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Fleshlight has definitely developed something similar to what you’re talking about. It’s called the Fleshlight Launch.

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When I was in Australia I went to some bar. They were featuring something called a “Bogan Bomb” . It had Bunderburg as the shot and XXXX as the beer 😂.

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Checkout the Fleshlight Launch it uses that exact idea.

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You mentioned keeping anacondas and pets. What’s the biggest anaconda you kept? I was in the Amazon a few years ago and went to a government sponsored animal sanctuary and got to hold an anaconda, her name was Hannah and she was super friendly. A farmer chopped a bit of her tail off because it was trying to eat his chicken but thankfully she was rescued. If you still kept animals what animal would you have loved to keep but never had the opportunity to?

Thanks for this AMA, this is really cool!

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Rolf Potts who wrote Vegabonding (the book OP mentions) did a podcast with Ari Shaffir on Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank I highly recommend it!