Hello friends, I'm Ryan Creamer. I'm a comedian who writes for CollegeHumor, makes videos for Twitter, and posts wholesome videos to Pornhub (NSFW, despite my efforts). I hope you enjoy them; I look forward to answering your questions :)

Press explaining who the heck I am - https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tanyachen/a-guy-created-his-own-pornhub-channel-and-has-been-sharing

Proof - https://imgur.com/a/6lFo7Sj

Twitter - https://twitter.com/ryguyguyry

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/coolboyryan/

Also come join our quaint little subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ryancreamer/ - I didn't make it but I'm a mod there now and it has made me drunk with power

Edit: 5PM EST - all done! thanks for all your lovely questions, farewell friends.

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Katie_Pornhub13322 karma

Hey Ryan,
A few questions from various Pornhub team members:
1. How does it make you feel that at least 5 team members have a crush on you?
2. Have you considered changing your name to Cryin' Reamer?
3. How do you take your coffee?
4. Will you ever visit the office?
5. Have you considered doing a collab with Fake Taxi called Real Taxi where you just drive a cab?

ryancreamerPH11004 karma

  1. it makes me feel like why didnt i try making this channel back in high school
  2. great idea, but too much legal paperwork
  3. as sinful as this sounds i dont drink coffee. huge missed opportunity i know. but i had a job on campus at my alma mater fordham university and had to drive a shuttle on campus early in the morning and would drink coffee to you know, do the job. one time i picked up a passenger and felt like hmm im gonna throw up. this coffee. but i gotta get this passenger where theyre going. so i crazy taxi'd them to dealy hall, got out WITH THEM, and THREW UP. and now drinking coffee makes me naseous. if youre that passenger, im not possessed by the devil i swear
  4. i would love to, when works for you guys?
  5. i think this is how uber was founded

PhoenixReborn74 karma

Coffee started making me nauseous too in the last few months. It really sucks since I'm not quite acclimated to operating without it.

ryancreamerPH240 karma

friend, welcome to Team Tea

Leda6547775 karma

Hi Ryan, I really liked the video of you and your ebony girlfriend holding hands, as she talks about her day, but was a bit disappointed because we didn't hear how your day was. So how was your day?

ryancreamerPH9137 karma

thanks for asking! it was good i worked in the office and then my friend taylor who you mentioned came in and we shot that video. then afterwards we and other coworkers went and grabbed drinks at a bar nearby and chatted and there was this guy from new zealand i met and he had never had pop tarts and it just so happened i had one in my bag so i gave him his first ever pop tart. how was yours?

Gsxing5507 karma

Any more content in the future?

ryancreamerPH11482 karma

my plan has been to upload a video every monday until the masses collectively sigh and say enough, man

Oax_Mike5028 karma

Have your parents seen any of your videos?

From your press release I see one is called, "I tuck you in after you have a cum."

If yes, what is your family's take on this particular marketing technique?

EDIT: This is funny. I had no idea that this dude was actually famous.

ryancreamerPH10105 karma

my parents are aware of them but only through thumbnails and it being shared on social media. they understandably have not ventured onto the site (or so they tell me). my dad said a peer of his at like a golf country club was like "i love those videos! watch em on my account!" and his wife was like "me too!". to the horny sex positive golf couple, i say rock on

HernandoB4884 karma

Have you been able to make a good amount of money from your Pornhub videos?

ryancreamerPH14636 karma

their ad revenue system is pretty good! i paid rent with it last month, but dont think that is something that will happen all the time. its very funny for me to see people post on twitter and insta in response to my stuff and say "THIS GUY MAKES 100K A VIDEO AND HE'S NOT EVEN NAKED!" i dont know where they are getting those figures, but just want to clarify that that is absolutely true and im stinky filthing rich

youtriedincomicsans4203 karma

How did you choose the stylish shirt-sweater-tie combination as your signature look for the videos?

ryancreamerPH5291 karma

i think it was just like, what is the most wholesome looking outfit that i own, lets go with that. people say i look very hogwarts or that they were expecting me to have a british accent. sorry to dissapoint

