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You played in the NHL for what most people consider the end of the big-bodied power forward era and the start of the smaller, quick-feet speedy forwards dominating the game. I think Marty St. Louis comes to mind as a pioneer for that type of game, but who else did you see during your time as someone who led that charge?

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As an Air Traffic Controller, micro-bursts are terrifying.

Our schooling doesn't stress too much on these specifically, but I've been in the control tower when a small jet (T-45) got hit with one dead on. Not fun at all, they were on short final and were completely perpendicular to the runway, couldn't have been higher than 20 feet off the runway. Completely cut off their communications and had to circle to a separate off duty runway, and even then they BARELY caught the arresting gear. Winds went from completely calm to the SE to 25-30 sustained to the NW. I've controlled thousands of aircraft on approach through thunderstorms, hail, icing, etc.. you name it, I've done it. Micro-bursts will take a few years off your life, controller or pilot. Great job recovering from that.

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Whos your least favorite player! And what was it like to play alongside Rod Brind'Amour?