Hey everyone,

Brendan Morrison here.

I played for the Vancouver Canucks from 2000-2008 as part of the "West Coast Express" alongside Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi. It was a tremendous honour to play for such a great city and to be a part of such entertaining hockey. Overall I was in the NHL from 1997-2012 playing for such teams as the New Jersey Devils, Anaheim Ducks, Dallas Stars, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames and Chicago Blackhawks.

Now I host the TV show "Reel West Coast" which is an adventure travel and fishing show currently airing its second season. Subscribe to us on Youtube for regular updates.

Thursday February 7th we are having an event at Tap and Barrel Olympic Village to launch the new Reel West Coast "Head Shaker" Honey Lager which is a collaboration beer between our show and Old Yale Brewing. You can check out the details here Come out and have a beer with me and help us raise funds as $1 from every pint is donated to the Sport Fishing Institute of BC.

Looking forward to chatting with you all! Ask me anything!

Hey guys, really appreciate the interaction. I got an early morning tomorrow, I'll try and finish this off in the next couple weeks. Please come out Thursday night to Tap and Barrell Olympic Village to help us raise funds for the Sport Fishing Institute of BC. If you haven't yet please Subscribe to us on YouTube I have always been grateful for the support and first class treatment from you fans. Cheers.

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JibberishJones357 karma

In spirit of the super bowl, what was it like to go to school with Tom Brady?

(Thank you for all the childhood memories Brendan! That 4th OT goal vs Calgary will live forever.)

brendan_morrison486 karma

When I was in school Brady didn't even play he was behind Brian and he didn't really get his opportunity until his senior year and he took his opportunity and ran with it. He was not the face of the football program when I was there. I crossed paths with him a few times on campus and it's amazing to see the career he's had.

ProtoMan3300 karma

Hey Brendan!

I always hear about how the Sedins are so similar, both on and off the ice. What was the most definitive personality trait that helped tell the two apart?

Also what inspired you to go into making a TV show after retiring from the NHL?

brendan_morrison295 karma

Daniel had a thinner face than Henrik. I always loved fishing and it was an opportunity that presented itself and I thought it would be a lot of fun to do.

Dern44227 karma

What do you think of Elias Pettersson?

brendan_morrison365 karma

He's a phenomenal player! I don't think anyone expected this so soon but he's a real special talent.

NozE8208 karma

Hi Brendan

A few years back you autographed a picture for my sick father. That picture stayed beside his bed for years until he passed. Just wanted to thank you from me and in his memory.

Who spends more time fishing now, you or Willie Mitchell?

brendan_morrison380 karma

Willie spends more time fishing, I spend more time catching. Sorry to hear about your father. Hope you are well.

Morrisonhotshot200 karma

Hi Brendan!

For a lengthy time, you had a home in Vancouver as a Canuck. However, once you and the organization parted ways, you unfortunately got bounced around quite a bit. What are some of the ways you dealt with moving from city to city, both as a veteran NHLer and a father of school age kids?

brendan_morrison309 karma

Hey! I appreciate all your support over the years! I actually always envisioned myself finishing my career with the Canucks, unfortunately some injuries got in the way and at the end of the day you have to go where you're wanted. My family tried to really embrace each city we lived in and we looked at it as a new experience. I think my kids are more well-rounded for having to meet new friends and I think this has helped them adapt to other situations in life.

[deleted]161 karma

In what ways are wood sticks superior to graphite/composite ones?

brendan_morrison274 karma

They're more durable. I wouldn't say they're superior, the technology now with composite sticks allows everybody to shoot the puck hard.

paintedblank146 karma

How often did Brent Sopel wash his hair?

brendan_morrison252 karma

Sopes took a bird bath in his stall every single game.

brendan_morrison146 karma

Hey guys, that was a fast 2.5 hours. I really appreciate the interaction. I got an early morning tomorrow, I'll try and finish this off in the next couple weeks. Please come out Thursday night to Tap and Barrell Olympic Village to help us raise funds for the Sport Fishing Institute of BC. If you haven't yet please Subscribe to us on YouTube I have always been grateful for the support and first class treatment from you fans. Cheers.

