Hi, My name is Anthony Rogers and I produced/directed my first film and it's on Amazon Prime.

Ask me anything!

Watch This Movie on Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/Watch-This-Movie-Uwe-Boll/dp/B07QKMLLDW

Proof: https://imgur.com/gallery/Mi263S3

My IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7750707/

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II-MooseMan-II15 karma

Should I watch this movie?

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nyaaaa4 karma

How does it compare to steal this movie or steal this show?

brokeassmogul5 karma

I'm unfamiliar with those titles. Worth checking out?

icy66695 karma

Welcome to reddit.

brokeassmogul3 karma

Thank you.

GuitarStringWings1 karma

Ok, but can you edit my face over everyone in the movie? I fear strangers faces

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mikeyriver13 karma

Can i be in your next movie with no experience, ability or understanding of the process?

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Hwheyng12 karma

How did you end up becoming a producer and how did you build up your career to where you are now?

brokeassmogul11 karma

I wrote this movie in my parent's basement in like 2008 with one of my friends. Shot a version of it in my hometown around the same time. Then I lost all that footage when they moved and I didn't think to grab my old computers because it was a kind of weird last-minute thing and I live 45 minutes away. So then a few years ago or so, I put out posts on Reddit, Facebook, IMDb, etc for people to answer 6 questions. People from around the world responded and sent me their video answers via email. Then my girlfriend edited the movie and did the soundtrack.

KazPart211 karma

what's your favorite prime number?

brokeassmogul9 karma

  1. You?

KazPart222 karma

I....I dont know...no one's ever asked me.....

In the months of me asking this question on AMAs, nobody's asked me...

brokeassmogul10 karma

You got this.

Bronnen8 karma

Is Uwe Boll as crazy as he seems?

brokeassmogul10 karma

Uwe Boll is hilarious and one of my favorite people.

DefensibleSpacecadet5 karma

Is he still sticking with the restaurant business or is there a chance he might try and do another movie sometime down the road?

brokeassmogul6 karma

From what he tells me, he's done with movies.

themagnacart138 karma

Can you ride a horse?

brokeassmogul15 karma

I've only tried on Xbox. Probably.

pistcow6 karma

Is Martin Freeman as cool as they say when you worked with him on The Hobbit?

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LowkeyDabLitFam1005 karma

Where is the nearest Flying J?

brokeassmogul4 karma

11.3 miles from where I am currently.

LowkeyDabLitFam1006 karma

Currently drawing radiuses across all Flying J's in North America.

We're onto him now.

brokeassmogul1 karma

*deletes thread*

Dunkirk19175 karma

Future Filmmaker with many ideas and movies planned and in order. Is there any advice I can get?

brokeassmogul2 karma

Just make your movies. Basically.

r00t15 karma

Who are you related to at Amazon, and what process did they have to go through to get your movie released on their platform?

brokeassmogul21 karma

My mom is Jeff Bezos.

pr0tag4 karma

Not OP, but I work for a film/doc production company that also acts as a sales agent on films. Not saying that this is the only way to distribute films onto a streaming platform, but many times a sales sizzle is created to presell the film (before it is finished) for distribution in territories across the world.

In OP's case, I'm guessing the film was finished before selling. He may have representation at a talent agency who have sales agency contacts or contacts directly with acquisitions at major streaming platforms. The film was likely sent to the acquisitions or a similar department and evaluated in terms of potential market success, then an offer was made and then accepted.

In my experience, there is usually a negotiation period or even bidding-war situations in which we can leverage one offer against another, even if they are for different territories. But, again, in OP's case, I'm guessing Amazon Acquisitions made him an offer and he took it. Likely for just domestic distribution.

OP please feel free to add on if you have any more details you can reveal =)

brokeassmogul3 karma

It's in UK and US on Amazon so far.

Majin19834 karma

What is this film about? Where did you get inspiration for it?

brokeassmogul6 karma

A submission based documentary portraying people's perception of how they view the world. I wanted to do something different.

Majin19836 karma

Damn. Wish I could have taken part of it. I have a different view than most.

brokeassmogul3 karma

I think that's one of the coolest parts about the movie so far, is that it brings up real questions and discussions.

