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Have you even answered one question?

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If they want to generate traffic, they should answer some in this post and then answer other questions in depth on Youtube, especially ones that would benefit from visuals or storytelling.

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Claude, you are an inspiration to me and many others. Last show I saw you play, your blood sprayed the snare red after a solo. Such an incredible show!

What inspired you to get into SoundSpace? Any personal anecdotes that motivated you? How can somebody like me, in MA, get involved?

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I feel strongly about giving back to a community. There have been so many greats in this world who never would have gotten that shine if it weren't for someone looking out for their tribe.

Thanks for getting back to me. I think you guys need to bring back the Kesey method of crowdfunding and start putting some acid tests together. There's a new breed of young millionaires wanting to be a part of something. Anyways, next time you're touring drums East Coast, I'll be sure to catch the set. Keep on keeping up!

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Mang, I hope you get closure!