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Have your parents seen any of your videos?

From your press release I see one is called, "I tuck you in after you have a cum."

If yes, what is your family's take on this particular marketing technique?

EDIT: This is funny. I had no idea that this dude was actually famous.

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Sounds like you need to come up with more country club themed content.

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"Enough" when it relates to money is always going to be a relative term.

We're now going into our 4th full year of being open and so far this is how it's gone:

  • Year One: Holy shit, what the fuck have we done? (I actually started doing freelance writing on the side to make ends meet since we didn't make enough to live off of in the first year.)
  • Year Two: Much better but still abysmal compared to a median first world job. We were able to pay off the $5,000 loan we'd taken from a buddy to close the gap in year one but still earned much less than we did as teachers.
  • Year Three: About double Year Two's earnings. We were both able to take 1-month vacations, bought a decent used car in cash and live well given the cost of living here....but if you saw the actual number you wouldn't be impressed, haha :)
  • Year Four: Too early to tell but should be about the same as last year - but I am earning a lot more than I did before with my writing so that skews the reality of how much the hotel earns.

There's a LOT more to this conversation that I can't get into right now as it's 2am and I need to hit the hay...but the short answer is both yes and no...we live great for the local economy but still need to grow significantly to earn what we'd like to earn given how much we've put into this.

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How much does a room usually run?

For the time being we don't have seasonal rates and so the price is the same all season long. Our rates are US$225/night for a couple and this includes 3 meals per day, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks (basically we have a guest fridge with snacks/fruit/etc. and guests just help themselves). The rate is US$170/night for single occupancy but we very rarely sell single rooms...mostly just when a group comes and so sometimes we'll have 3 couples and then 1 single room. (Not that singles aren't welcome - we just haven't had many solo traveling guests so far.)

Do you have any pics of the rooms?

We're actually in the process of redoing our rooms. New color, headboards, curtains, more art, etc.

But room photos have been a major sticking point for us. It's hard to explain but our room photos always suck, haha. I mean, they're not "bad" but they're not representative of what our rooms really look/feel like.

One of these days we need to get a professional photographer in here to get photos that better show how nice they are...it's on our ever growing to-do list :)

Here's a link to our rooms page so you can see what I mean: http://geckorockresort.com/see-the-rooms/

How many rooms do you have?


Do you have a website?


What is there to do in/around the place?

Most of our customers are looking for a quiet, off-the-beaten-path getaway and we're more of a place where you go to truly relax more than pack a week full of activities.

Around the resort people hang out on their rooftop, read a book in their hammock, chill out at/in the pool, play board games, have drinks and socialize in the evening, go to the beach or walk down the beach to a small nearby village called Agua Blanca for a coconut/beer/lunch. The beach here is 100% empty so it's better suited for people who want to mosey about and explore a private (it's not really private, just empty) beach than those who want to sit in a lounge chair and raise their drink flag for another daiquiri.

But there are plenty of day trip activities available in Puerto Escondido. Sports fishing, surf lessons, dolphin/turtle watching, massage, shopping, snorkeling, diving.

If guests are lucky there could be a mass sea turtle landing or hatching about 5km from here in Escobilla...and there is also ecotourism in Mazunte with a really cool lagoon where you can see crocodiles, iguanas and lots of birds.

But yeah, all up we're very honest with prospective guests that what we sell here is geared towards those who HATE big tourist towns and mostly want to relax and eat amazing food. Travelers who like to go, go, go will be happier at a different property closer to the action.

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How will you turn a profit?