how it turned out!

Thrannn19 karma

Just wanted to tell you that I love your work, even tho I dont play anymore.

Are you planing to somehow also invest into a hentai porn site, with videos Intead of games?

TeamNutaku21 karma

Dan - Thank you very much! We plan on investing on what we're good at, and that's high quality adult games on the largest adult gaming platform online. With that said, you never know what the future holds!

Zulgot18 karma

Is it a good idea to form an adult game startup after finishing college in a few months with a master's degree in computer science in Europe? Asking for a friend (of course) who wants to develop something more exciting and use those math skills to make mad boobs physics simulations...

TeamNutaku16 karma

Dan - Best idea I've heard all day!

In all seriousness, starting a business should not be taken lightly so always make sure you do your research, develop a business plan, and make sure your finances are in order!

damo456713 karma

How many tennis balls can you fit in your mouth?

TeamNutaku15 karma

Tom - 3 1/3, extra-large

sorata_no_baka13 karma

Are you hiring?

TeamNutaku10 karma

Dan - We are indeed! Contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for more information.

Zulgot11 karma

What are your thoughts on BDSM related games?

Are they allowed? Is there some line, which the developer can't cross (other than gore)?

TeamNutaku11 karma

Dan - All of our games and content undergo strict compliance evaluations by our company compliance team and there are strict rules that can't be crossed. We're definitely fans of BDSM however games need to be sex positive.

DiproticPolyprotic10 karma

Why are adult games so terrible? I understand porn is absolutely functional but if adult games seek to offer something desirable then why not simulate real life events with the taboo of slight variation?

Take GTA V for example. It's not an adult game, it is rated R but it offers the player the experience of going out and getting a hooker and simulating sexual activity. That's something 95% of GTA V players will never experience irl (myself included) but are 100% curious about (myself not included).

Why do adult games just head dive into fictional depravity so fast? I like the idea of a good story but adult games just don't seem to offer that.

TeamNutaku9 karma

Tom - Honestly, there is something for everyone. I would suggest looking into the type of games that would resonate with you. There are different games for different tastes. Want a slow-paced story-based Visual Novel that explores the boundaries of time-travel? Try ChronoClock from our downloadable store.

coryrenton9 karma

Have you investigated whether there is a viable market for an adult-oriented console? Would $10M be sufficient funds to bring something like that to market?

TeamNutaku17 karma

Dan - The main issue with adult and consoles would be mass-market distribution. We wouldn't be able to sell consoles or games in any big box stores be it brick and mortar locations or their online stores due to the adult content.

In addition, we want our games to be accessible by as many people as possible, and a proprietary console significantly limits reach. We are working towards making sure all of our free games that are operated as a live service can be played by as many players as possible, and the major part of helping us achieve that goal is by funding the growth of the game creators.

Gekokapowco8 karma

Where do you all see the future of adult games?

What sort of products do you see this market trending towards? Is it what you all expected? How are the games evolving in your eyes?

What are your thoughts on VR?

TeamNutaku6 karma

Dan - I see the future of adult games as a continued mass expansion on a global level, reaching more and more players as the variety of game types and target audiences continue to expand and evolve. Just in the last year we have seen massive expansion in LGBTQ+ games with huge success. We want everyone to enjoy adult gaming.

Casual games continue to be surprisingly dominant despite theories that other game types might be more appealing. The evolution of adult games is clearly towards game quality (graphics, gameplay, storyline etc) and the aggressive growing reach of the genre.

VR continues to be used by a tiny fraction of overall adult traffic, the hardware is simply not taking hold the way VR hardware manufacturers are aspiring to (yet). For the time being and foreseeable future, we view VR integration as a compliment to the game or as an experience enhancement, but should not be the primary focus.

tsukaharaa6 karma

what defines an adult game? an 18+ game (gta) or a porn game?

TeamNutaku7 karma

Dan - From Nutaku's perspective we view an adult game as any game that includes explicit sexual based content. All of our games are fully reviewed to ensure that they are quality playable games, not "fake" games that you sometimes run in to on other sites.

Hyufee6 karma

With adult games like this compared to normal game developing, what is the biggest difference you can see? Are there similarities and struggles just like other major games? Also, does it feel like work and do you still play the games?