ThProphet3630 karma

Have you had any real porn companies ask you if you wanted to do a real scene?

ryancreamerPH7173 karma

for collegehumor around this time last year i reviewed woodrocket porn parody videos. they are genuinely funny and once i started making my own videos i got in touch with april o neil who produces/stars in some of those videos and was like i'll happily be a fully clothed man in the plotty parts of your videos. i recognize the logical escalation of the bit ive created is me driving the bang bus

gesumejjet3478 karma

Are you this wholesome in real life?

ryancreamerPH6166 karma

unfortunately im a terrible, bad guy in reality

MartinPluss282684 karma

Hi Ryan, Big fan here! Just wondering how exactly did you go about choosing your surname?


ryancreamerPH5816 karma

i chose my surname when i was born and it was on my birth certificate

Jam3sMain2029 karma

I'm looking into teaching algebra on porn hub any tips on getting a audience? Also what's college humor like as a job?

ryancreamerPH1894 karma

my success unfortunately does not make me qualified in advice - ill just say teach algebra on there because it makes you happy doing so. if it becomes successful great! but starting out to cultivate an audience is so out of your control, its more fun to just make stuff you're happy with even if no one sees. collegehumor is a great place to work. having worked jobs that arent comedy or anything that sparks my passion makes me so appreciative of being here. the digital media world is a shaky one so it can be scary, but i take a lot of solace in being surrounded by people who are very funny and who i respect who are now making content i really enjoy and standby (collegehumor's dropout kicks ass and ive been loving Total Forgiveness and Dimension 20 on it)

Wizard__lizard1642 karma

What's your favorite video you've done? Also have you ever been recognized in real life?

ryancreamerPH3509 karma

my favorite thus far has been 'i tuck you in after you cum' because it was the first and the most purely i'm doing this because it tickles me and if i'm the only one who sees it thats enough for me. i got recognized after a tenacious d concert in brooklyn on the subway ride back home. and then once by a girl in the subway platform after i saw lego movie 2. if im on the subway, im famous

Goborn1543 karma

Mr Ryan. As an Icelander i can tell you that there is massive chatter in the community about the Icelandic flag that is usually in the background of your videos. Could you clear up once and for all for my countrymen why exactly that flag is there?

ryancreamerPH3447 karma

answered this elsewhere so will drop in here also: i visited iceland back in 2016 and just loved it a lot. so i bought a flag. if you can ever make the trip to iceland, i really recommend it. i stayed at an airbnb with a man named olafur and before leaving for the day told him i was planning on going to the penis museum in reykjavik. he was like what no dont do that theres so much naturally beatuy in iceland dont waste your time there

but i got my picture taken with an elephant dick so whos laughing now olafur

Artdubstep1392 karma

What genuinely makes you happy?

ryancreamerPH3100 karma

wow. what a doozy. to speak honestly, i think i thought achieving some sort of success in comedy - getting attention and doing stuff like this would scratch the whole itch. it definitely has made me happy at times, but ive come to realize, and not in a defeatist way, that the terms with which i am made happy are constantly shifting and difficult to attain.

but as a more fun answer: video games

mystralang1128 karma

What high school clique did you belong to?

ryancreamerPH2443 karma

i was a runner which should surprise no one. ran cross country and track at an all boys school. i did the play senior year to try to troy bolton myself into popularity but what i learned about troy bolton'ing is you have to be hot

AfroBurrito896 karma

Have you met any actual pornstars while doing this?

ryancreamerPH1651 karma

not yet! i hope to go to the pornhub awards this year, i think its in the fall? the first one ever was like right when i made the channel last year, and i missed the registration to go to the avn awards back in january. maybe one day

boomvroomshroom880 karma

How does your newfound fame and power factor into your quest for ultimate world domination?

ryancreamerPH1320 karma

everything is falling into place

Tatsumasa02779 karma

Do you think there could be more humorous content coming to Pornhub in the years to come? Could it become the ultimate platform where you go to laugh AND to cum?!

