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What kind of filming techniques do you use to capture the wholesomeness of you videos (ie Film at the golden hour, use a Dutch angle, mostly avoid shooting below the belt, etc.)?

Also, if you feel like sharing, when PornHub sent you the team jacket (which looks rather wholesome on you btw) did they include any kind of special congrats on being so wholesome? :)

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I thought that might be the case, but it didn't hurt to ask. That's why I mentioned the teachers getting the universal licenses seemingly being stuck between a rock and a hard place. In any case, thanks for the response!

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A bit off point, but do you think his objections to DeVos were specifically because of him being a part of the teacher's union? I've been led to understand she's quite anti-union, so I can see how someone who relies on an arguably dated system for their livelihood would balk at her appointment. That said, his reaction wouldn't excuse his lack of professionalism. You can't accept the paycheck and the power, but leave the responsibility and accountability at the door.

On a personal note, I actually switched classes when I was in high school because of a teacher that was known to let his personal (and heavily religious) views get in the way of teaching government. That, and I had several AP teachers that applied for country wide, universal teaching licenses to specifically get them out of being forced into the unions, so I'd have to imagine they'd be more favorable to a change of pace...although maybe not necessarily DeVos.

In short: Do you think your teacher's actions were born more out of union influence than they were of personal political views and/or his being involved with the city council?

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Thanks for the info...although, I feel like I should mention that nowhere in my question did I show support for DeVos. I was moreso asking if the OP found his situation to be somewhat similar to my own to gain some of his perspective...but again, I appreciate for the extra info.