TeamNutaku9 karma

Tom - the biggest differences actually provide us with the largest opportunity. All 'adult' games are created with the same building blocks and foundations as any 'sfw' game, including the same level of risk during the planning and development stages. The adult content within each game provides a unique opportunity to push content beyond what is available anywhere elsewhere. Which, in turn, provides our users with unique/entertaining games, and who doesn't want to be entertained?

As for playing the games, I like to play through new releases on launch to see how the original vision turned out. Outside of making new business, family life and Rocket League, there is little time for anything else.

Cwbintn6 karma

What kind of advice do you have for game sites that are skittish about covering your adult oriented games due to advertisers?

TeamNutaku4 karma

Tom - we do a lot of ad buying ourselves so we'd be more than happy to take those advertising spots ;)

Sex should not be taboo in 2019 and we're seeing more and more 'mainstream' sites covering our naughty games. The future is bright.

Sarispun6 karma

We live in Asia, can we get funded?

TeamNutaku8 karma

Dan - Absolutely, you can reach out to us with your game proposal at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

FrozzenAxe6 karma

Will you help support monster girl island? :)

TeamNutaku7 karma

Dan - Absolutely, we'd be happy to assist them with distribution on our platform once they finish the game!

Bigsassyblackwoman5 karma

holy FUCK that is a lot more games than i thought it would be

do you nut to your own games or is it like a "cum to your daughter" kind of thing?

TeamNutaku6 karma

Dan - I've worked in the adult industry for a long time so adult content is just another day at the office for me. I play the games to make sure they're actually fun (or in the case of Fap CEO, to destroy my co-workers' scores) and that the artwork and game flow are on point.

Zulgot5 karma

When is the new podcast going to drop?

When is the new redesign coming?

TeamNutaku6 karma

Nordland: sooooon! Life has been busy and editing takes so long, but we will have one up soon!

Redesign is coming in 2020, we're working on making it as close to perfect for launch day as possible :)

h2uP5 karma

For a person who has been solo developing the groundworks (storyline, plot points, characters, events, mechanics, etc. - i dont know how to code but i can write and draw), how do i go from concept/idea to production? Would books of information sell the idea to be developed for a game? Will i need to learn code to stand a chance? Am i doing this the wrong way?

Ive been working on something that would rival (in scale) the WoW universe, but have no idea what to do or how to go about turning it from paper to production.

Thank you for your time.

TeamNutaku7 karma

Tom - I love your enthusiasm - keep it up! If you're looking at something on the scale of WoW, you'll be in the need of a team of skilled programmers and network architects amongst others.

My best advice is to start small, learn as much as you can and make mistakes along the way. Educational courses in your preferred area of expertise (game design/level design/project management etc.) will help you better your knowledge and understand the requirements to scale-up and find a team to make your dream a reality.

4skinmaniac4 karma

Why do you people exist?

TeamNutaku6 karma

Dan - Is this a birds and the bees question?

_OVERHATE_4 karma

Do you have a contact network established developers could tap into?

Example, say i have proven skills to make a game happen with experience, but lack the connections to find good artists who work in this medium. Would you assist in that procedure?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Dan - Absolutely! Our publishing services offer a huge range of services to the studios we work with, including assistance with production and design, project management, platform integration support, quality assurance testing, back end management tools, H-Scene creation, character design, localization, creative direction, copywriting, branding, user acquisition, PR and branding, in-game event management, A/B testing, social media and community management, customer service and much more!

CraftEssenceEssence4 karma

Why is Tenioha! never on sale? Also, are there any plans to localize the sequel?

TeamNutaku6 karma

Tom - i'll reach out to the Publisher behind Tenioha and see if we can have them participate in our next sale event. As for the sequel, this is a decision of the game's publisher/development team. I will state our interest in the distribution of the sequel when I contact them

SweatilyClicking4 karma

Do you play "osu!" the rhythm game?

TeamNutaku7 karma

Tom - I do now!

Rayux4 karma

Are there any mechanics or gimmicks you've seen that simply turn you off from said game? Personally any pay to win structure, I find ruins the game.

