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If someone's trying to get to know your work, what is the top, readily accessible thing you'd refer people to?

The one you'd suggest first. I'm thinking like a youtube video or something, but it can be an article or whatever you want it to be!

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what are the best proposed solutions to the Baryon asymmetry problem?

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Thanks for your response! And thanks for the link to your paper.

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I don't understand why the inequality gap is bad. Can you help me out?

I understand why we want a strong middle class, but that's a different question. Income inequality phrases the issue comparatively, and I don't see why we should care if some people become trillionaires.

Why does it matter that some people make so much more than others? shouldn't we focus more on helping the poor, without worrying about how well off some people are?

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What is your view on internet piracy?