Hello! I'm Claude Coleman, Jr., 30+ year professional musician, drummer for Ween, singer-songwriter-everything for amandla, graphic designer, carpenter/builder, traumatic brain injury survivor, humanist! I'm promoting the auction of a custom drumset that was using primarily for the last several years, and is autographed by Ween and crew in addition to a slew of Nashville legend musicians known as The Shit Creek Boys who part of a two-night run at Ryman Auditorium in October, 2018. I am raising funds for the development of [email protected]'s - a music-rehearsal space facility, soul food kitchen, and cultural landmark for the city Asheville, NC, inside of a historic Chitlin’ Circuit/Green Book-era,’Tourist Court”. My last fundraiser AMA was a blast, i'm very much looking forward to catching the fastballs again to raise funds for this important project. Let's git r dun, AMA!

The 'Reunion Kit' Drumset Auction http://claudecolemanjr.com/auctions/

PROOF: http://claudecolemanjr.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/IMG_4529.jpg

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TiiTii89 karma

Is Ween working on new music? We will get Shinola vol 2?

blk_sheep81 karma

Nothing in the pipeline as I know it. I'm holding out myself!

Carlmomberger49 karma

I sent you some strawberry jalm through our friend rhoni. Did you ever get a chance to eat some?

blk_sheep57 karma

I most certainly did! It's on my kitchen shelf! It's fuggin tasty!

jasper71144 karma

how did ween find you? or did you find them?

im a huge fan!!

blk_sheep91 karma

My band Skunk in '89 was getting signed to TwinTone Records(Replacements, Soul Asylum, Babes in Toyland). I had a bit of a career before I knew them. Andrew Weiss was Skunk's producer, he got us close with them as he was releasing their tape records on Bird O' Prey. Crucial Lip and all that. When our A&R came to see us play for him in our bass player's parent's basement, we had Ween open for us. It was just our two bands, and our A&R to TwinTone. After our informal sets he signed Ween on the spot. Skunk went on to do two records, then I found myself eating lots of acid sleeping on the couch at the Pod with shit to do. The flies, man! Eventually Kramer from Shimmy Disc prompted those guys enough to lose the tape deck. I was a drummer on their couch so... we started doing gigs as The Ween, eventually leading up to right now.

fightlinker19 karma

I would like to know more about the flies please

blk_sheep31 karma

It was a horse farm, so there were swarms of flies on manure, in barns, and in the house. I was sleeping on the couch. It an exact hour of the morning, I never determined which hour, but at that exact time each morning they'd start dive-bombing my head. So I'd had to cover my head with the blanket and sleep with 'zzzz, zzzzz zzzzz smacking me upside the head like Satan's alarm clock or something. I do not doubt that Guy Heller had flies on his dick.

MouseCunt34 karma

How has the dynamic of touring changed post reunion/Aaron's sobriety?

Bonus question: as a drummer you have been a huge influence to me. What is an album or artist most people may not be privy to that influenced you?

blk_sheep25 karma

Van Morrison's Veedon Fleece. I think he did this record as a throw away contract obligation, but it's so amazing. The band is airy and jazzy and improvisational as is Van, everyone is riffing their asses off over painfully beautiful songs. Dessert Island Record. The record T-Rex by Marc Bolan - you can hear all that Bowie stole, and it's his transition record from his super-pyschadelic mystical acoustic folk beginnings, to using Les Paul's and Marshall amps, and become the real TREX. Also, Bright Sized Life, Pat Metheny, New Traditionalists by DEVO!

PostItWatermelon26 karma

are you ok with pineapple on pizza? we need an answer

blk_sheep104 karma

Oh heyl no way - I'm NY. I get the whole sweet savory thing, but no man/woman, no. It's also the only fruit used so commonly like this - why not a Kiwi pizza? Or a strawberry pizza? Because they suck that's why and some fool convinced a million other fools that this tastes good. Pineapple Pizza is the Donald Trump of pizza

kleetz25 karma

Unfortunately I believe tomato is scientifically a fruit..but I appreciate your honestly.

blk_sheep37 karma

hahaha son of a bitch - I mean super sweet fruit specifically

DumpySupreme25 karma

How did you meet Mike Dillon and what is it like playing those shows? So much percussion.

blk_sheep38 karma

Mike I've known through a lot of players over the years, we've been trying to get together and do work a while. When Ween 'broke-up' in '16 I had a lot of time to stretch around, and it came together that I started playing with him. Playing with him is like, sprinting a marathon of 20 miles. It's unrelenting, breath sucking, blitzkrieg energy - it's a drummer - led band, literally, so as a drummer you're soloing for 2 hours straight. Mike and I go at each other with solo after solo - it's amazing! So much fun. But yea, absolutely fatiguing, and you can't wear anything decent, they'll smell like sweat ammonia for a year no matter how many times you wash. I love and adore that son of a bitch.

LoveLaughGFY25 karma

What is your favorite Ween news site, and why is it JimBase?

blk_sheep29 karma

There's a Ween news site?!?!

roosterbush24 karma

Hey Claude! Two questions:

Does it benefit you at all when I stream amandla from Amazon music or should I just buy the albums?

Last time ween played asheville a woman got on stage and sang freedom of 76. Who was that?


blk_sheep38 karma

Hello!! Yea I get like .0000000000000001 cents on a stream - so yep, have at it!

The woman who's made two appearances with us in Austin is Sarah Jones! https://www.facebook.com/sarahyjones - As I mentioned down below she literally just asked to sing it - when that happens usually you're pretty safe, the person knows they have the goods. And she's brought the goods, boi....

