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When I was in school Brady didn't even play he was behind Brian and he didn't really get his opportunity until his senior year and he took his opportunity and ran with it. He was not the face of the football program when I was there. I crossed paths with him a few times on campus and it's amazing to see the career he's had.

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First off, I'm a huge pancake guy and have a deadly recipe so it would have to be pancakes. Bertuzzi or Naslund? You put me in a tough spot here... probably Naslund because Bertuzzi doesn't wake up before 10am.

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True story, they had a french lawyer who broke into an analogy of me playing with Markus and Todd. He proceeded to tell the story of an elephant and a mouse in the jungle, and the elephant and the mouse come to a raging river and the bridge crossing is washed out. The mouse looks at the elephant and asks "How are we going to get across to the other side?" and the elephant says "That's easy just hop on my back and I will take you there." The lawyer goes on to say this is exactly the same as Morrison, with Bertuzzi and Naslund. Morrison is the mouse and Bertuzzi and Naslund are the elephants. I had to put my head down and my hands over my face to stop myself from breaking out laughing.

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Willie spends more time fishing, I spend more time catching. Sorry to hear about your father. Hope you are well.

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He's a phenomenal player! I don't think anyone expected this so soon but he's a real special talent.