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their ad revenue system is pretty good! i paid rent with it last month, but dont think that is something that will happen all the time. its very funny for me to see people post on twitter and insta in response to my stuff and say "THIS GUY MAKES 100K A VIDEO AND HE'S NOT EVEN NAKED!" i dont know where they are getting those figures, but just want to clarify that that is absolutely true and im stinky filthing rich

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my plan has been to upload a video every monday until the masses collectively sigh and say enough, man

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  1. it makes me feel like why didnt i try making this channel back in high school
  2. great idea, but too much legal paperwork
  3. as sinful as this sounds i dont drink coffee. huge missed opportunity i know. but i had a job on campus at my alma mater fordham university and had to drive a shuttle on campus early in the morning and would drink coffee to you know, do the job. one time i picked up a passenger and felt like hmm im gonna throw up. this coffee. but i gotta get this passenger where theyre going. so i crazy taxi'd them to dealy hall, got out WITH THEM, and THREW UP. and now drinking coffee makes me naseous. if youre that passenger, im not possessed by the devil i swear
  4. i would love to, when works for you guys?
  5. i think this is how uber was founded

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my parents are aware of them but only through thumbnails and it being shared on social media. they understandably have not ventured onto the site (or so they tell me). my dad said a peer of his at like a golf country club was like "i love those videos! watch em on my account!" and his wife was like "me too!". to the horny sex positive golf couple, i say rock on

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thanks for asking! it was good i worked in the office and then my friend taylor who you mentioned came in and we shot that video. then afterwards we and other coworkers went and grabbed drinks at a bar nearby and chatted and there was this guy from new zealand i met and he had never had pop tarts and it just so happened i had one in my bag so i gave him his first ever pop tart. how was yours?