TeamNutaku4 karma

Tom - Different mechanics work for different games, so it's hard to really have one rule-book in this regard. Our published titles will spend time in soft-launch, where we open up the game to a small user-base. We review the player's game sessions in order to better understand how they are playing, where do they stop playing, and what can be done to improve the player's gaming experience.

abc-to-xyz4 karma

We create small educational games (cross-platform), anything for us?

TeamNutaku5 karma

Tom - we can certainly take a look. Fire us an email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we'll have the team reach-out

Efraim_Longstocking3 karma

Why didn’t you spend it all on hookers?

TeamNutaku5 karma

Tom: we tried, we failed

bombkid693 karma

why did millennium war aigis have to go ? i have been looking for a replacement for ages. Lustful shores has hit my radar and i have been playing it non stop anyway what do you think Lustful shores needs as a tower defense game to prosper ? P.S the other tower defenses are not that great (just an after thought lol )

TeamNutaku2 karma

We miss Aigis very very much. It was a very well loved game. I think Lustful Shores has what it takes! Let's hope people see the potential in it!

lunabestna3 karma

What happened to the ways to earn Nutaku gold? I remember when there was the calendar that was phased out, with a mention to replace it with something 'better', but nothing ever came of that? It's been a while so my memory is a bit vague.

TeamNutaku3 karma

Nordland: I can promise you there is a bigger and better replacement for that system coming, it will be launched on the new website!

Tromovation3 karma

Would you guys consider funding a game based on an idea from a guy with 0 development experience but is an active gamer with some great ideas?

TeamNutaku5 karma

Dan - All great games start with a great idea! We do have some minimal requirements for studios that are looking for funding so it does need to be just more than 1 person with an idea. We look for teams with a minimum of 5 employees with gaming development experience, especially free-to-play experience and ideally with a some development and artwork already in the works, and are looking for that extra help to see the project through.

McJumbos3 karma

what is the oddest game that was pitched to you that didn't make the cut? And, Why?

TeamNutaku4 karma

Dan - We literally receive HUNDREDS of pitches per month, the volume is huge. We certainly get a fair share that have serious gaps in the gameplay, break several compliance laws or some have extremely poor plans altogether. In terms of oddest pitch, I would have to say the oddest pitch I've ever seen was set in a grocery store and featured various items from the produce section that were well endowed. It made for a good chuckle, but not a great game pitch.

LiquidRane3 karma

Are you guys hiring ?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Dan - We are indeed! You can email us for more information at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

TehAsianator2 karma

Did you guys (either personally or as a company) donate to the Subverse kickstarter?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Dan - No we did not.

AngelDistortion2 karma

I love how all the most wholesome expenditures of massive money are in the porn industry. Plowing streets, planting trees, donating money to fund something not because it's profitable or because a tax cut needs to be made but rather just (seemingly at least) to advance an art. Fucking mental

That being said, how is this funding being applied? Does it target "well known" studios and things or is it more like "pitch us an idea and we'll fund it?"

I'm sure I could find out but also I'm on mobile and that would be a pain.

Also, what's the main goal? Recruitment of talent, advancement of the medium, incentivizing more content?

Do you guys hope to one day reach AAA standards of game and are looking to expand? Because I think it would be simultaneously shocking and hilarious to see a AAA hentai game. Considering the lack of effort towards true innovation in AAA, the game might even be of higher overall quality to be honest.

Nice job, Nutaku. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, it's nice to see opportunities for people to just make stuff, regardless of what it is.

AngelDistortion2 karma


Considering that you guys are an experienced group of devs (or in the very least a well known publisher with some devs to call on), have you ever considered a hentai MMO? I know this is kind of a far stretch but if the business is looking for places to expand while having experience with live service and a 40M player base, an MMO might be a phenomenal choice. It's an extremely underserved market (overpopulated with garbage, so still no good MMOs for NA yet), the fan base an MMO attracts is mildly rabid, and it provides a sustained income provided that the MMO doesnt eat crayons.

I'm not a business expert, but there is a massive, massive niche for a new MMO. Would Nutaku consider funding such a venture, and if so what features would it have to have to warrant support?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Tom - I believe there's an opportunity in MMOs, but they also hold a great deal of risk from an investment standpoint. There are a lot of moving parts to operate an MMO title and keep it alive. They typically have large overheads and high costs as a starting point. There are many reasons why we don't see too many MMOs in development in 2019.