RabbitFeet2522 karma

What's your favorite Ween song to play live, and what song so you think gets the biggest reaction from the fans?

blk_sheep83 karma

Howdy - hmmmmm that's a troublesome one, the 'my favorite' question, that might the #1 of all time. I'm a songwriter so my favs are the more song-oriented tunes Like She's Your Baby, everything off the country record for instance. For me great songs are more a joy to play drums to vs a tune filled with cerebral craziness. And those songs get the biggest reactions too. When you hear Gener do Birthday Boy by himself, it's worthy of ovation -

Ronwellington22 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA, Claude!

Do you know what your touring plans look like for 2019? Any hope of catching you playing in Louisville with any of your projects? Haven’t seen Ween in these parts for 10 years

blk_sheep33 karma

Welp I believe there's something on the horizon, it's a matter of when really. There's always something on the horizon Ronwellington. You may have to hike that ass over somewheres else tho maybe ATL or Nash

America_Loves19 karma

When playing with Ween and your triggering samples like for Mononucleosis, hand claps in Stallion pt 1, the chimes in Spinal, what kind of sampler/pads are you triggering and what do they go through? Has the setup changes much over the years or has it stayed pretty much the same since you joined?

blk_sheep38 karma

Almost all of the percussion sounds I use come from the Alesis DM5 - this has all of the sounds from the Alesis SR-16 which is THE sound of ween. All the music you've ever heard just about, with that machine. I've added other samples in over the years, psychedelic stuf, other sounds but the majority of sounds is that box -

America_Loves10 karma

Thanks! Are there any odd samples that you trigger off during jams or when a particularly odd version of a song is happening that we don’t know about? Any inside jokes or stories behind the the “psychedelic stuff”?

blk_sheep4 karma

Well as you may be familiar there are moments of musical anarchy in a ween show, so you've got to have a well rounded bunch of fucked up sounds to get down with. You know, you're obligatory helicopters, whale-stomach gurgles and such. But no, nothing secret, or subliminal or on the inside unfortunately. There's room for that, I could incorporate the sounds of diarrhea, for example, an obvious choice, that no one would have any idea of. Good thinking there.

ErichUberSonic19 karma

How would you feel about a Ween festival (Weenstock?), with DWG, GWB, JRAD, Chris Hartford, Amandla, Brand-New Step, EODM etc?

I feel like the Biltmore Estates in Asheville would be a great venue for this.

blk_sheep11 karma

That's a lofty idea that would cost about a billion dollars at Biltmore Estates. There's been previous attempts at similar endeavors, more on the local small-town level. But sure why not -

yes177618 karma

what shoes are you wearing, claude ?

appreciate the sound space project coming to avl

blk_sheep25 karma

Thank you my good man. I wear Frye Engineer boots, same style boots since I was 21. https://www.thefryecompany.com/smith-engineer-d-87077

lich130018 karma

What are your thoughts on modern psychedelic bands like Tame Impala, King Gizzard and Pond?

blk_sheep45 karma

I'm a little late on the draw with those bands, but Tame and Gizzard I'm a little familiar and it's fucking great. I love the flirting back to psychedelia and the sort of repurposing of all the decades. The world needs these sounds and this escapism, and we need more rock and roll dammit

pegdafaggot16 karma

What's the deal with a bra on your head?

blk_sheep39 karma

Sometimes the bra cup is so dang huge - big boobs to me are more of a marvel than anything sexual, I'm just like, 'my god the poor girls' back!' So dunno, seems obvious when you've got a bra cup the size of a skull cap that fits an adult male, you should use it as such -

funknut15 karma

In 1993, at Portland's La Luna, half the audience was on the stage during a long LMLYP jam. My gf baked you guys a massive carrot cake with whole carrots sticking out. You guys piled all the gear and more, nearly reaching the rafters, eventually piling on all the random crap anyone handed them, then Aaron mimed like he was setting fire to it. Is Portland special, or are you guys just generally that awesome? You guys rocked at Edgefield!

blk_sheep14 karma

Aaaah my friend, you caught the historic, rare 'The Pyramid'. So back then to cap off a night of 3 hours on lunacy we started ritualistically stacking our gear on top of each other in a massive, howling and squealing storm of feedback, just anything we could pile up to get it higher. I was renting a Sonor drum kit smashing it every night habitually - the thing was the price of a car. Ah those were the days. Luck you!

Finejake15 karma

Who are some other drummers that have influenced you, and who are some other drummers that you've been watching as they rise in popularity/skill?

blk_sheep25 karma

HMMMMMMMMMMM Elvin, Tony, Stewart, Russ Kunkel, Ringo, Mick Fleetwood, Bob Moses, Max.... I tend to like passionate and hard players, but then I love feel drummers. Mick is in my top 3 and Lindsey Buckingham one of my fav guitarists/songwriters. There are a lot of technically intense players out there but again I fall toward the feel/groove players who you've never heard that live down the street and work at Dollar Central. I'm very non-judgmental about players and I don't think I follow anyone - I'm really disconnected from that whole modality of the drummer-as-brand. Music is bigger than us all I'm extremely selfless about it, whatev.