Salsa_de_Pina140 karma

If you were going out for breakfast, would you invite Naslund or Bertuzzi? Also, would you be having waffles or pancakes?

brendan_morrison468 karma

First off, I'm a huge pancake guy and have a deadly recipe so it would have to be pancakes. Bertuzzi or Naslund? You put me in a tough spot here... probably Naslund because Bertuzzi doesn't wake up before 10am.

SnakeInLeafsPajamas139 karma

Is it true that during salary arbitration the Canucks lawyer called you a "mouse" or something? Can you tell that story in your own words?

Edit: This is the story I was thinking of, is it true?

brendan_morrison421 karma

True story, they had a french lawyer who broke into an analogy of me playing with Markus and Todd. He proceeded to tell the story of an elephant and a mouse in the jungle, and the elephant and the mouse come to a raging river and the bridge crossing is washed out. The mouse looks at the elephant and asks "How are we going to get across to the other side?" and the elephant says "That's easy just hop on my back and I will take you there." The lawyer goes on to say this is exactly the same as Morrison, with Bertuzzi and Naslund. Morrison is the mouse and Bertuzzi and Naslund are the elephants. I had to put my head down and my hands over my face to stop myself from breaking out laughing.

Apfieignine119 karma

What do you miss most about playing in the NHL?

brendan_morrison270 karma

I think the dressing room environment is a big thing, just the camaraderie with teammates. I miss the competition, the challenge of going out each and every night and really testing yourself. Playing in the NHL is a huge adrenaline rush, that's why I fish now to get an adrenaline rush instead.


If you could go fishing anywhere in the world no matter how improbable or unpractical

Where would you pick and why ?

brendan_morrison160 karma

Fishing for giant Blue Fin out of PEI would be right up there. It's something I've never done it and to see a fish of that size would be incredible.

melyssauras112 karma

Hey Brendan, thanks so much for doing this! What's your favourite memory from your time playing on the West Coast Express?

brendan_morrison248 karma

Too many to list. So many great memories playing with those guys both on and off the ice. What stands out the most for me is really competing in the playoffs. A couple things off the top of my head were when Nazzy and Bert were both trying to win the Rocket Richard trophy one year and when Nazzy was competing with Forsberg for the Art Ross trophy. It was just a super exciting time.

tyereliusprime78 karma

Now that you're out, was Crow as bad as they say?

brendan_morrison146 karma

Honestly, Crow was great for me personally. He was hard on me and challenged me but at the end of the day he gave me the opportunity to play with Bert and Nazzy.

JoginderBassi78 karma

What do you think of the Canucks' emerging young core?

brendan_morrison97 karma

I like them! I think they're developing nicely and they're going to be a very important part of the future of this organization.

spacppl66 karma

Any funny stories from any of your road trips with the canucks?

brendan_morrison174 karma

Tons, probably best told over a beer and not in writing. Come out to our event on Thursday at Tap and Barrel!

pluralsight2462 karma

Hey Brendan, thanks for doing this. I started watching the Canucks because of the West Coast Express. Do you still keep in touch with the other members of the WCE? Markus and Todd?

brendan_morrison99 karma

Yes I do keep in touch with them, we chat on probably a monthly basis.

Sarcastic__60 karma

Hi Brendan, thank you for being a part of my Canuck fandom as I started watching when you were with the West Coast Express and have fond memories of such.

Was it hard to adjust at the tail end of your Canucks tenure when it was tough to get going offensively as a group, and then afterwards to confront the possibility of leaving the organization? And I guess as well any fun stories you might not have shared before?

brendan_morrison104 karma

My last year was frustrating because I had two surgeries that only allowed me to play half the season. I firmly believe if I was healthy that year we'd get into the playoffs and there wouldn't have been a drastic change to the roster. Unfortunately, we didn't make the playoffs, Dave Nonis got fired they brought in Mike Gillis and he blew everything up.

eliasey60 karma

What was it like hanging out with Naslund off the ice?

brendan_morrison121 karma

Just a salt of the earth person. Better person than player.


What are your thoughts on Mark Messier?

brendan_morrison76 karma

I had a chance to play with him for 11 games. He treated me well, he's a Hall of Famer.

