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That "he could whistle into a pay phone and launch nukes" (according to the feds) guy got jobs with security clearance, why can't you?

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Are any videos really SFW on PornHub - considering you'll be bombarded with "young slut takes big black dick" videos in the suggestions on the side, on the bottom, on the top?

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Today, the Russian bots and Chinese bots stand united in their hatred for the Krassenstein brother's bullshit.

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In one of your posts down below you stated that you are living out of a hotel.

Where is home, and how often do you actually get to go back?

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A lot of people are finding holes in her story and calling her out on it. Perhaps those comments are being deleted? I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm not saying I believe it's bullshit, nor am I saying I agree with the removal of those comments, I am just stating why I think comments were removed by the moderators.

EDIT: I took a peak at the removed comments. That is exactly what they were. Some of them were just as innocent as "Has anyone considered this might be an advertisement"?