DumpySupreme14 karma

Did you write put the coke on my dick? How did it come to you singing it?

blk_sheep18 karma

As the story goes there was a painting on the wall down at the beach house house studio used for many records. It looked like it needed to be titled, Put the Coke on My Dick. It was a long day. Mickey had this jam recorded, he was insistent that I write the lyrics and play guitar to it. That was all his idea. I sang it one take on the back porch, on the beach in the dead of winter, then did the guitar. Then I think Mickey and I laughed for like 5 hours straight.

ashevillehydro13 karma

Do you have a favorite Rush album?

blk_sheep26 karma

OMG - have to say 2112. I would listen to that and see movies in my mind!

schnorgal12 karma

When are we going to get '12 More New Golden Country Greats'?

blk_sheep38 karma

Frikin soon I hope! Or a tour. Let's put that out in the universe....

blk_sheep15 karma

Am I still answering these...

Yea wouldn't that be great?

squidmask12 karma

Hi Claude. First time i saw Ween was in Cambridge, MA in in 96 at the Middle East and the last time was this past fall at the Ryman with the Shit Creek Boys. Can you tell us what it was like doing rehearsals with those guys?

blk_sheep23 karma

I've talked about this often. I was a nervous-as-Hell black boy from Newark, NJ going down to Nashville, TN to be in a rehearsal room with a bunch of old-times county masters. I was freaking out! I love real country - to me it's soul music - so I was especially nervous at how they would react to this black from Newark NJ doing 2-step. I just put down the most loveliest grooves I could play, kept it totally linear, soft and right - they loved it! They were cracking jokes in minutes, it sounded amazing, I breathed the deepest sigh. Those guys are amazing people anyway and it would've never been anything but professional and kind with them, but yea I was sweating!

SnackofFruit11 karma

Hey mang!! What’s your personal favorite live show you guys played in 2018? I caught a couple shows, wondering if attended it

blk_sheep24 karma

2 nights at Ryman Auditorium, helloooooooo And the two nights at Red Rocks - The Atlanta shows were fun too - Hey Ya and all

Finejake11 karma

What's your usual thought process behind the kit when you are playing? Is it a focus on locking down the groove, and blocking out what everyone else is doing, or are you more of a 'listen to everybody but yourself and trust that you're playing the right thing' kind of performer?

blk_sheep46 karma

My entire focus, intention, and energy is 100% dedicated to make the song/band/singer sound really good. Really nailing the feel. Being a gorgeous, un-obtrusive template of perfect rhythm to perform with. Then if it's rock I'm kicking you're teeth through the back of your head, it's trench warfare, I'm beating you the hell up behind pushing really hard.

I'm always listening really intently to everyone around me - Gener is the loudest thing in my monitors, way on top, then Deaner cranking, then everything else. I'm underneath all that sound. I'm also thinking way ahead, and have a mental eye/ear on just about every inch of space on the stage. It doesn't look that ! But really its a meditation, even through the laughs and smiles -

bald_sausage10 karma

Hello Mr. Wilson

You mentioned brain injury. What happened? Im glad you're okay though. Thank you for ween.

blk_sheep21 karma

I was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer and shot my car across the median into oncoming 4-lane traffic. I was t-boned, my pelvis was fractured in 6 places the front and back center snapped in opposing directions, I suffered brain injuries and a broken jaw. I was hospitalized for 28 days, wheelchair bound for 4 months, in therapy for the better of a year. I live with residual paralysis like a stroke victim and chronic pain. In a nutshell!

MightyBoognish310 karma

What's your favorite piece of fan-made Ween pins/art/etc that you've received?

blk_sheep14 karma

Yipes. There's only about 700,000,000,000,000,000,000 to choose from in my collection out of the 384,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in existence - you kids have a lot of time - but hmmm. I have only one single pin on my laptop bag that lives with me going everywhere, it's the metal embossed boognish in a heart, with black and sparkly backing.

My other fav ween thing tho is the stallion MANG shirt. Bar none. I lost mine and just purchased the wrong size.

I think at this point we all have an attic full of shit, let's just leave it there -

Curlysnail9 karma

How do I convince my housemates that me getting a drum kit it a great idea and wouldn't annoy them more than my guitars already do?

Thanks for doing this btw, lots of love for Ween from me here in the UK!

BatmanMasterson9 karma

If you buy this one there's no way they could find it annoying: http://claudecolemanjr.com/auctions/product/reunion-kit/

blk_sheep7 karma

ha -

blk_sheep3 karma

Right back at ya with the love you could try electronic kits - the ones with the mesh skins feel pretty fun, you could play with headphones...snicker snicker

Or... you can completely forget the aforementioned because it's a load of hooey and you get yourself a drumkit! It's an acoustic instrument! Sound pushing air!!

I recommend to you, you really be considerate with they space maybe do your playing on their work hours?

Or, go to rehearsal studio with backline, and just go in and do some drumming/practicing even with a band. You have to pay by the hour but dedicating space and time to play.

