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For a person who has been solo developing the groundworks (storyline, plot points, characters, events, mechanics, etc. - i dont know how to code but i can write and draw), how do i go from concept/idea to production? Would books of information sell the idea to be developed for a game? Will i need to learn code to stand a chance? Am i doing this the wrong way?

Ive been working on something that would rival (in scale) the WoW universe, but have no idea what to do or how to go about turning it from paper to production.

Thank you for your time.

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Im from canada. What can i do?

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Thank you!

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How is your family coping?

What are your math odds? Why?

Any new introspective/revelation that can only come from your situation you would like to share? Would not like to share but will anyway?

How does it affect your sex drive?

Thanks for answering. Please, recover and be without sufferage.