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The limiting factor was the unreliability of growing such large perfect sapphires.

They still use them for camera lenses and I believe the watches.

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Uh... Java was as far from mainstream outside of enterprise applets as you could get in 2013. C# was a well established language, maybe not a common game language but Java certainly was not since it has so many issues with games.

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You could have chosen a lot of different and better languages with garbage collection and memory management than Java. Some are even very similar to Java for syntax, like C#

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And a dropout.

This works only for s pong as real universities and colleges and bootcamps don't churn put enough coders. The current demand and not enough supply of low level coders is the only reason this works for now.

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A color comic page takes five people 18 man-hours to produce.

You're mixing metrics. Man hours is man hours regardless of how many. You should just say it takes an average of 75 man hours to make. And optionally add in and requires around 5 people.