Currently have 2 hours left of my shift on a Thursday night. It is dead, boring and cold. Ask me shit.

New proof :

Edit: Well shift is done, I'm out. Adios

Edit 2: Jesus fuck this blew up, I'm still up at 3am. Keen to answer few more questions.

Goodnight. Have th, be safe, love yourself and always do it for the boys.

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ImmortalTurnip290 karma

Can I get a goon bag ?

Aniimos138 karma

Yes you can.

Skarsnik10128 karma

Goon bags for everyone!

Aniimos11 karma

best thing about them, is turning them into pillows afterwards

stellarbeing155 karma

Is there an Australian liquor that only Aussies seem to enjoy?

Aniimos358 karma

Not so much liqour, but a lot of us do shoeys, which is where you pour your booze into your shoe and drink it out of that.

Do that infront of any aussies in their 20s and youre an absolute legend and honorary aussie.

stellarbeing227 karma

Seriously? I honestly don’t know if you are fucking with me, man

Edit: google says you aren’t fucking with me. Looks like I’m gonna be drinkin from a shoe if I come visit

Aniimos80 karma

Fuck oath you are.

I ain't fucking with ya. I've done more than a few. It's always a blast especially when it's 3/4 of the way through the night already fucked off your face and your mates turn to you and say "do it for the boys"

stellarbeing29 karma

I’d fuckin do one, no doubt. I’d have to be shitfaced first, but that’s not a problem

Aniimos20 karma

Talk your boys into one night out on the piss.

capmachine146 karma

What's the most expensive thing you sell at the bottlo? Also what state are ya in? Haha

Aniimos182 karma

Most expensive thing I sell, or the store sells? Expensive thing the store sells, $94.98 for a bottle of vsop cognac. Most expensive thing I've sold was about 4 slabs (24 bottles/cans In a box) which came to about 200+


NoFlexZoneNYC101 karma

What's the most bogan thing you've ever seen?

Aniimos133 karma

A Bogan party I went too. Everyone dressed up in wife beaters, footy shorts, thongs (flip flops), carrying goon bags (cask wine) fucking thing Bogan you name it.

Mayoster96 karma

Have you ever had someone drive up absolutley shitfaced? Have you called the cops on anyone?

Aniimos177 karma

I've had someone drive up completely cunt eyed before, and he started abusing me, when i wouldn't give him any promo stuff, which at the time i didn't have anything. So to not escalate the situation, served him is booze, and called the cops after he left.

Dunno if they got him or not.

Aniimos165 karma

I admit I am at fault for that. But hell, it ain't worth my head getting kicked in over $20 for booze cause he's drunk.

My safety comes first before anything else, considering I am working by myself outside.

Dauwse61 karma

Mate trust me, you’re not at fault.. being able to justify your actions is what counts. .. your safety comes first

Aniimos43 karma

Damn straight it does

yoonisaykul14 karma

What type of promo stuff?

Aniimos54 karma

As in, you buy a slab of x beer, get a beanie, buy x get a stubbie holder, just that type of stuff.

MrBrianWeldon70 karma

Why do ads outside Aussie lie about Fosters being the most popular beer?

Aniimos76 karma

I have no clue, it's just like with corona being advertised as Mexico's most popular beer.

I've tried fosters, it's an alright drop.

MrBrianWeldon13 karma

I thought it was piss water myself. Do you sell Carlton?

Aniimos15 karma

Fosters is a lot better than crownies.

Yeah sell Carlton draught and Carlton dry, difference is Carlton dry has lower carbs.

RickyRicciardo13 karma

You either have the worst taste in Australia or you are a complete bullshit artist.

Aniimos5 karma

ya got me.

MrBrianWeldon3 karma

I like the draught.

Oh here's one I recall hearing before. Is it true supermarkets in Australia can't sell booze.

Aniimos5 karma

Supermarkets have their own departments for booze, I.e you go to woolworths, it's BWS for the booze, Coles is liqour land.

Supermarkets do have booze in them if they don't have a bottle shop next/in them.

Dunno where ya got that from, but they need to have a liqour license to be able to sell booze.

Chayden15352 karma

How many unruly customers do you get?

Aniimos90 karma

It varies from night to night, sometimes I get junkies coming through, but they're polite and just want their booze. Where i work majority of the customer base is regulars.

Sometimes I get rude as hell customers, I'd say 1 in every 10 or so, friday and Saturday nights are when the creatures are out.

