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Hey Brendan, thanks for doing this.

I wanted to let you know that after I kind of burned out from the game after my minor hockey years, you and the rest of the West Coast Express really rekindled my love of the game. Watching you there tear up the league every night was one of the best things Vancouver ever had going for it.

As for a question.. what was the best nickname you've encountered in hockey?

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As a follow-up, they don't call games this way year-round because that kind of hockey takes its toll. When you put up 82 games a season, you want to avoid the kind of hockey that generally results in more fatigue and injury.

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Just like playing. The average AHL contract is somewhere around 70k IIRC. NHL starts at 400k.

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You're actually pretty lucky, in my case (doing a Bantam AAA game) the dad managed to get on the ice somehow. Had to help the linesmen out a bit on that one.

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100% bang on, and what any good official would say. People like to joke about "marbles in the pockets" but I've called games with 20 minutes to one team, and two to the other.