Our MMO choice will need to be the right one, on the right opportunity.

TeamNutaku1 karma

Tom - the funding is available to all studios of all shapes and sizes. As long as the technical ability of the team and plan is right, then we're interested in funding the opportunity.

Main goal - Bringing the world's highest quality adult games to the largest audience.

AAA adult game... watch this space... I don't think we are that far away.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmx2 karma

When is the updated website/app coming out? Can't wait for night mode!

TeamNutaku4 karma

Night mode is life! We're working on getting it as close to perfect as possible! It will be coming in 2020 :)

DangItsPang2 karma

Do you ever think there will be a hentai game by any AAA studio, or an AAA studio dedicated to hentai games? Why (not)?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Tom - I mentioned this previously, but the majority of AAA studios are publicly traded companies - companies that are not typically looking to add adult content to their portfolio. However, games like The Witcher III are prepared to push the 'accepted' boundaries for nude content. We just hope they push a little further next time.

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - You never know, but if they do, they should definitely contact us and work with the best adult game publisher in the industry.

McJumbos2 karma

what was it like to first start working at nutaku? can you recall what your first day was like?

TeamNutaku4 karma

Tom - 4 years on and my first day is a little by hazy tbh. I tell every new starter that the first 3 weeks are strangest (if you're coming from a more 'traditional' industry). After the settling-in period, everything just becomes water off a ducks back and we have a business to run

shankurnan692 karma

Considering the implications of games that make you cum in 5 seconds, what safety measures does your office take to ensure no accidental prolonged glances?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Dan - As Bob Ross used to say, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."

GFY_EH2 karma

I have 2 words for you: Angry Fish

Does this qualify me for the full 10m?

TeamNutaku4 karma

Tom - who should we address the cheque to?

KyleLee1012 karma

Does the online adult game were safe from cheaters (or framers)?

Because I been framed from playing cunt wars (chick wars at nutaku) at hooligapps, as being labeled as cheater...

I didn't cheat, but I hate being framed as cheater. I hope that it won't happened at other nutaku players nor us.

(Pray my English spelling weren't wrong...)

TeamNutaku3 karma

Nordland: if you ever run into a problem like that on Nutaku you can always email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and let us know what happened, and we can then open a dialogue with the developers of said game. If you were wrongly banned then we will do everything we can to right the wrong!

PabstyLoudmouth1 karma

Any interest in new poker games?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - We have several submissions currently in review for Poker style games.

Banglish991 karma

What do you look for in a game before investing?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Dan - There are several key factors evaluated. First and foremost, the game proposal must be a free-to-play title. We look for varying levels of casual gameplay with proven mechanics, high quality graphics, and immersive gameplay. Everything starts with a great game! No adult content in the world will save a bad game.

With that basic qualification out of the way, we then look at the studio size, location and years in operation as well as their experience in F2P games and live-ops. Once this is verified, we'll look at the studio's game library and metrics and then dive in to the actual game being proposed. There are several different scenarios at this point: Is the game already an adult game? Is it a successful mainstream title with a lot of success, little success or only in soft launch? It could also be a game that is 50% to 70% complete or even less and needs additional funding to complete. Each scenario is carefully evaluated for risk, upside potential, complexity etc.

The final step is actually a 2 part process we refer to as our gate validation system. Gate 1 is a simple game proposal deck prepared by the studio to introduce us to your game, the metrics and proposed budget. The presentation is then brought before a committee made up of key team members from platform and production for a review. If the game passes this phase, we move on to gate 2, which is a more intense and filled out game deck, including all the finer details we need laid out. The business development team is there to help the studio complete this process so that you put your best foot forward. Once the studio is approved at gate 2, we move forward with funding and the game development!

secretvrdev1 karma

I had to be sure:


How would such a geeky company post from the adult industry not come from mindgeek? Is it company policy to make business not alltime as usual with that boss in the background?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Tom - maybe?

gongmiester1 karma

Have you thought of integrating “toys” with you games, where the game controls the toys? Or perhaps biofeed back sensors include the user for edging?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Tom - yes, we have thought about it and we will think about it again. This type of service needs to be with the right piece of hardware that is easily and readily available. It's not a priority, but something that will always be an opportunity for us.

veranih11 karma


TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - Just you - reboot!