ryancreamerPH1344 karma

i hope so! i by no means started pornhub being a funny place to see content - the comment section of pornhub is far and away one of the funniest (text oriented) places online right now and hope that it continues to be so. no video i or anyone can make will be funnier than people asking for help with their math homework in the comment section of a bdsm video

_Peter_nincompoop_1626 karma

How frequently do people joke about a man named Creamer making sfw videos on pornhub?

ryancreamerPH1346 karma

you are the first one

Auschwistik615 karma

What fever you the idea to do this? Do you plan to continue? Edit: gave not fever

ryancreamerPH1207 karma

i guess what fevered me the idea to do this was just to follow an impulse. i was on pornhub, scrolling down reading the funny comments on a video and at the bottom of the scrolling reached a 'work with us' tab which also made me laugh - the idea of me working with them in a nice wholesome capacity. i wish i could articulate better my thought process but i think it really just boiled down to me pulling the trigger on an impulse funny thought that made me laugh. and once it got some traction having the common sense to continue doing it

Mofego610 karma

Why, though?

ryancreamerPH1206 karma


LapinHero174 karma

If you ever do a video in Ireland, (lovely country), I'd love to be in one.

ryancreamerPH331 karma

cool ill find u. the first drinking i ever did was in ireland. drank a lot of bulmers because the taste of beer didnt jive with me right away. but towards the end i was ordering smithwicks and pronouncing it correctly

WoofWoof_69609 karma

Do you have plans to beat Johnny Sins by taking on all roles and jobs in a wholesome way?

ryancreamerPH665 karma

with his permission, yes

thewafflestompa470 karma

What’s it like knowing you make so many peoples day better?

ryancreamerPH560 karma

wow this made me smile :)

SnazzyBelrand411 karma

Have you gotten a new shower caddy??????

ryancreamerPH602 karma

i have bought 7 more, equally disgusting shower caddies. each worse than the last

BugByte14349 karma

What is your favorite fruit?

ryancreamerPH896 karma

watermelon is the greatest of all time. peaches have one week a year of being the greatest of all time. grapes are the best supporting actor nominated every year, but never given the oscar. a good fruit cup (that isnt like all watery pineapple) deserves a lifetime achievement award

l524k284 karma

Hello Mr. Creamer

Are you getting tired of doing these videos? They’re funny, and it seems like you have fun making them, but I can imagine it getting a bit annoying having to keep on uploading joke videos like these all the time.

ryancreamerPH692 karma

a quote that stuck with me from a book i read once was basketball legend dr j saying being a professional means doing the things you like doing on days you dont feel like doing them. so ive allowed myself to not feel bad or guilty if im not always super perky and happy and raring to go, but to remind myself that i am doing what i love and that is something to be very grateful for

dexmedarling234 karma

What's up with the Icelandic flag in some of your videos?

ryancreamerPH389 karma

i visited iceland back in 2016 and just loved it a lot. so i bought a flag. if you can ever make the trip to iceland, i really recommend it. i stayed at an airbnb with a man named olafur and before leaving for the day told him i was planning on going to the penis museum in reykjavik. he was like what no dont do that theres so much naturally beatuy in iceland dont waste your time there

but i got my picture taken with an elephant dick so whos laughing now olafur

AtamisSentinus204 karma

What kind of filming techniques do you use to capture the wholesomeness of you videos (ie Film at the golden hour, use a Dutch angle, mostly avoid shooting below the belt, etc.)?

Also, if you feel like sharing, when PornHub sent you the team jacket (which looks rather wholesome on you btw) did they include any kind of special congrats on being so wholesome? :)

ryancreamerPH642 karma

i stick my iphone on the cheapest tripod money could buy and shoot until my roommates are like can you stop

DigitalHeartache184 karma

Are there any projects you have going on right now that you would like to shout out? Also, I would like to suggest making tshirts, I would buy one.

ryancreamerPH358 karma

funny you say so, im in talks with the fine people at pornhub right now to start making some shirts so, if thats something people are into, make your voice known and it may speed things along! im about to put up a kind of a one man sketch show at ucb in new york next month which im very excited about

