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Not so much liqour, but a lot of us do shoeys, which is where you pour your booze into your shoe and drink it out of that.

Do that infront of any aussies in their 20s and youre an absolute legend and honorary aussie.

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Most expensive thing I sell, or the store sells? Expensive thing the store sells, $94.98 for a bottle of vsop cognac. Most expensive thing I've sold was about 4 slabs (24 bottles/cans In a box) which came to about 200+


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I've had someone drive up completely cunt eyed before, and he started abusing me, when i wouldn't give him any promo stuff, which at the time i didn't have anything. So to not escalate the situation, served him is booze, and called the cops after he left.

Dunno if they got him or not.

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I admit I am at fault for that. But hell, it ain't worth my head getting kicked in over $20 for booze cause he's drunk.

My safety comes first before anything else, considering I am working by myself outside.

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Yes you can.