The_Common_God1 karma

What sort of key metrics do you look for in a developer or their games when determining whether to fund them?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Tom - Various key performance indicators for the game's review. Retention rates, arpu, arppu, arpdau, amongst others. For the development team, it really comes down to experience and the right skill set

Euphoricnight61 karma

What do you think about hyper casual adult games?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - As long as the quality of the game is high and it's a proven mechanic, we love them!

demo011341 karma

How do you see the future of adult only games playing out in the larger game market? More specifically, how do you see the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, valve, etc addressing AO games on their platforms? What are your opinions/ideas towards console based AO games?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Tom - adult/AO games require a focus and commitment that I just don't see the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Valve focussing on. Public companies will rarely trade or operate in the adult space due to their shareholders, which leaves private companies such as Nutaku.

Would I like the aforementioned companies to show an interest? absolutely! The more eyes and visibility on adult games, the better it is for everyone

eduardocereto1 karma

What's your view on adult VR games with "anatomic input devices"?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - We love the concept, unfortunately the market share is so small and the percentage of adult content consumers that use these devices, (less than 1% INCLUDING VR headsets) don't make it a viable option at this point in time. We're always reviewing the market data because this would really be a fun project in the future.

Zxyphor1 karma

What is your relationship with StudioFOW, If there is one? Do you think more games like Subverse can be made in this industry? Do you think Subverse will be a hit?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - We have no relationship to the studio or the game. We wish them the very best with their project!

HawkMan791 karma

How often do you guys do these reddit pr/marketing stunts and does it work?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Dan - Not sure how often Nutaku does them but this is my first time! Rumor is it works great, and I love talking about what I do for a living so it's a win-win.

HeavyFingMetal1 karma

Have you seen Escape From Tarkov from Battlestate games or Ready Or Not by Void Interactive?

TeamNutaku2 karma

I've just had a look as they were news to me! They appear to be a little more 'core' than our typical titles, but I assume you're looking forward to them?

Ninjoe421 karma

Can you be a game developer by having an idea and hiring developers to create it for you? I dont have any programming skills, but I've a couple ideas for small Indy games that Id love to create.

TeamNutaku2 karma

Tom - absolutely you can. There are many publishers in Nutaku's premium (downloadable) storefront, who act as "project managers" who outsource the technical programming work for their game

karlateraldamage1 karma

Got any recommendations for tutorials for someone new to games development?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - I would suggest digging through google and YouTube for articles and discussions on different types of game development, why some are easier than others, what's involved etc. And of course you can always attend a school for game development, there are many options available to you. Attend any game development conference and you will find booths from academic institutions with course material and information. You might even see us there as we attend conferences all over the world!

Darklordofbunnies1 karma

You feel up to throwing $300k at a poor English teacher to buy his family a home?

I don't make games but I can do a mean 80s porno voiceover.

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - Ha! I'd love to, but I really like my job and would prefer to keep it. I do however want to hear that porno voice.

Rivet221 karma

I have a great plot for a game. How do I get it developed without getting the idea stolen from me?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - I would recommend you speak with a lawyer on how to protect yourself and your IP. Then start your own studio and hire your own development staff and then give us a call!

XxpiradexX1011 karma

Kind of late but how do yourselves make enough money to make a living?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - We sell a LOT of games. The platform hits anywhere between 110 to 150 million visitors a month!

PensivePaul1 karma


TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - No strings attached, we take on 100% of the risk of funding and we don't see a dime unless the game is launched and the studio is making money. The benefit is that we get a great game launched on the Nutaku platform and share the revenue with a developer that may have been struggling just to keep the studio afloat.

UrethraX1 karma

Are you giving away 10 million dollars to game developers?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - We have a yearly fund of 10 million dollars set aside specifically to help studios develop adult games that will be published by Nutaku on our platform.

UrethraX1 karma

But where are these funds going?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - Directly the to studios.

