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Has there been times when you wish they could just see like I know you would want them to always but like stand out times? Now that I've written this question it sounds silly but I hope you get what I mean.. What's something different you think having both of them blind you've learnt in your upbringing? And when you where a kid how did they teach you stuff like this is a duck ECT... ?

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Nice how about customer wise? I have a mate that works in a liquor store in Melbourne also he's told us some pretty stuffed up stories

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Most stuffed thing that's happened?

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Yeah I don't get how people can get off like that I've had to stay in the back room coz some ass wanted to do the same.. I worked at Kmart!

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Interesting you say that. My friends daughter deaf and she got a double cochlear implant a few years ago but has to learn how to hear like a baby she makes noises as a baby but is 5 but she is learning so fast.