JakJak420247-1 karma

How is it you think you did anything? By your own admission the public shot all the footage and your GF edited and scored it. What is it you did besides take credit?

brokeassmogul6 karma

Wrote, directed, and produced.

Dick_Kickem-3 karma

How did you decide which 6 questions to ask?

brokeassmogul3 karma

I wanted some what timeless questions that people don't usually talk about with people.

timconnery3 karma


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lordkok3 karma

How much are you worth?

How much if your rent?

brokeassmogul2 karma

A lot.

amazingdrummerboy3 karma

For some reason you remind me of Jack Nicholson from the Shining. Have you ever been told that?

brokeassmogul3 karma

That's awesome. First time.

blueconsuegra3 karma

What were the biggest challenges you have faced in your film career?

Also, I'm a a full sail university graduate - is it true that full sail grads get a bad rep in the industry?

brokeassmogul3 karma

Not many challenges.

I'm not in Hollywood or Atlanta or wherever most movies/streaming shows. I live in St. Louis, MO and avoid most of the "industry" people, so I don't know what they think other than what the Internet tells me.

Kerfluffle2x43 karma

So does this mean you’re a corporate sellout now?

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Beaverdam113 karma

The premise is intriguing. I'm definitely going to watch it today. My only wish is that I had been one of your "interviewees". How did the people you interviewed find out about it in order to be in the film?

brokeassmogul3 karma

Thank you. And awesome, let me know what you think.

I posted on Reddit, Facebook, and IMDb saying that I was looking for people to answer 6 questions for a film.

EricT593 karma

What can you say about the distro deal you got from Amazon? The Budget according to IMDB was somewhere around 700 K Did the deal work out so that you recouped your costs with a net profit split?

brokeassmogul1 karma

Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

documents18563 karma

I have many objectively terrible ideas that can be weaved into a coherent narrative. Where do I start to pitch my ideas?

meat1223 karma

Video Editor/Compositor here. At what point did you bring post-production into the loop? Before you shot anything? During production? Was post a total afterthought and you didn't bring them in until after wrapping production? What percentage of your budget went toward post?

Will check out your movie sir.

brokeassmogul1 karma

This entire movie was post-production because it is clips submitted to emails. So basically, it started in editing on the production side.

urwadi3362 karma

Can I write the music for your next film? Love composing and adore the soundtrack genre. And great work getting it done!

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nicostein2 karma

Where can I get this movie on VHS?

brokeassmogul1 karma

I can probably make that happen if you're serious.

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acreepyfrog2 karma

Why did you name your movie in that way?

brokeassmogul3 karma

I just wanted something different and it makes me laugh.

ILoveNightmareforpp2 karma

Were can I download the script for the movie? So I can read it, then watch the film.

brokeassmogul1 karma

It's a submission-based documentary of people around the world answering six questions. Not to downplay how much I like this project, but it's not some crazy budget movie based on a novel or comic book. So the script would be like the six questions if there was a script. Solid idea to upload scripts for people to read on future stuff.

D_ROC_2 karma

You look like you enjoy craft beer, am I right?

brokeassmogul1 karma

I look like a person that pretends to like the taste of IPAs or begs for nickles and spare change outside of sports games.

Samuelf891 karma

I want to be a film editor. What should I do? Is it worth even trying?

brokeassmogul1 karma

Depends on what you're wanting out of it.

Samuelf892 karma

To help make good films

brokeassmogul1 karma

Lord knows we need more of those.

asadwit1 karma

Can I get any tips on beard growing/grooming?

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morrisseysbumfluff0 karma

How does your movie compare with Rampart?

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JakJak4202470 karma

So your girlfriend and the public made a movie and you are taking credit?

brokeassmogul3 karma

I just said that I produced and directed it. :)

The_Mighty_Thor19932 karma

What would it require to be a director ?

brokeassmogul1 karma

It sounds stupid, but I don't really know how to give other people advice on this. I can try to explain what I did, but there are a million ways up the hill. I annoyed my favorite director on social media and got in one of his last movies and that was in a shit ton of countries and Netflix in America. Seeing it done was cool and I saw how it worked, then was going to produce another movie and got into an argument with the other producer... and the director told me to just direct my own movies. So this is the start of that. I'm sure you can find a faster/smarter way. If it's your goal and/or your focus, but that's how I feel like I got to this point.