Chayden15332 karma

I understand that, I work fast food and it's like that every weekend.

Aniimos36 karma

Rip us. One thing i will always tell people when looking for a job. Don't do anything to do with alcohol.

MrBrianWeldon17 karma

Damn right I was a barman for 8 years. Working in a boozer ain't fun.

Aniimos6 karma


cousin-andrew39 karma

Did you wait till 8/8 so Americans wouldn’t get confused with your date???

Also enjoy XXXX gold

Aniimos54 karma

Mate i don't drink that shit, the only reason its called XXXX is because queenslanders don't know how to spell beer.

Runs_N_Goses24 karma

If a Kangaroo came hopping thru your drive thru, would you serve him?

Aniimos8 karma

of course.

Oldspooneye21 karma

WTF is with you guys liking Bundy Rum? It tastes like gasoline.

Aniimos15 karma

Shit is fucking disgusting.

ConsciousRutabaga5 karma

When I was in Australia I went to some bar. They were featuring something called a “Bogan Bomb” . It had Bunderburg as the shot and XXXX as the beer 😂.

Aniimos5 karma


yaydyslexia11 karma

Most stuffed thing that's happened?

Aniimos27 karma

Water leaked through the roof into the circuit breaker during a storm and shut off the entire power during a shift

Aniimos31 karma

Got a full days pay and went home early. Win win for me

yaydyslexia11 karma

Nice how about customer wise? I have a mate that works in a liquor store in Melbourne also he's told us some pretty stuffed up stories

Aniimos21 karma

Had a few blokes punch on in my drive thru, at my old job at another liqour store, I had to stay back 3 hours because there was a group of people hanging out the front waiting to kick my head in because i wouldn't sell them booze. Few other non exciting shit.

yaydyslexia11 karma

Yeah I don't get how people can get off like that I've had to stay in the back room coz some ass wanted to do the same.. I worked at Kmart!

Aniimos13 karma

Jesus. People are fucked mate

yaydyslexia2 karma

Eh when my shop was getting a make over I had to still work 4:45am to midday haha

Aniimos3 karma

Oof. That sucks

royalredcanoe11 karma

How much for a cup of ice? Here in the states you can drive-through and buy a bottle of bourbon a bottle of Coke and a cup of ice at the drive-through.

Aniimos50 karma

Cup of ice? Nah man, youre buying a whole 3.5kg bag of ice which is $4.00, coke youre looking at about $4.20 and price of bourbon depends on what brand.

pshawny9 karma

What do you consider cold? Have you ever been so cold you wish death would just take you right then and there, but just as you're about to take your last breath the store clerk says you have to get out of their freezer or she'll call the cops and then your therapist says you might be suicidal and gives you a prescription for a therapy squirrel, but then TSA won't let your therapy squirrel get on the plane because it might be carrying the rabies virus?

Aniimos8 karma

Yes. I think

ghost16677 karma

what do you sell the most of?

Aniimos10 karma

Beer. A lot of fucking beer

lobie816 karma

How are you able to live with yourself when you actually sell VB to people?

(Queenslander here)

Aniimos10 karma

I live with myself knowing that i dont drink the shit,

prawnsheets2 karma

I'm going to be coming to Australia at the end of this month and I'm going to be traveling the entire country pretty much. I'm from the UK, do you want to meet?

Aniimos23 karma

Probs not cobber, have quite a lot on my plate at the moment.

prawnsheets17 karma

I mean, that's disappointing, but to be called cobber has softened the blow.

Aniimos19 karma

Hahaha, have a good one though, Australia is alright, king st in Sydney and Melbourne big no no. Too many fucking cock heads, that's where majority of people get king hit.

prawnsheets5 karma

Thanks for the warning. Any places where you would recommend?

Also, do people hate the Brits in Australia?

Aniimos14 karma

Hmmmm, really depends on what you're after, beaches are nice over here on the east coast, melbourne zoo is great, melbourne aquarium aint too bad either, check out the youyangs, I think the town is called Beveridge head there and check out Ned Kelly's house.

I live in Melbourne, there is a bunch of shit here. Don't go to frankston, Dandenong, footscray, and few others. Absolute shit holes.

And nah we don't hate the brits, we enjoy giving them banter as long as it doesn't get over the top, we call yas Poms still.

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Aniimos1 karma

Fixed new proof up, didnt want face shown though so wrote time stamp