Maybe a combo of the both?

monfuckingtana4209 karma

I always get so stoked to when a drummer is featured to sing a song such as Put the coke on my dick. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to drum and sing at the same time. Do you have any tips or favorite songs to sing while drumming?

blk_sheep15 karma

I'm such a geek I love this shit. You voice is basically just another appendage, you have to develop the independent coordination for it. For a drummer, it's like another arm coming out of your face. Your instrument is played using independent coordination, so you'll be a little better naturally inclined to pick it up faster. You can get to the point where you're feeling the syncopation of the singing against what you're doing, and it's like playing 1/8's on the ride against kick and snare. Start simple, and like practicing drums, practice each lyric line to your beat over and over to develop the coordination for each line and build the independence -

Goat170389 karma

What is your least favourite Ween song to play live? Which songs do you find most challenging?

blk_sheep44 karma

Hahaha about time someone asked me this, kinda obvious to me. This is going to break a LOT of people's hearts but, Poopship Destroyer. It's a rad and ugly jam which is great when you want to be ugly and rad but for some reason the brow has always been too low for me on that one. It might be borderline stupid - and as you know, there's a fine line between stupid and clever

therealjrjr9 karma

You mentioned drumming as a meditation, do you practice meditation without drums as well?

blk_sheep21 karma

Absolutely, 1000% The title of my previous amandla record The Full Catastrophe is a reference to the teachings of John Kibat-Zinn and his teachings of meditation for healing through trauma. Mini-meditations are great too, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. I am a closet Buddhist.

washuffitzi8 karma

How has Ween's sound changed since Dave joined JRAD?

Does Ween practice together anymore, or do you just get on stage and wing it at this point?

blk_sheep10 karma

Dave picks up any bass playing through any amp in any room and it sounds like Dave Dreiwitz. He's sounded like Dave as long as I've known him. Changed for what-for-who-now? Short answer - nah

We both wing it many times quite obviously, and we also well rehearsed so a little bit of both, a balance.

chubbyfuz8 karma

Do you miss NJ mang? We miss you!

blk_sheep36 karma

No and yea. My life in Asheville is glorious. It's allowed me to live to my purest and truest expression of who I am, I shit you not. We couldn't do what we're doing here anywhere else, with SoundSpace - I'd need 10,000,000 to do this business in Jersey. The music work here, the creativity, the wholistic culture, the mountains, the food, the community... I appreciate NJ more that I come in and out. You grow up in a hustle there that keeps going after you're retired. But I do miss my family of lifelong friends a lot. I want them all to come down here danggit

BatmanMasterson7 karma

I'm a huge Ween fan but I have to ask what's on the horizon for Amandla? I saw you at the Globe in Denver and love all the albums you've released so far. Any new tours or CDs in the works?

blk_sheep23 karma

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - thanks! Welp, I am working on new material; I'm going to put out a box vinyl set of all my records - it seems a lot of folks are still getting introduced to the music. When that happens I'll get out and get busy. Right now the development of this project has really consumed all of time and life. But, on the horizon!!!! and thanks again - it keeps me goin'

andygarciascuzin7 karma

Claude! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

I'm a huge fan. I've met so many amazing people and made lifetime friends all over the country through a shared love of Ween.

The fan community is incredibly close and obsessive to the point of cult-like... and we love it. What is it like to be on the other side of that? Do notice familiar faces in the crowd getting weird show after show, tour after tour?

So much love for ya dude. Fingers crossed for some 2019 dates \m/

blk_sheep11 karma

There's definitely familiars you recognize. Ween tour has had revolving families of traveling fans for as long as I can remember. It used to be quite circus-like, with folks in costume night after night, traveling in pack, kind of like now. Is it weird? No. It makes sense. Folks are coming see Ween wherever it is and for as long as it's here, obviously they really, really like it, these are problems you should want to have!

JLJ667 karma

Is there any chance of Ween coming back to the UK? Around Scotland maybe?

blk_sheep13 karma

Aye mate I certainly hope so my friend. Scottish men hug really hard.

Pandylaninja7 karma

What is your favorite ween album to listen to and what was your favorite ween album you worked on, if they are different?

blk_sheep27 karma

My favorite personally is the Pod. As music is so subjective, my reasons for it being at the top are more to do with my time there at the Pod. And my band before Ween, Skunk(see response somewheres up there) used to work at producer Andrew Weiss' studio, and I will never forget the day they brought the Pod over on tape when they just finished it. Blasting through the studio monitors, the two of them cracking up uncontrollably, just magic! Then another fav is White Album cos that has me on everything, and the band on everything, and the process of making that up in Bearsville before it shut was beautiful. House by a barn studio in the mountains, waking up everyday to record and create. So beautiful!

casualbanter6 karma

Which Ween album do you think has the best message or theme to go along with it?

blk_sheep19 karma

That'd be a great question for G or D but that shit is subjective. I think White Pepper being the standardized sounding Ween record probably has the most obvious themes and messages revolving around love and loss - the others are a crap shoot sonny! I remember one day hanging with G and our dogs talking about a tune, and he was like, 'oh yea, that tune is about God' - and it might've been a tune that sounded like a lawn mower falling down the steps while running. Mickey likes to say Ween is lowbrow, but I think it's lowbrow in the sense that DEVO is devolution - it's genius behind silliness.

Zappamang6 karma

I was at the hey argon ballroom in Chicago for Halloween! How was playing with the costumes on? Also you guys played 30 songs that night I really appreciated filling out the entire set no breaks!

blk_sheep13 karma

Halloween is a terrible time for drummers. There isn't a single comfortable costume that exists, even if it can kind of be played in, we do the requisite 1-2 songs with them on and they come off. Because, it's a hot, dark, unbreathable torture helmet underneath 4 inches of fur covering every breathable inch of your body - see what I'm getting at? Dresses don't work, you're looking at a drummer's junk all night; anything and everything rips, tears, constricts and overheats you.

Playing 30 songs is what we do, been doing this, aint our first rodeo...

Your welcome!

