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I'm Raquel Cion and am thrilled to chat with you all about my upcoming show, Raquel Cion & Friends: A Very Special Birthday Concert! Half a century ago, on the eve of those spaceboys’ first steps on the moon, I was 'born I was!' For this big ole birthday we're recreating and paying homage to David Bowie & Friends: A Very Special Birthday Concert his sold out 50th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden. In true David Bowie fashion, I've chosen for the night’s proceeds to benefit NARAL Pro-Choice!

Let's start the part off right here on Reddit. AMA about the upcoming show, past shows, Bowie, me, more about Bowie, anything you please, really! I'll be here at 12pm EST, on July 15th to start looking through your questions.

Love-on ya!



Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz1BeukJksQ/?igshid=2np7ubeqqdw6

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aintnufincleverhere90 karma

If someone's trying to get to know your work, what is the top, readily accessible thing you'd refer people to?

The one you'd suggest first. I'm thinking like a youtube video or something, but it can be an article or whatever you want it to be!

quellac62 karma

Here's the site for my Bowie show that I've been doing for the past 4 years, www.MeandMrJonesShow.com. You can find video, photos, bios, etc. there.

We'll be doing Me & Mr. Jones again at Franky Bradley's as part of Philly Loves Bowie Week, Jan. 9th & 10th, 2020!

RockinFreeWorlds22 karma

Were you around for Bowie's 50th at MSG? What's the best thing about his Very Special Birthday Concert and the best thing about your Very Special Birthday Concert?

quellac38 karma

I actually was living in San Francisco for his '97 concert at MSG and was ridiculously broke. I tried so hard to get to NY for it but alas...I did manage to watch it at a friend's on Pay Per View since my broke-ass 28 yr old self didn't have cable either.

What was/is so incredible about his 50th Concert was his sheer joy! He was in such incredible form and voice. Not to mention the McQueen couture! The whole show was pure generosity.

Our concert is filled with brilliant guests who are generously lending their talents. We too are doing the show for charity. Oh, and my brilliant costume designer David Quinn NY is building me a homage to those distressed McQueen coats! We're also adding some post '97 Bowie songs. It's gonna be pure joy for us!

costcochurros16 karma

Are you really half-witch?

quellac15 karma

I definitely have witchy moments. And I mean that in the best possible way. Don't we all?

ucrbuffalo5 karma

In the picture above, you look like Winnifred Sanderson, so I’m going to assume you’re at least half-witch.

quellac11 karma

Hysterical! Yup. Bette Midler is the star I am always compared to. Fine by me. She's incredible!

DrHivesPHD15 karma

Your Fifty? You dont look it, good on you!

quellac24 karma

Aw, shucks, thank you! It's all about lighting.

partyinplatypus15 karma

You've got to love an actress who supports the lighting crew!

quellac8 karma

It's all about lighting!

buggerknife6 karma

No questions. Just want you to break a leg out there. A little love goes a long way.

quellac9 karma

Thank you!

east_village13 karma

Hey, I’m always curious to find out how people get into their careers / if there’s childhood influences that brought them there. So I have a few questions:

Did you have any idea as a child that this is what you would be when you grew up?

What influenced you most to become a cabaret star?

Does you family support you and your career?

What was your favorite TV show(s) as a kid?

quellac22 karma

I always wanted to be a performer. As Spalding Grey said, "for some it's an ontological condition." I was raised on '70s variety shows. As a kid I wanted to be Cher. Still have a penchant for all that glitters.

I think my favorite shows as a kid were The Cher Show and Electric Company.

[deleted]11 karma

I am from India and don't know anything you're talking about but All the best!

quellac6 karma


RickHasselhoff11 karma

So about David Bowie and Lori Maddox; what are your thoughts on him grooming a 14 year old and having sex with her when she was 15?

quellac3 karma

Aye me! Lori Maddox speaks very fondly of Bowie. He didn't groom her. Though he did seduce her. I do believe this has a lot to do with context. As f'ed up as it is these young women were vying to bed rock stars. There was a certain awareness on their part. I fully acknowledge that it's problematic.

RickHasselhoff2 karma

Yikes, that’s like saying it’s her fault that he fucked a teenager. He definitely groomed her, considering she was still a child.

That’s basically like defending Epstein. Maybe his victims had some awareness on their end and were just seduced too? Maybe they’ll even look back fondly on it.

He shouldn’t get a pass just because you like his music.

quellac9 karma

I'm not passing blame or saying he shouldn't be accountable. I'm saying the whole "groupie" thing is a problematic situation.

schwam_9114 karma

Didnt Jimmy page basically hold her hostage for 2 years as well?

quellac6 karma

She was with Jimmy Page for a long time. The whole thing is difficult. Groupie culture is steeped in misogyny.

weekend-guitarist8 karma

Have you heard David Byrne perform Hero’s with a choir backing him?

quellac12 karma

Yes! How beautiful was that?!? Loved it! I'm also fond of Peter Gabriel's "Heroes" and The Magnetic Fields cover.

