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Were can I download the script for the movie? So I can read it, then watch the film.

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Thanks, I am currently in Algebra 2/trig for math the top class available for my grade. And for science class, planing to take physics next year. And physics 2 the year after that.

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I am 16 and really into nuclear power.

My questions

1.) Could we see (LFTR) Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors being used for power generation in the future?

2.) Do you think there is hope with the the presidential candidates, Andrew Yang and Cory Booker with their views of supporting nuclear energy?

3.) I know a bunch about the Three Mile Island plant. Was it not smart to have only one working phone line at the plant in the late 70's that made it harder to get in contact with the operators at the plant during the incident in 1979?

4.) How do you personally feel about the Pennsylvania State government not financially backing the owner(s) of reactor one at Three Mile Island. That lead to the permanent lowering of the control rods and the plant being disconnected from the power grid?

5.) How much hope is there for using thorium as the main fuel in the future? (At least until we figure out hydrogen fusion and make it practical.)

6.) What can I do to get myself more involved in the world of nuclear as still being a high school student?

Thanks for the awesome r/IAma.

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In the foreseeable future could we possibly see not so massive destruction of the planet's very important and delicately balanced ecosystem?