Zobrodome6 karma

Did you write the lyrics to The Final Alarm?

blk_sheep8 karma

I wrote the lyrics in the passenger seat together with Gener driving on route 31N in Hopewell, NJ. I think we hit the Stop & Shop and finished it in the parking lot. It's one single verse is all. Took like 8 minutes. It's a war call, it's the Final Alarm, the call to battle. 'We are the children borne to arms, screaming the final alarm' - it's a living!

MyAppaloosa6 karma

Hey there Claudio! Can you tell us a little bit about the kit you’re auctioning off? I really want to support what you’re doing with SoundSpace, I’m ready to throw down!! The kit is gorgeous and I know it sounds good too. What about it makes it special, besides the obvious? Thanks, mang!!

blk_sheep14 karma

Why thanks for asking! It's a kit that was made for me by Bucks County Drums of acrylic shells and black hardware. I had it made for the 'reunion' shows, and it served me for those up to the reunion of the Shit Creek Boys - it's epic! The shells are acryllics but have a pearl finish - they're slightly deeper than standard depth - the kit itself is a work of art. Then, you've got everyone's autographs on it - Russ Hicks...Bobby Odgen.... the whole Ween crew...it's a first for Ween to have all of these sigs on it, so it's beyond special. http://claudecolemanjr.com/auctions/product/reunion-kit/

America_Loves6 karma

What are your favorite songs to sing? Not just your own songs but songs maybe that you sing lead or background on for Ween or covers that you’ve done?


Are there any songs that you’d love to play with Ween that have never made it to stage or covers you think the band would excel at?

blk_sheep14 karma

I love singing with Aaron, I love blending with him and his sound. His voice is so really beautiful and amazing. I like singing with him on. What Deaner's Talkin, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony. Fun fun fun.

I mentioned a few other Ween tunes I'd like to hear, I'd add Fell In Love Today on top of So Many People - I could play So Many People for a day - and maybe Candi - that'd be real fun

Badphish66 karma

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you while on the road with Ween?

blk_sheep15 karma

There was this one day, we were playing this gig - it was crazy!

4jimmyjames46 karma

Are you big into beer? If so you’re sittin pretty there in Asheville. My wife and I went on a brewery crawl when we visited last fall so many breweries. IF you are- what’s your favorite brewery there? If not, tell me the best spot for food in Asheville, cuz we will be back!

blk_sheep8 karma

Ah, of course you did. Beer city, highest amount of breweries per capita now I believe. Burial is the best smaller breweries, just opened a second location. Highland Brewery; French Broad River Brewing; Wedge Brewery; New Belgium is great too, their tasting room is amazing on the river. Funkatorium by Wicked Weed is popular for sours. There are many more but off the top of my head those -

ChargingIdiot6 karma

hey Claude, whats your opinion on Mac Demarco?

blk_sheep12 karma

Looks interesting, haven't heard him. As I mentioned I'm kind of self-sequestered with work and miss a lot of stuff. I just heard Bahamas, which I'm digging. Very unpretentious and poetic blue-eye soul

MamaPleaseKillAMan5 karma

What was the first Ween reunion rehearsal like? Was that the first time you’d seen Aaron since 2012?

blk_sheep21 karma

Reconnecting to people you've spent nearly 30 years of your life with, it's like family, there is much that needs not spoken, you're just happy to be together. It's all just fine and normal actually. It was an exciting time period firing it all up again, and our shows really showed what that level of rehearsing could do. We practiced a week straight, then the days of each show. We were raging - and IMO we're raging twice as hard currently -

duchessofrogue5 karma

What's been your favorite venue to perform in over the years? It seems like Ween attempts to not revisit the same venues, unless they are special like Red Rocks, Stubbs. I wonder if that's intentional.

blk_sheep6 karma

I like the theaters, the State's and the Ryman's and the Met in Philly and all those beautiful, grand and elegant old houses. Capitol Theatre is really homey and puts you at ease.

mrjammypac5 karma

Hey Claude, is there any truth to the rumor that the Vegas shows at the Brooklyn bowl are going to be released on blu-Ray? Thank you for your music, can’t wait to see you guys in Colorado again🤘

blk_sheep4 karma

I've not heard anything. You ever play a gig with a bowling alley above your head? Something slightly disconcerting about it.

Thatziki5 karma

Heard Gener is a huge Trump fan, can you confirm?

blk_sheep9 karma

I give you the politicians answer, best suited for this - "I can neither confirm or deny the allegations....."

nickguyone5 karma

Claude - just wanted to say I’m a drummer myself and you are a gigantic influence on my playing style. Thank you for doing what you do.

I caught Amandla at a Ween after show earlier this year and saw you guys do a rad cover of Jesus & Tequila. How much of a role did the Minutemen play influencing you as an artist in general? Just curious is all because I’m from San Pedro where they’re from and probably my all time favorite band.

Also - why no shoes when you drum?

blk_sheep13 karma

Why thank you!

O.M.G. The Minutemen.... that was inside of the golden era of indie rock, there will never be another creation, not even close. Never another D Boon, never another Mike Watt, never another George Hurley. People are too hip these days to make really badass political punk rock. They were the most uniquely original thing in the world - and I try to carry over that force of originality for sure. I live to be boundlessly creative, creating between the cracks and that's what the Minutemen represents to me: restlessness, conscientiousness, passion and supreme originality. Plenty to be inspired from, then the tunes are pretty rad too.

LSF6045 karma

Can I play sax for "your party" or clarinet for "dancing in the show" the next time you guys come through town?

What's a deeper cut that a Ween cover band should play?

blk_sheep37 karma

That's two questions, punk -

It's a possibility - in the times folks have sat in with us, they literally just asked to do it. The assumption is, of course, you don't suck.

