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Because, the implication.

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Do you pay the charities for cost of them shipping and distributing their “swag” to you?

Since you are a for-profit company, taking 40% of the monthly subscription to “keep the lights on”, it concerns me that charities are having a significant portion of their 60% of donations allocated to shipping costs.

From an ethical standpoint, allocating 40% of a donation to a 501(c) organization in order to support a for-profit company seems a bit ludicrous. I understand that you support people donating 100% of their contributions directly to charities, but unless you subscribe and pay a monthly fee to your for-profit company, non-subscribers have no access to see which charities you are supporting each month.

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Do you have any good advice for those who have lost someone very close to suicide and are having trouble coping? I lost my best buddy since 6th grade to suicide on June 1st, 2013. We were roommates and were just about to turn 30 together. He was a brother to me and its gashed a a hole in me I just don't know how to mend. Its honestly changed me as a person more than I can even begin to understand. I've always been a pretty happy guy still, but for some reason I have never got the wind back into my sails and kind of feel like I am carrying around a weight I can't drop.

Shorty after it happened I met a girl and we have been dating almost two years now. She's incredible and I can't imagine my life without her, but I feel like I am still not able to be the man for her I want to be, like I am still missing part of me that was lost when my friend took his life.

Sorry for the rant (although I am sure your used to it!), and keep up the good work!

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It’s a really fine line to walk because you need to both let the audience know that you are reporting on facts, while simultaneously using satire to project into the future. All of which needs to happen seamlessly without telling the audience “OK, now we are switching into speculation mode.”

I think /u/DrColossusOfRhodes gave a great example with The Daily Show. You have to make your audience trust your background research using actual journalism, but also make it entertaining by using satire and speculation on the analysis back end.

Even with guys like Jon Stewart, it’s impossible to always blur that line without causing some confusion. If Jon got called out on certain political discussion, he could (and would) say “I’m a comedian, this is satire that comes on after Crank Yankers.”

Conversely, he and Colbert were politically involved enough to hold a political rally at the DC Mall that brought in tens of thousands of people that specifically came because Jon and Stephen were, for many, their primary source of political “news”.

That being said, I think it is very doable in an audio format and really look forward to listening to Bellwether.

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Is he still sticking with the restaurant business or is there a chance he might try and do another movie sometime down the road?