UrethraX1 karma

And how much are these funds?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - As per the title, up to $10 million dollars. The studio proposes the required budget as part of the pitch process.

PedroCPimenta1 karma

Why there is no search bar on your website? Edit: I want to search for the game you recommended, but I don't know how, the bar is either well hidden or is non-existant. I hope I don't need to download the client, since I'm just curious about the recommendations.

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - We have a brand new website launching in early 2020 that has a search tool. For now, you can check out the entire games list at (nsfw) Enjoy!

VenomsViper1 karma

Hi there,

I think I'm late but wanted to ask. I like your games, but I wanted to ask how much research goes into your pricing models? Specifically did you do any market testing?

I got Booty Calls and it's fun and I thought to myself, "it's a free to play so I don't mind spending a few bucks here and there", but I think your pricing seems off on a lot of stuff in it?

I'd be more than happy to spend some money on diamonds etc, but what equates to like 5 min of play time costs like 50 bucks? One costume for Lulu is $40. That's more than any of the Witcher 3 DLC, which is like 30 hours of playtime.

I'm legitimately not complaining, I'm really just curious if you guys looked into if that would be the most profitable model. Because the friends that I do have that we even talk about hentai games lol, each and every one of us would spend money on Booty Calls, but the prices are just insane so we don't spend anything.

I'm sure you have your power users that dump their life savings into it, but damn I just feel like you could make more money without stuff like $40 for a costume for a mobile game.

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - Unfortunately my specialty is on the business development side so I am not involved in the game production side so I couldn't really tell you how the price points are determined for various bonus items and such. I do know there is extensive testing in terms of balancing monetization with playability before a game is ever officially launched. Either way, I'll pass your comments on to the production folks - we take user feedback very seriously.

VenomsViper1 karma

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply and all you do! Especially passing along the feedback! Definitely wasn't complaining, it just doesn't feel worth it to spend $40 on a single costume in a game like this when I can literally go get a AAA game for the same price, but I'd definitely spend like $10. Thanks again and take care!

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - My pleasure! Have a great night!

__wumwum__1 karma

What is your favorite type of cake?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - Chocolate. And not a fancy expensive cake... a good ol' Betty Crocker out-of-the-box chocolate cake with chocolate icing out of the can. Bonus points if you add Reese's Pieces on the top.

Thejunglebundle0 karma

I wonder I why you're so succesful with your endeavours and you're willing to spend your profits on feeding the competition since if they grow to be a threat will prove a bad investment. If you have complete monopoly of the adult market, you should try to keep it that way from my understanding. I also think that you should invest the money in all types of games, I understand you want to give back to the Hentai Community, but there is more commercial succes to be had in the mainstream community. This is a business after all.

I guess my question is, do you think that what you're doing is a good decision here?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Dan - Nutaku is the world's largest online adult gaming platform, and we fund games and studios that work with us on expanding the game library of Nutaku and continue to deliver high quality, immersive gaming experiences for our players. We do not fund other platforms (competitors). Best decision ever!

1nttrocks0 karma

And how do you plan to ruin future games with monetization? Dont lie to us either....

TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - We only plan on bringing awesome games to our users.

Cappelitoo0 karma

Would you be interested in funding an adult application?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Tom - we're currently dedicated to adult games as this is what we do best! We are, however, open to discussing any project in the adult sphere. If we see a fit, then we're interested. We also have a baller marketing team that has brought us adult-consoles, gaming chairs, and hot sauce, so I'll never say never.

[deleted]0 karma


TeamNutaku1 karma

Dan - Fap CEO and Project QT ftw

TeamNutaku1 karma

Nord: Merge Nymphs and Crush Crush!!!

message_in_the_mist-9 karma

why do you think giving 10m away to gaming is a good thing when it could be used to help kids who can't even afford games?

TeamNutaku5 karma

Tom - we are an adult focussed business targetting an adult 18+ audience. Seeing as though our funded games are all Free-to-Play, I would suggest we're doing our part to help gamers who can't afford the cost of premium games

MrBeastSlideIn2MyDMs-13 karma

Why would I masturbate to a video game when I have a girlfriend?

TeamNutaku10 karma

Dan - The real question is why WOULDN'T you.