Big Fat Fuck is a jam that needs to be in every ween cover bands' wheelhouse -

MightyBoognish35 karma

It was an amazing experience seeing you at John and Peter's last month - can you really play any Police song on command?

blk_sheep6 karma

Anyone, anytime, with half of one arm.

Clovis_Winslow5 karma

What’s your favorite venue and/or city you’ve ever played?

blk_sheep15 karma

We played Budapest, Hungary, an outdoor festival on the Danube. We did a cover of Drop the Bomb - for no goddam good reason but seemed to make sense, we were listening to that on the double decker Euro tour bus. Mickey would go 'when I say Buda, you say Pest! Budda!!(buda!) Pest!!(pest!) It was pretty much one of the most ridiculous moments in my life.

Wkaidy10405 karma

Will pollo asado ever get played again? I got worried after Mickey smashed the podium in Vegas. Also would love to see Vallajo make its return

blk_sheep20 karma

Welp fortunately, we don't need the podium really to play the tune. We've done it several times since Vegas I believe. Vallejo - Jesus that's going back - the version off of the double live record from Vegas I'm tripping on Mushrooms - I do a solo that's like 2 days long - later I barely recall the smoke machine inside the bus with us and the Kyuss guys....

LoveLaughGFY5 karma

Do you have a preference in ladies' undergarments to be thrown on stage?

blk_sheep5 karma

The huge bra's are amazing to me - but they seem expensive, I'm not trying to affect anyone's bottom line or anything I mean what are we a $50 ticket too?

BoognishJones5 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for signing my hat via a friend in NC last year!

Also, what kind of sticks do you prefer?

blk_sheep6 karma

You bet!

I use Vater 5b wood tip!

MixGasHaulAss4 karma

What is, in your opinion, the ultimate bread to use on a sandwich?

blk_sheep17 karma

I've been backing away from carbs lately - but sure I'm partial to a nice multigrain or fresh, thick sourdough slices with sammy's - adds good flavor with a marginal amount of Whole Foods in there to not beat myself up over -

StarrCat36084 karma

Claude sir, you're a huge inspiration of mine. I look up to you and enjoy every piece of work you've done. Now I must ask, out of all the tours you've done, what's your favorite tour memory?

blk_sheep11 karma

Why thanks. Well now I've been touring for 30 years, those favorite tour memories are constantly being renewed but I'd say our return back in '16 and standing in the ovation force for 10 minutes or so was definitely a life highlight. Flying kites in a Kansas field; getting pegged with a bloody tampons and quarters to the neck was hilarious too!

solcookie4 karma

What are you currently listening to?

I saw you open (Amandla) for The Dean Ween Group and you were awesome. I hope to see you again soon. Much love from Texas!

blk_sheep4 karma

much love, see below -

sailbrownbay4 karma

What is your all-time favorite book?

blk_sheep16 karma

All-time? Probably A Confederacy of Dunces. Ignatius is my alter-ego.

Catinthebag384 karma

do you like tacos or burritos and do you always ask for a basket cheeps?

blk_sheep20 karma

Both - the bloke who discovered fish tacos should be awarded the medal of honor. No chips - carb central, dude

dirkberkis4 karma

Did ween come from weiner or weinus? Or weening off weinus? Was there a situation?

blk_sheep15 karma

There was a situation... inside of an incident... surrounding an event....

Honestly, I could not verify any grammatical backstory with that. I would guess it's from the verb version - sounds like wean which of course is to suckle a breast.

heyitsbak3s4 karma

Claude, Thank you for everything- I love watching Deaner tear into “I’ll Be Your Jonny on th’ spot” solo, but I know it means a lot of work from your position behind the kit...my question(s) are: what is your favorite as well as what is your least favorite Deaner shredding song to play live? Thank you for always workin hard, rock on dude.

blk_sheep15 karma

Ah Voodoo Lady seems to sometimes have a broken guitar solo alarm clock occasionally, it's like 12 years of a guitar solo. Infants are graduating high school when we finally go back to the last verse.

Everything and all of the above outside of that one is my favorite - Deaner's sort of a God it's amazing to back him the Hell up and I have fun with it all from soft to hard and fast.

Jr_Haxan4 karma

You do great things! More Claude songs at Ween shows please - I love The Final Alarm, but maybe an Amandla cover or whatever... Any cool memories you can share from the mysterious England tour you did with Ween and Kramer from Bongwater, back in 1992?

blk_sheep6 karma

I wrote in detail a journal about that trip, Mickey posts the pdf every now and then. That was when we were The Ween. The Ween was live at Leeds. That tour as amazing as the experience was, was anything but cool! It was immediately then constantly for weeks, a bad trip every step of the way from the moment we landed to the moment we left. But it was amazing. But it was a shit show.

Cognac_and_keif4 karma

Quebec changed my life and is my favorite ween record. What is your favorite ween record?

blk_sheep5 karma

see below - Pod, White Album, Quebec is sort of flawless.

JP094 karma

I lost my spot at the St Augustine show up front because I had to pee right before you guys took the stage. Right after the encore (amazing show by the way!!) you high fived the guy that was in the spot I gave up!! Can I get a rain check on a high five for the future?

blk_sheep6 karma

Sure thing - next time we're down in St Augustine in 18 years I'll look out for ya - -

genbotz4 karma

damn claude, why are you so fucking hot?!

blk_sheep9 karma

Thanks, my girl is hotter though, but - you ask an important question, these are all the mysteries of this wondrous universe, like, why did it take this long for paper towel makers to make the half-sheet rolls?