BloatedKidneys7 karma

So, your career is almost based entirely on songs Bowie wrote? Have you ever tried writing an original?

quellac15 karma

I've been doing my Bowie show since 2015. Not the only performance I do. So, not totally based on Bowie, no. I have done original material written specifically for me for other shows.

Basically, I write plays disguised as cabarets or in this case a Bowie tribute.

The upcoming birthday show just felt like a wonderful thing to do. Singing Bowie is and has always been my happy place. Also, wanted to give back and he did that with his 50th so, we are following his example.

KazPart26 karma

what is your favorite prime number?

quellac16 karma

Well, my birthday is July 19th, so, I'm fond of a 19. 19 was a good age too. Ah, youth...

g34rg0d5 karma

Is there any chance the link is a reference to The Counting Crows song?

quellac10 karma

Nope. It's a Bowie reference since he never officially changed his name. He was David Robert Jones.

g34rg0d7 karma

I actually didn't know that, thanks for that information. My wife is huge Bowie fan. I'll steer her towards your performance. Best of luck!

quellac2 karma

Thank you! Hope to see you there!

jatorres4 karma

Coffee, tea, or an energy drink?

quellac6 karma

Coffee in the morning in a bowl, tres Francais. Tea in the afternoon. No energy drinks for me.

hogtownd00m4 karma

Hi Raquel - any idea when you might hit Toronto?

-your biggest fan up north

quellac9 karma

Hello star! Alright we GOTTA make this happen. Let's work on it for the Spring!

hogtownd00m1 karma

you bet!!

quellac3 karma

Love-on ya!

turututum2 karma

How did you get into this line of work? Did you ever second guess if it was the right choice?

quellac3 karma

As a performer I think there's always doubt. Always. That said, it's where I feel most myself. Where the world makes sense. I love the dynamics created with an audience.

popeboyQ2 karma

Happy birfday!

So which Bowie songs are you performing? Any why those songs?

quellac7 karma

We're doing (most of) his '97 50th birthday concert's set list. He did 25 songs that night and we had to pare that down. We'll be doing 18 songs. We've taken out the covers and some of the Earthling material. He was promoting that album so...

We've added a song from Blackstar, The Next Day and Reality.

quellac6 karma

And thank you for the birthday wishes!

Sinsiter2 karma

As a pretty big bowie fan, I have a couple questions.

  1. Favorite Bowie album?

  2. Favorite Bowie character (Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, etc.)

  3. Favorite Bowie song musically, and favorite one lyrically?

  4. What’s your personal interpretation of the “Blackstar”? What do you think it represents? I’ve heard quite a few opinions on this so i’m always curious.

quellac7 karma

  1. (tough to choose) Hunky Dory
  2. Ziggy
  3. Life On Mars? is my favorite song. Gets me every time.
  4. So many interpretations true. I got a bootleg of the album a week before its release. I listened repeatedly and wept. Beyond awake. A man and an artist facing his mortality.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2016. Blackstar took on so many more dimensions with my own journey, thankfully, to the other side of cancer. It's woven through. Such an incredible piece of work. Risk taking, beautiful, sad and like so much Bowie there is that absolute truth that soars through.

UnsupportedDevice2 karma

Congrats on all your successes. My question for you is-do you ever feel uncomfortable for dedicating a large part of your career to David Bowie? I ask this in consideration of the 3-4 women who have came forward throughout the years saying they had Sex with david Bowie while they were minors-mostly 14-15 years old-and Bowie was in his mid and late 20’s?

I understand it’s possible to leave a complicated legacy behind-to be many things wrapped up in one-but for you personally, does it ever feel weird?

quellac7 karma

Bowie was far from perfect. I did answer the Lori Maddox question below. He was human and flawed. Ultimately I think he was very accountable for his early years.

[deleted]2 karma

Happy birthday!

quellac2 karma

Thank you!

PastaPappa2 karma

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I turn 62 today.

quellac1 karma

Happiest to you, fellow Cancerian!

SSJGodFloridaMan1 karma

Favorite track off of Black Star?

quellac6 karma

That's tough. Dollar Days cuts me to the marrow.

Permanenceisall1 karma

What’s your favorite lesser known Bowie songs? Mine would have to be Somebody Up There Likes Me and Right.

Follow up what’s your favorite era of Bowie?

quellac11 karma

Oh, so many! Sons of the Silent Age, Rock 'n Roll with Me, Lady Grinning Soul, Teenage Wildlife, Tired of My Life, Conversation Piece...

My favorite db era shifts. I, like many, skip lots of the '80s though. That said I'll revisit if the mood strikes.