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Please tell me that this is not yet another scam to make bucks on corona. Please.

Whats the power inside the box? You use uvc leds and how much air is going to flow to such a small box? The current machines are quiet big for a reason. You need seconds beside a relative powerfull uvc light to clean the air. How do you fitted that all inside this little box and it "works" if you just hold it?

I took 1min to find any numbers on your page. But there arent any?!

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So that really didnt take long to fuckup that whole project. How could your

2 Ph.D. scientists and 3 MDs advising this development.

not solve any of the obvious problems you will have with such a device?

Mods please ban and delete that attempt of scam.

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Reading though his answers i am quiet sure this device is more or less ineffective at best.

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And there it is guys. It pumps out 8l air as a handheld device. That is not enough to make you an clean air bubble and beside its not cleaning the air. I want to see how you came to the reason that you put your device to a 3rd party test. That cant work alone if your numbers are correct.

I liked that picture in the flight. The dangerous ozone is doing more work than your device could do.

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62.5mW/cm2 would need ~1sec at 1cm distance to archive 99% clean air. I guess in this device you have no space for that and make it even smaller for constant airflow. How much air are you pumping though 0.000005cm2 pipes. A human needs really much air. So thats why its important to publish numbers