PhenomenonYT53 karma

Your final season with the Canucks featured a lot of guys that became a prominent part of the team and culture moving forward. What were Bieksa, Kesler, and Burrows like before the locker room shifted to them?

brendan_morrison56 karma

We saw their personalities inside the dressing room and people on the outside didn't really see that until they took the team over.

dontchastop52 karma

Which type of fishing is your favorite; ocean, lake or river? Any secret coho streams in the terrace area you care to share?

brendan_morrison120 karma

Honestly, I love them all for different reasons. One of my favorite rivers to fish in Terrace is the Nunya river........................ Nunya bizness. haha Subscribe to us on YouTube

LordHarkon152 karma

Have you ever had a play or a goal that you personally thought was incredible but it didn’t get much media attention? - /u/Nuckdaddy69

brendan_morrison35 karma

Answered this one, thanks for the question!

imlin050 karma

have you ever had a play or a goal that you personally thought was incredible but it didn’t get much media attention?

brendan_morrison142 karma

Two goals that stick out in my mind is one I scored an unbelievable goal in Edmonton one night, it was basically end to end and I shot probably the hardest wrist shot of my life. It went in the net and came out so fast nobody thought it went in but upon replay they realized it did go in. That was pretty memorable for me.

The other one we were playing Calgary at home and I got an across ice pass from Matt Cooke for a one timer slap shot and I hit it absolutely pure and beat Kipper bar down.

passittoboeser49 karma

Hi Brendan, loved watching you with Bert and Markus back in the day.

What building was your favourite to visit while playing for Vancouver? Is there a specific team you liked playing against?

Thank you for all the great memories during the West Coast Express!

brendan_morrison109 karma

I liked playing the Bell Centre in Montreal and MSG in New York. I liked playing against the Oilers because I always seemed to score against them.

Infernoooo49 karma

What former or current Canucks player that you didn't get the chance to play with would you like to have played with the most?

brendan_morrison107 karma

Probably Pavel Bure. He likes to move the puck and it would have been fun to play with a goal scorer like that.

Lattes148 karma

Hey Brendan, hope you’re well. This is a total crap shoot but I thought I’d ask anyways.

Back in 2006 or 2007 you were on the ferry back to Nanaimo, you were probably headed up to Tofino

There was probably 60 of us students and our teacher went and introduced himself and asked you if you wouldn’t mind signing some autographs for the kids. I’ve still got a sweater you signed for me, haven’t worn it since worrying it may get ruined 😅. Wondering if you remember this at all, though I’m sure you’ve had so many encounters that it would have gotten lost. If you do, was there anything going through your mind at the time, any bad egg kids?

brendan_morrison58 karma

I do remember this! I was more than happy to sign for you guys. It was a cool experience.

OneEyeball47 karma

Who was the funniest teammate during your time in Vancouver?

brendan_morrison123 karma

The funniest guy, I only played with him for a short time but Marc Bergevin was the funniest. He is now the current GM of the Montreal Canadiens.

PhenomenonYT39 karma

Do you see yourself in any current NHLers? Guys you would compare to yourself, playing the same type of game and such

brendan_morrison64 karma

That's always a tough question. A guy in Vancouver that would be similar would be Bo Horvat. He's a center that plays in all situations for the Canucks.

IReadALittleTooMuch38 karma

What’s your favorite type of fish?

brendan_morrison86 karma

To catch or to eat? Catching tarpon on the fly has got to be one of the most exhilarating fish to catch, but being from the West Coast my passion is salmon, steelhead and sturgeon. To eat though, Tuna Poke and Ling Cod. Subscribe to us on YouTube

UnpopularOpinion127838 karma

As a long time canuck, was it in anyway weird to put on a Calgary flames Jersey? Do you ever talk to Bert about it, since he did it too?

brendan_morrison63 karma

Yeah it was definitely weird putting on a Flames jersey because we had such a big rivalry with them, and Bert would say the same thing. However I really enjoyed my time there and I currently live in Calgary. It's a great team and a great city.

goedmonton38 karma

Favorite food?

Favorite restaurant in Vancouver?

Scariest NHL player you have played against in terms of toughness?

Favorite Canuck moment?

brendan_morrison74 karma

Favorite food: Shandhar Hut in Chilliwack

Favorite restaurant in Vancouver: Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown, there's also a boutique sushi restaurant on Robson I always visit when I'm in town called Miko Sushi.

