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Who are the top 3 players/teammates you would love to have as guests on your fishing show?

Who would be in their element and who would be way over their head with fishing?

Thanks BMO7!

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I think we can all have sympathy, fell sorry for this guy. But I, and many it seems have 0 empathy for his situation, life etc. I've read through a lot in this AMA.

You held your baby 1x, then found out it died of unknown causes. In the last 6 months since finding out in June did you try to find the truth or make any inquiries?

It seems like having a girlfriend is more important to you then bettering yourself for your child.

You say you were with your family for the holidays but they won't let you stay because of no room?

My thought: I'm sorry your kid died, I feel sorry for you, your ex (she's obviously thought this was the best way out), and most importantly the baby. However, You're lazy. You are waiting for some tech job while you could of worked anywhere in this whole time you've been struggling. Your ex seems to have been supporting you before she left. You are a loser who's smart enough to dance around the idea of handouts. The reason your family won't let you stay is because you've probably been a loser for a long time now.

Did you ever bring your baby a gift? A toy. Why is finding out that a house of meth addicts giving you grief? Did you accept the babies death before?

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Thanks for the reply Brendan!

Klatt always had the look of a fisherman