GoldenGonzo175 karma

Are any videos really SFW on PornHub - considering you'll be bombarded with "young slut takes big black dick" videos in the suggestions on the side, on the bottom, on the top?

ryancreamerPH583 karma

my goal is to make so many videos that only mine occupy the suggestions on the side, i will be inescapable

HelpMePls65167 karma

Do you floss those pearly whites?

ryancreamerPH351 karma

are you my dentist

pharlap1159 karma

Would you rather have dick sized nipples, or a nipple sized dick?

ryancreamerPH362 karma

i already have both

theunionargus141 karma


What's the one thing in your life that you couldn't function normally without?

Really like your videos by the way, sometimes I watch them while trying to fall asleep.


ryancreamerPH317 karma

my roommate steve. hes my best buddy and without him my life would be a lot less fun

Iamthebatman99137 karma

How did you get started working in comedy? I’ve always dreamed of comedy writing but I have no clue how to even begin breaking into the industry. I’d love to hear your story and any advice you have for aspiring comedians.

ryancreamerPH232 karma

i started intentionally pursuing comedy as a byproduct of being involved at fordham university's blackbox theater doing improv and standup. from there went to ucb in new york and took classes while also freelancing for collegehumor, dorkly, any website that would take my submissions. i think the important thing in starting out is - surround yourself with people funnier than you, and give yourself a lot of time to improve. its like that ira glass quote where you start...bad! so just do the work, dont judge yourself - just put in the reps. i starting out was like delusionally confident in myself. which in hindsight is embarrassing but also really set me up for pushing through that time without getting my feelings too hurt to the point of wanting to quit.

Espartiskills113 karma

Haha before i ask the question, I’d like to say that on several occasions i have fallen asleep to compilations of your videos, and me and my bros watch your stuff all the time.


What’s your favorite game? Why?

Do you know any other languages? Would you like to?

Favorite person?

ryancreamerPH201 karma

i have a lot of favorite games just because they timestamp parts of my life in really cool ways. the original pokemon captured my imagination in a way that was gangbusters. i played skate 3 so much in college and demand it be remade so that i can still play it on a current gen system. undertale's creativity and heart absolutely blew me away and inspired me so much.

i spent all of my education learning spanish and have nothing to show for it

my favorite person is my best friend steve

OldWhovian83 karma

Zerg, Terran, or Protoss?

ryancreamerPH147 karma


G-R_66 karma

What’s the best Tenacious D album?

ryancreamerPH120 karma

their self titled album from 2001 is untouchable. top to bottom 10/10

Jose156120 karma

What's some of your favourite work you've done for Collegehumor? I don't really know who writes what bits, so I'd love to know what you made for them.

ryancreamerPH56 karma

in high school i would watch collegehumor videos and just be like damn....this is so cool. so when my first video for dorkly, collegehumors video game sister site went up, i was like this is so awesome. that video was the worst real life jobs to have in the pokemon universe

kevlarbuns6 karma

Hi Ryan, as a Gonzaga grad, I wanted to congratulate you for being the first (to my knowledge) to incorporate GU into your pornography. Go Zags! Do you have any affiliation with the university beyond the shout-out in your porn?

ryancreamerPH13 karma

the cup is actually from gonzaga high school, my alma mater in dc. but got nothing but love for spokane, ill promise to continually choose you guys in march madness for a couple rounds and then have you lose somewhere in the middle

tdogmax4 karma

Hey Ryan! As an improvisor I am interested in how you found your way into being a UCB performer. I hope to one day take classes at either second city or UCB, but don’t really know how to go about getting to the stage. Do you have any advice you can give based off your experience in how to go from just doing club improv in college to making a career out of it? Thanks!

ryancreamerPH4 karma

i came to ucb because people in college older than me were funnier than me and they were taking classes there. so i sought it out as well. i would look less at places like second city or ucb as career makers, because they often times are not. go there to get better and develop your tastes, spark the flame that can make you self sustaining comedy wise and then go out and do that thing.