Scariest player: Eric Lindros

Favorite moment: A lot stand out, getting into the playoffs for the first time when I was in Vancouver was a pretty cool moment. The triple OT goal against Calgary in the playoffs is up there as well. Too many to tell, come have a beer with me Thursday Feb 7th at Tap & Barrel.

sandman872736 karma

What do you have to say about Halak in the 2010 playoffs?

brendan_morrison64 karma

That guy still gives me nightmares.

bdu75434 karma

Hi Brendan, I'm a big Canucks fan, and a real big fan of you.

I think a lot of Canucks fans have been blessed this season watching Elias Pettersson play. The way he's performed this season has been absolutely phenomenal. As a former NHL player yourself, what player would you compare him to, and where do you imagine he'll end up on the all-time list at the end of his career?

brendan_morrison72 karma

I don't know if there's one single player to compare. He reminds me of Markus and maybe Daniel Sedin on how they finish but he also reminds me of Henrik on how he distributes the puck. But he's much better defensively than all those guys early in their careers. He's just a complete player at such a young age.

91Tech31 karma

Hello Brendan!

First just want to say thank you for so many years of excitement watching you play as I was growing up. The WCE is the reason I love hockey, you guys were so fun to watch.

But, question: what year do you think you guys were at your best? There were a few years where you really could’ve gone far, which do you think was your best chance?

brendan_morrison47 karma

The team that was primed for its best run would have been 02-03. I think our line was probably at its best that year as well.

EugeneMelnicc31 karma

What was being on the top line in the NHL like?

brendan_morrison51 karma

It was amazing. Being an offensive player and thinking you're going to score every night is an incredible feeling.

Mosby-esque30 karma

Hey Brendan,

Longtime Canucks fan here, just wondering, I know you've been up to Haida Gwaii, what'd be your favourite moment from any of those trips?

brendan_morrison52 karma

The first time I ever went unguided with my Dad we caught and released a 52lb Chinook at Queen Charlotte Lodge. Doesn't get much better than that!

stolen2728 karma

Hey Brendan! Who’s the best/funniest trash talker you’ve come across in your time playing pro?

brendan_morrison61 karma

Marty Turco in Dallas was pretty funny and Ken Daneyko from New Jersey was an old school comedian.

ILoveHipChecks26 karma

How'd you get hooked up with Old Yale?

brendan_morrison53 karma

One of our sponsors, Stirling who runs Stander Enterprises in Chilliwack recommended Old Yale and we loved their products. We collaborated on the Head Shaker Honey Lager and we're super happy with the result. It's a great beer and a great partnership. Come try some with me this Thursday at Tap and Barel Olympic Village!

Gus_Griswald25 karma

Who are the top 3 players/teammates you would love to have as guests on your fishing show?

Who would be in their element and who would be way over their head with fishing?

Thanks BMO7!

brendan_morrison47 karma

The easy answer is Bert and Nazzy. Bert would be a handful because I don't know if he'd have the patience. I'd like to have Trent Klatt because he has a fishing addiction like me and he never wants to come in off the water. Another former teammate with a fishing addiction is Felix Potvin, him and I would hit the Vedder River on our days off back when we played together.

all_these_moneys24 karma


You played in the NHL for what most people consider the end of the big-bodied power forward era and the start of the smaller, quick-feet speedy forwards dominating the game. I think Marty St. Louis comes to mind as a pioneer for that type of game, but who else did you see during your time as someone who led that charge?

brendan_morrison28 karma

Smaller guys after the lockout that put up huge numbers like Brian Gionta first year after the lockout scored like 40 goals. Paul Kariya comes to mind and Pavel Datsyuk.

baconwiches22 karma

During the 04-05 lockout, you played in the Swedish Elite League for Linköpings HC. What sort of memories do you have of that time?

brendan_morrison24 karma

The SEL was a very competitive league that year. We had a strong team and I had a lot of fun playing over there.

cosalich20 karma

Hey Brendan, thanks for doing this.

I wanted to let you know that after I kind of burned out from the game after my minor hockey years, you and the rest of the West Coast Express really rekindled my love of the game. Watching you there tear up the league every night was one of the best things Vancouver ever had going for it.

