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The limiting factor was the unreliability of growing such large perfect sapphires.

They still use them for camera lenses and I believe the watches.

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And a dropout.

This works only for s pong as real universities and colleges and bootcamps don't churn put enough coders. The current demand and not enough supply of low level coders is the only reason this works for now.

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Because it's the only free image editor to measure up. Unfortunately it doesn't really measure up to Ps or affinity or some of the cheaper stuff like PsP.

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As I don't have any kids of my own I don't want to date women who have them.

Why? Because you don't want kids periode because you only want your own? Either way you're limiting your dating pool, but the first one is probably easier to explain and find a match for on a decent dating site.

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How often do you guys do these reddit pr/marketing stunts and does it work?