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Is this an ad?

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A lot of the people I worked with working in a restaurant had some sort of criminal conviction in their background.

Do you actively work to seek out and employ rehabilitated people re-entering society?

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Membah battlefront 2?

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Teledildonics - feasible, or a pipe dream?

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I'm gonna go cultural on you, Dr. Kaku.

"Nerds" have always been a sort of marginalized group - whether they were tech nerds, science nerds, or tabletop gaming nerds. In recent years, with the rise of "celebrity scientists" such as Messrs. Nye, Tyson Cox, Hawking, and yourself, we've come to see a sort of 'cultural acceptance' of nerds on the social hierarchy. While often controversial in the "hardcore" "nerd" community, I also think popular TV shows like Big Bang Theory have done a lot to engender "nerds" to the rest of the world.

Do you see any "up and coming" scientific names that speak to young girls and women in much the same way decades of young men were spoken to by you and your aforementioned colleagues?