As for a question.. what was the best nickname you've encountered in hockey?

brendan_morrison41 karma

Playing with Marec Malik, he was like 6 foot 7, big guy from the Czech Republic. His nickname was Harry like from Harry and the Hendersons. It still makes me laugh. Thanks for being a fan, those were some phenomenal years with some very entertaining teams.

Nosta20 karma

Hey Brendan!

Just wanted to say you were one of my favorite players growing up and I loved watching the West Coast Express tear teams apart. You guys had special chemistry that I don't think a lot of lines have today.

My question is - if you could play on any line today, which would you pick and why?

Side note, your sister taught my class once a week for a year in elementary school in Maple Ridge. Hope she and you are doing well!

Thanks for doing this AMA!

brendan_morrison25 karma

Put me in the Kucherov Stamkos line in Tampa Bay. The play fast, creative and score a lot of goals.

redditaccountiuse20 karma

what's better, catching a big fish or scoring an nhl goal?

brendan_morrison62 karma

Shut your mouth that's a tough one.... I still think scoring a goal edges out catching a fish. But it's fairly close for me. Subscribe to us on YouTube

FelixTheNomad19 karma

Hey Brendan. I've always wondered how team meetings work.

Do you all meet as a team with the head coach, then break off into different positional meetings to strategize and watch game film? How much can that help players when they are in game time situations, or do pure instincts take over!

brendan_morrison16 karma

Normally we meet as a team to watch video of the other teams even strength tendencies. Then we would separate into special teams, usually PK or PP in the morning and vice versa at night. The odd time we would have line meetings and watch film.

dopefiendrental19 karma

Do you remember scoring an OT winner against the Avalanche in 02/03? I was flipping through the channels while doing math homework and happened to stop on that game. Wasn't really a hockey fan before that but by the end of the game I was hooked and your goal sealed it for me! Been a huge fan ever since! Thank you Brendan!

brendan_morrison33 karma

I do remember, it was a flat pass from Brent Sopel Backdoor slap pass I deflected in. I remember it clearly!

Dynazide18 karma

Hey Brendan! Thanks for this and dominating the other teams in the WCE years! Whats the funniest thing someone has ever said to you on the ice?

brendan_morrison45 karma

Lining up for a face off one time and someone yelled from the bench accusing me of riding on a chicken.

EpicLevelWizard18 karma

What is your favorite sport that isn't hockey and why?

brendan_morrison35 karma

Does fishing count? Subscribe to us on YouTube other than that, being a University of Michigan alum I'm a big fan of college football.

SolarSarcasm17 karma

Hi Brendan! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA.

What started your love for fishing?


What was the strangest item that you've autographed?

brendan_morrison44 karma

My Grandfather who lived in Ontario would take me fishing when he would come out and visit. It started a passion in me at an early age.

A mother and daughter asked me to sign a certain even numbered amount of body parts. It was very awkward.

imlin016 karma

Best fishing story?

brendan_morrison23 karma

Right here If you like that video then please Subscribe to us on YouTube

Mattyman0115 karma

Brendan give it to me honestly. Roosters or The Roxy in their prime?

brendan_morrison30 karma

Although it is tough to beat topless Bull riding at Roosters, the Roxy would still win.

flyingpokecheck3215 karma

Hi Brendan,

I love the Canucks and Naslund-Bertuzzi-Morrison line was so much to fun to watch!! I love those high scoring seasons that Canucks had.

Is you could choose a game in your career you regret how you played and could do it again, which one would it be?

brendan_morrison30 karma

It would have to be the Game 7 against Minnesota in 03. I really believed our team had a chance of going to the Cup Final and obviously we didn't get the job done. I just wished I could have done more to help our team win.

53BOHORVAT5315 karma

Hi Brendan, what do players generally think of Vancouver as a free agent or a possible trade destination?

brendan_morrison18 karma

I know visiting teams love coming to Vancouver, it's a fantastic city. I think it is well regarded in the league. This is our little destination.

SilenTyphoon14 karma

As a Canucks fan and a Wolverines fan who grew up watching you play, thanks for everything you did for your teams. I have nothing but the highest respect for you and the way you played the game.

