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Considering that you guys are an experienced group of devs (or in the very least a well known publisher with some devs to call on), have you ever considered a hentai MMO? I know this is kind of a far stretch but if the business is looking for places to expand while having experience with live service and a 40M player base, an MMO might be a phenomenal choice. It's an extremely underserved market (overpopulated with garbage, so still no good MMOs for NA yet), the fan base an MMO attracts is mildly rabid, and it provides a sustained income provided that the MMO doesnt eat crayons.

I'm not a business expert, but there is a massive, massive niche for a new MMO. Would Nutaku consider funding such a venture, and if so what features would it have to have to warrant support?

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I love how all the most wholesome expenditures of massive money are in the porn industry. Plowing streets, planting trees, donating money to fund something not because it's profitable or because a tax cut needs to be made but rather just (seemingly at least) to advance an art. Fucking mental

That being said, how is this funding being applied? Does it target "well known" studios and things or is it more like "pitch us an idea and we'll fund it?"

I'm sure I could find out but also I'm on mobile and that would be a pain.

Also, what's the main goal? Recruitment of talent, advancement of the medium, incentivizing more content?

Do you guys hope to one day reach AAA standards of game and are looking to expand? Because I think it would be simultaneously shocking and hilarious to see a AAA hentai game. Considering the lack of effort towards true innovation in AAA, the game might even be of higher overall quality to be honest.

Nice job, Nutaku. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, it's nice to see opportunities for people to just make stuff, regardless of what it is.

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That's entirely fair. I do hope you keep your minds open to the idea however. If there's a bright side, it's that apparently there was a reason for even bless online to be developed so it's a niche even for complete garbage.

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Eyy thanks for the reply.

Also I appreciate that your goal here is a pr event but the replies do ring a tad of business style-over-substance but that's alright I guess.

I'm happy you guys are looking into the AAA scene, and I'll be quite interested to see what emerges.

Is there any chance we'll be able to speak to some of your developers as well? Code developers I mean. You guys seem nice but speaking to the people working on the games in person is entirely different.