Shutterbug4 karma

He's a virgo, he just can't help it.

blk_sheep6 karma

Oh and yes Virgo men rule!

ThaGreenGeenius4 karma

Hey, Matt .. do you remember the band The Coup De Grace from the SKUNK days on Twin/Tone? My old man Steve Wresh was the lead guitar player (who passed away 9 years ago) always spoke highly of you fellas. He had a “last American virgin” promo poster that is one of my most prized possessions now.. any fun stories or memories from that era? Keep on rockin’ my friend!

blk_sheep3 karma

I remember Steve Wresh, I remember The Coup and Jimmy. Skunk was prep work for the lunacy that would become my career. Our 1st guitarist was into shitting in curious places - one day on an hours-long drive he shat into a Big Gulp cup, this massive, thick and steaming 11-inch turd sticking out of a 16-ounce cup. The noxiousness of un-submerged shit filling our lungs, making us choke and gag - he was cackling for miles. Another day -

5natchAdam54 karma

Claude, you are an inspiration to me and many others. Last show I saw you play, your blood sprayed the snare red after a solo. Such an incredible show!

What inspired you to get into SoundSpace? Any personal anecdotes that motivated you? How can somebody like me, in MA, get involved?

blk_sheep17 karma

SoundSpace was borne out of necessity. Asheville is a music-dominated town, the fastest growing music town in America presently, but there's not one single place for groups of bands to rehearse. I'm a drummer - so it was immediately an impediment on my workflow and music life cos I can't play where I live. My partner had the same issues. I've rehearsed in Boy Scout camps, churches, storage unit facilities... So the motivation behind it all was self-serving, but we knew that everyone and their mother needs a space to work in, so we went about for the community as a whole. Then we found the historic Rabbit's property, and then the project turned into something else; the development of a community landmark, and became extra-heavy with meaning and purpose. You can get involved by donating if so desired - and/or just following our progress, and sharing the work. http://www.soundspaceavl.com - you can also drop a sedative into the wine glass of a millionaire and introduce him to us!

5natchAdam54 karma

I feel strongly about giving back to a community. There have been so many greats in this world who never would have gotten that shine if it weren't for someone looking out for their tribe.

Thanks for getting back to me. I think you guys need to bring back the Kesey method of crowdfunding and start putting some acid tests together. There's a new breed of young millionaires wanting to be a part of something. Anyways, next time you're touring drums East Coast, I'll be sure to catch the set. Keep on keeping up!

blk_sheep6 karma

A new breed of millionaires eh? Let's hope so. Let's hope they can spare their dresser change for good.

teenagesadist4 karma

Can I come live on your couch in Asheville? It does sound like a rad place to live. I promise to do lots of acid.

That being said, Ween is one of the first bands I remember listening to as a child. You guys kick ass.

blk_sheep16 karma

I have a really nice couch, every time I lay on it to watch a movie I'm out in like 32 seconds. Ok, maybe 43 seconds. Sure c'mon over, me and the girl are watching Walking Dead which might not be good for acid, better bring the Old Crow.

dweebers4 karma

Claude! I’m that dude Deaner wrote a note for to make up an exam after the CO reunion shows. Thank you for all of the music that has helped so many people get through hard times.

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to interacting with fans?

blk_sheep8 karma

Egads. There was this dark trend lasting for a minute with guys offering up their girlfriends to me. I think some dudes think pimping their girl is not only possible, but that I'd be interested in such a thing. I like sex very much - but that's just some uneasy shit.

Number 1 is when people forget their social graces and physically interrupt me talking to someone, or put their faces in-between me and another person, and are just plain fucking rude, disrespectful and agressive. When I'm through town catching up with lifelong friends or family backstage, and these people are very important to me, I'm not trying to get interrupted for you to tell me about how long you've been listening to ween. I'm very chill and fluid with it all cos I'm a chill dude I suppose. But occasionally you literally have to talk a person down therapeutically, like a cop to a jumper on a bridge's edge. You get them relaxed, and ensure them you're aware of them, that you'll acknowledge them in a second, everything's cool, just please relax. The easiest way to approach me is act like a normal human, not by aggression or force.

sidpunk6543 karma

What, in your opinion, is the greatest show ween has ever played?

blk_sheep6 karma

Dang, um gee how does one cherry pick amidst such consistent genius? Maybe I should ask the troller down below.

Honestly an impossible question, but there have been shows we've felt really proud about. As I said below I think the group is firing at all cylinders lately but night III of the 2016 run, it had a certain strength about it for sure. I did a drum solo - I kinda can't stand solos at all I begrudgingly do them, but I actually listened to it for the first time in my entire life - and it actually kinda floored me. We all felt amazing that night.

Colin_Bowell3 karma

Hey, will you bring those Ween boys back to Knoxville TN? We miss you guys.

blk_sheep6 karma

I love Knoxville! I'll do what I can...which is... not really anything at all!

blk_sheep6 karma


My friend - let me explain how this works:

Management: 'We have shows at blah blah blah' CCJ: 'OK'!