How did you react when Mike Legg scored that amazing behind the net goal in the '96 NCAA Tournament?

brendan_morrison15 karma

I had a front row view! I was on the ice, we had a power play and I played the point in the power play. It was an absolutely incredible goal that tied the game.

Megamedium14 karma

Hey, Brendan! Huge Canucks fan, how has life after hockey been treating you? One thing I’ve always found interesting about professional sports is the idea of retiring in your 30s, especially considering how strenuous a sports career is.

brendan_morrison12 karma

The key is you need to stay busy. I have four kids that keep me busy and I have other business interests as well. And of course, Reel West Coast!

MinnWild914 karma

What's your opinion on the Hurricanes post-game celebrations?

brendan_morrison23 karma

I understand what they're trying to do, but at the professional level I'm not onboard with it.

kingl1er14 karma

Brendan favourite story about Naslund / Ohlund and favourite seafood/seafood restaurant in Van?

Edit: Have you ever tried Sturgeon fishing? I know someone who runs a business and he loves it!

brendan_morrison17 karma

I love sturgeon fishing. I think it's an incredible experience. When I think about Naslund and Ohlund I think about some epic Halloween parties we had together and funny costumes.

gundum28513 karma

How often do you watch Canucks games these days?

brendan_morrison15 karma

I do follow the team and I'm in the loop on how they're doing but my schedule is pretty busy so I can't watch every game.

CherryDice13 karma

Hi Brendan!   Who was the toughest competitor you ever faced on the ice, and why?

brendan_morrison29 karma

Nik Lidstrom. He wasn't a physical player but his hockey sense was off the charts and he was always in the right position and he's one of the top 3 defense of all time in my opinion.

VishyIsFishy13 karma

Hey Brendan! How’s the coaching going?

brendan_morrison15 karma

I'm enjoying it, it's always nice to give back to young kids.

-Fug12 karma

Growing up in BC, what was it like to play for your hometown team, also being one of the key players while doing it?

When you were growing up did play any other sports than hockey?

And finally, with the west coast express era Canucks being the team that introduced me to hockey and made me fall in love with the Canucks where can I find myself an authentic Navy orca jersey?

brendan_morrison9 karma

It was a dream come true. I played baseball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball and Volley Ball. Try the Canucks team store.

Bigmaq11 karma

How did the different NHL teams compare as far as treatment went? Did some teams have better facilities, supply better food, or have extra perks that made them a better environment to play in?

brendan_morrison15 karma

They're all fairly comparable. We're spoiled. We stay in the nicest hotels on the road, we all charter flights, we're catered to in order to make sure we're ready to perform on a nightly basis. I mean, sure some of the newer buildings have nicer facilities but teams provide their players with the top amenities to make sure they're operating their best.

TimberBucket11 karma

Hey Brendan, been following Reel West Coast, great show and have seen some awesome trips of yours. What's your most memorable fishing trip over the years?

brendan_morrison10 karma

Honestly, we have two Cabo episodes coming out this season that are insane. Can't wait for them to premiere! Thanks for watching.

TheDukeofVanCity11 karma

Do you think lions or tigers are cooler?

brendan_morrison19 karma


Roadside249311 karma

Hey Brendan. Did the media and over reacting fans impact your daily life when you were a Canuck? Was it as easy to tune out the noise and keep playing and how did it compare to other markets that you played in?

Also I got a signed picture of you from our principal when I was a kid Ms. Pace, she said she taught you. It made my life back then and now that I have the chance I wanted to say thank you!

brendan_morrison15 karma

It was fun playing in a passionate market like Vancouver. At times it could be difficult when things weren't going well but for the majority of the time the fans treated me absolutely first class. Mrs. Pace taught me in Grade 2!

coltonjeffs10 karma

How many months of the year do you live at your place in Tofino? Where else you visit or live?

brendan_morrison10 karma

We try and get over there as often as we can but the majority of time is over the summer.

bazziiinga10 karma

Hey Brendan! Grew up during your era here in Vancouver. We’re my fave player growing up.

As a smaller player in a bigger era for the NHL, what were some of the challenges you faced night in and out and how did you approach the game going up against the big d-men of the time? Anything you had to do different at the NHL level that you didn’t have to do at other levels?

brendan_morrison16 karma

Before the 04-05 lockout there was a lot more clinching and grabbing and you could interfere with players a lot more which slowed the game down. Being a smaller guy you just had to be smart as far as getting in and out of spots quickly and not get into a strength contest with a guy that outweighed you by 50lbs.

HWSOT10 karma

Hey Brendan. I’m from Ann Arbor, MI and I was wondering why you decided to go to UM rather than any other college or play in juniors?

brendan_morrison10 karma

I liked what U of M had to offer as far as Academics and the competitive hockey program. I felt like I needed a bit more time mature and get stronger and I also felt the hockey was very high level. Go blue!

samfreez10 karma

Hi Brendan! Huge fan, and I genuinely miss watching you as part of the West Coast Express!

Will you be able to sneak a couple of those beers across the border for those of us trapped in the Seattle/Tacoma region? It sounds delicious!

brendan_morrison10 karma

We'll float some to you out on the water!

limecrayon10 karma

Thanks for all you’ve done for local hockey Brendan, but my question is more regarding your fishing passion: what are your thoughts on how quickly our wild salmon stocks are depleting? Any opinions on sustainable fish practices?

brendan_morrison17 karma

It's very concerning what is happening to our Wild Salmon. I'm a huge proponent of catch and release, especially with larger fish. Fish enhancement does tend to help overall numbers, we just need to get more funding on board. Come out Thursday night to Tap and Barell Olympic village and help us raise funds for the Sport Fishing Institute Of BC.

photoshoptherangers10 karma

Team you didn't play for but wish you had?

brendan_morrison16 karma


WhenRomansSpokeGreek9 karma

Hey Brendan. During your days as a Canuck, who was the toughest defenseman to play against? What was the hardest building to play in? We love the drama!

Thanks for your years in Vancouver. I had the pleasure of listening to Team 1040 during the "BERTUZZI, NASLUND, SCORES!" as a teenager and I'll never forget it.

brendan_morrison11 karma

Lidstrom from Detroit. Hardest building was also probably Detroit, or Colorado.

Morrisonhotshot9 karma

You’ve played alongside some very talented NHLers in your career (Ovechkin, Naslund, etc). Can you speak about how some of these guys helped elevate your own game?

brendan_morrison9 karma

When you play on the top offensive line you know you're going to be matched up against the other teams top defensive pairing so it's a challenge night in and night out to try and win that match up. Just watching how elite players prepare and compete was inspiring and made me work hard.

BlueberryTheBantha9 karma

Hey Brendan,

I’ve always been a big fan of yours, since the days of the West Coast Express were the time in my life I was most obsessed with hockey. Thank you for your years with the Canucks!

I enjoyed hearing your and Chris Higgins’ perspectives the other night on playing rec league hockey.

I’m wondering how much hockey you watch these days, and how often you make it out to see a game live. Also, would you consider yourself more of a Canucks fan, or just a fan of the game?

brendan_morrison13 karma

I'm a fan of the game but I do follow the Canucks more closely than other teams.

randomj779 karma

Hey Brendan, huge fan.

You, Markus and Todd were all obviously already NHL level players before coming together, but when you three all connected I think it is fair to say that it brought the best game out of all three of you. What do you think it was about that line and playing with those guys that worked so well and made you guys one of the most dangerous lines of that era?

brendan_morrison14 karma

We each brought something unique to the line. We challenged each other and we didn't accept mediocrity from one another. We pushed each other to be at our best every single day.

Newaccount44649 karma

What's the key to having an impressive iron man streak like the one you had?

brendan_morrison12 karma

Don't go into corners. Stay away from the front of the net. Seriously though, it's a commitment to taking care of your body and there's also a little bit of luck involved.

RytheGuy979 karma

Hi Brendan, firstly I just want to say thanks for being a part of that awesome WCE. That era was the one I saw growing up, I’ll never forget those teams.

My question is: What have you been up to since retirement? Do you think in the future you would like to work for the league, either as a part of the canucks organization or another team, or maybe an analyst?

brendan_morrison18 karma

I made a conscious decision to be involved with my kids growing up and all their activities. I'm hosting a fishing show called Reel West Coast Subscribe to us on YouTube Doing some work with the Strongman Group out of Vancouver. When I first retired I was offered positions with some teams but I turned them down. I just felt I owed it to my family to be around more. I haven't completely ruled out getting involved again in some way or another.