That's about as much as I am involved, and/or have any direction or influence into any of those decisions. I do love Knoxville tho! I promise I'll bring amandla through tho! You're my neighbor -

Fapreeka3 karma

Hey Claude. How did you recover so quickly from your car accident? How long did it take until you were back behind the drum set, and did you have any trouble with getting back into your groove?

blk_sheep16 karma

Hello -

I was in therapy for a year straight. For the first 6 months I was 5-days a week at Kessler, all day long, 5 different therapists. I then contracted a trainer outside of this, a phenomenal specialized occupational trainer who worked with trauma victims. So I was in Kessler 5 days a week and 3 of those 5 days, doubling up. So those days I would literally be doing PT for 11 hours or so. I worked with trainer Robert Fieramusco, still in the wheelchair, and worked with him until closing pretty much. It was a full time job, that's all I did, was physical/cognitive therapy, and working with the trainer was what really brought me around. Having numbness on the left side of body has taken a very long to adjust to - when I first started playing I did not understand the depth perception of my arm very well, so I would repeatedly knock it on cymbals, drum rims, everywhere, and I would repeatedly cut it open day after day, blood everywhere, in pools! On top of muscle cramps, charlie horses mid-song, and other bruises. I recently did this in Vermont rather spectacularly and the entire snare was drenched in blood. So it's been very challenging to have that disability, yea. But I get better and better at it, I'm blessed to do it, and I aint gonna stop.

MightyBoognish33 karma

You're the man! Question - would you consider the hot dog to be a sandwich?

blk_sheep8 karma

Yo! Not on it's own no! Sandwich by its definition is also a verb, how can you sandwich something with a hot dog?

You guys are soooo glad to have me here to sort these things all out for you.

Pandylaninja3 karma

Though this is my 2nd question, while you’re still here, i’d like to know if Ween or Ween-connected bands plan to come back to knoxville? I know you guys play Nashville occasionally and I plan to catch one of those shows, but I live in East TN. Thanks!

blk_sheep7 karma

My friend - let me explain how this works:

Management: 'We have shows at blah blah blah' CCJ: 'OK'!

That's about as much as I am involved, and/or have any direction or influence into any of those decisions. I do love Knoxville tho!

I promise I'll bring amandla through tho! You're my neighbor -

sailbrownbay3 karma

Are you more of a dog person or cat person?

blk_sheep4 karma

Cats bigtime. I love dogs very much as well, but cats I bond with in special ways.

arejay22223 karma

After your accident, did you have any issues with hearing & balance? And did it change your approach to playing (earplugs / monitoring setups).

blk_sheep6 karma

I responded below - it most certainly did I do not have topical sensation on the entire left side of my body - it's numb - so initially my depth perception was terrible and I was blowing my knuckles up every gig. You can read below, if you can find it, lots of firkin questions here -

Meme-Patrol3 karma

Hey Claude. Thanks for doing this Ama. My buddies and I were all excited to ask you questions. :)

My question is this: would you consider "Craters of the Sac" to be an official Ween album? Like, in the same vain as something like "Chocolate and Cheese" or "Quebec." I've never been able to get a definitive answer on whether or not it is. Thanks in advance!

blk_sheep7 karma

Howdy -

I would most certainly consider that an official ween album, along with their early tapes. You could print them each on an 'album' and you would buy this 'album' calling it a 'record' as you placed it on your turntable and your buddies passed the bong. Trust me on this.

Bayousbest3 karma

Thanks for the music! I flew from Louisiana to red rocks this summer and to philly for the year end run. Is there any reason yall havent played New Orleans since the reunion?

blk_sheep8 karma

The devil shops for souls there for starters. Can't really speculate, maybe it'll get figured out -

elderassassin25803 karma

First question what are some of your favorite rarities, and why don’t you play them more?

I have a second question, but I’m not sure if it’s really appropriate to ask, so just feel free to not answer it right: With everything that’s happening with Deaner right now, is Ween going to continue, or be put on the backburner?

blk_sheep14 karma

1st question - I've listed some favorites below, but some Ween songs are very difficult to recreate in a live setting, so they're avoided. Little by little, one by one, we introduce new-old rarieties but one at a time and a bit slowly because they take a minute to work into the set.

2nd question - It's appropriate and very human, to be concerned, which is at the core of your question so no worries. All I can say is, I would've thought those were serious concerns years ago, back in the day, whether Ween continues and so on. At this point, regardless of whatever you hear, I think everyone can pretty much expect Ween to be around in some shape and capacity as long people are alive. But - we have to keep alive don't we!

Skateplatypus3 karma

What was the first band you ever played in?

blk_sheep5 karma

In high school I was in marching band, concert band, orchestra, and jazz band and was in a couple cover bands but one band that did the party circuit with No Fault. We did Generation X, Psychedelic Furs, Sex Pistols, Cure, The Police, Squeeze, Cars. I was forever enchanted with the drunkeness involved and the inability to earn any money!

Boppyeric3 karma

If you had to choose between no food or no music for a week, which would it be and why?

blk_sheep12 karma

I think you can fast for about a month before you'd starve and literally die - I'd kick the bucket if two hours passes and I don't hear music! Oh I didn't add why. Well, because music is food, quite simply Isn't it.

bald_sausage3 karma

Im coming back for a second question. What song do you wish you could play but never get a chance to?

blk_sheep22 karma

I'm a DEVO head and So Many People In the Neighborhood I've longed to play forever !

weenredditposter2 karma

Will the kitchen be open to the public?

blk_sheep7 karma

Of course - it's going to be late night too!

LeCarlton1 karma

Have you heard The Crucial Squeegie Lip before? It was one of Ween's first releases

blk_sheep11 karma

I most certainly have my friend. The fetal years