Sarke18 karma

Hi BMo! Which former teammates do you stay in contact with the most?

brendan_morrison15 karma

Bert Nazzy Jovo and Geoff Sanderson

ifedthefish8 karma

How do you feel about how the game has evolved from the time you played?

brendan_morrison16 karma

It's like a track meet out there now. So much focus on speed and skill and I enjoy watching that aspect of the game.

77eagles77floyd778 karma

whats your favourite canuck retro jersey?

brendan_morrison15 karma

The hockey stick jersey.

Pandarchon8 karma

Hi Mo

Huge fan of yours, grew up watching you. Your team is the definition of the original canucks to me

What can you say about the canucks locker room culture at the height of your power, and after the bertuzzi incident?

brendan_morrison9 karma

We were a tight knit group. We were a young team that grew up together.

a_wet_dream_cum_true8 karma

What are the stress/pressure levels like playing in the NHL? Especially since you were in a Canadian market, did you ever feel the weight of the city on your shoulders?

brendan_morrison12 karma

You always want to perform well and win for your city. You're definitely under the microscope more in Canadian markets, my experience overall was positive but there were times I'd get beaten up in the press. That's just part of being in the public eye.

-Fulcrum8 karma

Yesterday on /r/hockey, you said you'd discuss hockey and fishing. What's your favorite fish? Would you have fight 100 fish sized John Scotts or 1 John Scott sized fish?

brendan_morrison16 karma

1 John Scott sized fish please. I could take on 100 John Scott sized John Scott's any day. How many John Scott sized John Scotts could you take on if you had to take on a John Scott sized John Scott?

rye_by_night7 karma

Hi Brendan, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching you play when you were with the flames.

I just wanted to ask if you do any fly fishing? And, if you have one, what is your favorite fishing spot in Alberta?

brendan_morrison8 karma

I love fly fishing, there's some videos of us fly fishing on our Youtube Page. Fishing the south part of the Bow River is one of my favorite spots. Subscribe to us on YouTube if you want to see some more fishing content!

TheMadWoodcutter7 karma

What do you miss the least about playing in the NHL?

What is your biggest hockey related regret, that isn't not winning the stanley cup?

brendan_morrison16 karma

I miss least the travel.

It would have been nice to play a thousand games but I don't really regret that.

ChuckEJesus6 karma

Do you think there will be a lockout in 2020 like is being predicted?

brendan_morrison11 karma

I hope not.

spicerldn5 karma

How long did it take you to think of the name for the show?

brendan_morrison7 karma

About 5 seconds. Just kidding, we debated it for a couple days.

Jacyjitsu4 karma

Weirdest hockey related dream and of nightmare?

brendan_morrison8 karma

Not being dressed on time at the start of a game.

tsularesque4 karma

Where's your go-to place for lunch in the Fraser Valley?

brendan_morrison7 karma

Shandhar Hut. Hands down. Every time I leave there I feel like I should be wheeled out. I always over eat. Too many good things on the menu.

Jonathan_Quick_32GKG4 karma

Who's one goalie, or a few goalies that were tough to score on? For you and your teammates. Have a good day bud!

brendan_morrison7 karma

Hasek because he was so unorthodox. I didn't really enjoy playing against right handed catching goalies.

Smaz10874 karma

Thanks for doing this, huge Canucks fan. Two questions.

Can you talk a little bit about the locker room sentiment towards Bertuzzi and how it changed after the Moore incident? Were the guys defending him? Cursing his name? Neither?

What Canucks moment is most memorable to you from your tenure? Mine has to be the Matt Cooke goal against Calgary in 04.

brendan_morrison10 karma

I think we were all kind of in shock. Absolutely nobody, including Bert, wanted that outcome. Lots of great moments from my time with the Canucks, it's hard to pick a single moment. I'll tell you some over a Head Shaker beer Thursday night at Tap and Barell Olympic Village!

ocelot2123 karma

Fly fishing only or do you fish with conventional gear as well?

brendan_morrison3 karma

Both. I love all types of fishing. We used conventional gear sight fishing for Coho in Terrace you can check the episode out on our Youtube Page. Subscribe to us on YouTube if you want to see more.