Claude Coleman Jr

is the former drummer for the alternative rock group Ween. He has also worked with Eagles of Death Metal, Chocolate Genius, Elysian Fields and currently 3 Input Woman.

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Hi Asa - you're very welcome. I don't think it's any kind of secret how things transpired when Aaron broke the band up. Every one understood the motivation behind the decision, but yea, the way it went down was tad bit abrupt and with little warning. It was like, your wife/husband deciding to break up with you on tv, and your phone blowing up for hours on end with your friends directing you to your husband/wife's interview where she/he is explaining to someone that they're no longer your partner, then by the end of the day, it's on The following day you're looking at a timeline of your 25 year career - it was a bit surreal, a bit harsh, but everyone understands his decisions, and I along with everyone wishes the best for him. Ultimately it was a catalyst for some needed change of direction in my life.

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Alrighty then - let's do this!

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Josh Homme is obviously a brilliant fucking dude and a pal and the internet is no place to slander a friend - even if he were a dick. Plus the dude is the size of fucking Ohio and would knock a dude out from here to Saturn. I hope he's not coming for you right now.

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Living with brain injuries is a silent torment. I appear to be fine, but I live with chronic, at times debilitating pain that hasn't left in 12 years. The entire left side of my body is numb with affected sensation; in cooler weather it's always freezing, and warmer temperatures that side sweats constantly, and I have about 13% paralysis along the left side. So with that, my spacial relationship to the drumkit is really challenged. Until I acclimated to the loss of sensation and the paralysis, for several years I would routinely smash the living shit out of my l left hand, just about everywhere on the kit, from mis-judging distances. My body would cramp up horribly, I'd walk off a gig limping like I fell from a plane with no parachute.

I've learned to work through it all - I have to warm up now to get the brain connections strong, and to loosen the paralysis a bit. I've learned to use my eyes a bit more with playing rather than with a feeling that isn't really there. And I've moving things closer in to my body. I do yoga, and get massages frequently.

Drumming became very second nature to me, now it's more like third nature - it's still natural to a degree, but I do have to put a little more thought into it. The best approach to it I've found, is to not even think about it, and just play, play, play.

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Awwww that's such a beautiful story, I would've done the same. You were six years old?? Shit, I'm an old coot. But I love the stories about generosity, love and decent compassion within the insanity of the shows. You don't have to be an asshole to be punk rock.

Um, thanks for the compliment on my positivity - I'm a black man but I can still blush.

I read a lot of Buddhist writings, particularly of the teacher Pema Chodron. In her writings I've found amazing tools and lessons for helping to keep you fluid, rolling with the shit that life throws at your head. It's I guess a matter of acceptance of that stuff at the same time not allowing it to become a hinderance to the open-ness that I believe is in everyone's heart. I'm a very strong believer in you get what you give, and you are awarded with your hopes and dreams if you have unending gratitude and compassion for everything around you. It's pretty simple. Plus I thoroughly enjoy being sweet, decent and fucking kind. That accident wasn't negative - it was one of the greatest gifts I could have every received.

You are most welcome - best of luck with you and yer pops' band!

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I honestly can't speak for their relationship. Bands are like polygamy - almost literally so. Sometimes break-ups need a cool down period. Sometimes they regain companionship - sometimes they're enemies until the end of time.

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Well that's two questions in one! I have too many stories competing for the top spot. Mickey's memory is better than mine. I like the stories involving him, and wrecking cars in the woods, deserting them and running home with sirens blaring across the Delaware valley and having cops show up at his house to chew him out for an hour threatening arrest - then telling how much they love Chocolate & Cheese and letting him off! There's like a dozen of those - dude has a rock guardian angel over him.

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Wow missed this one, apologies! Great story! I vaguely recall that, cos' I was tanked too! You welcome! Glad you found me

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I'm crash - landed back in Austin area. Whilst I crack open another frosty beverage and delve back into the hundreds of questions here, I would like to first address this issue my seeking funding through crowd-sourcing means.

There is a lot of misinformation and a lot of presumptuous hubris regarding a subject matter that none of the people questioning the matter seem to have any experience with. I understand some are simply curious which is totally fine, but with a few others, frankly, it's comes off as insulting and a shortcut to thinking.

As I addressed in this post - - I am a independent, contracted musician, paid by incident, by the gig, by the tour, by the whatever. If there is no incident, there is no income. Ween's last work was New Year's Eve, 2011. My last work with EoDM was one gig a month ago. Wow, I really must be rolling in it, huh.

I am familiar with many very, very famous musicians in NY, who are similarly struggling, working the door at clubs, supplementing their lives with whatever they can because they don't have enough gigs and the work is not steady. I delivered flowers this past Valentine's day. Picture that.

Notoriety does not equate to wealth - just because your girlfriend knows I'm the drummer in her favorite band, just because I play on big stages...this this does not automatically translate into a viable, sustainable income and a fantasy super-rich lifestyle. It's fragile, short-lived work that at the end of the day struggles to cover a quarter of a person's average expenses for a month of living.

Independently contracted musicians are on a completely different economic structure system than songwriters. They're not on the record contracts. They don't receive publishing income; the mechanical royalties received on the work they do is a trickle from a flaccid penis.

Currently, I live out of my car, sleeping in a studio control room in a friends home, with no consistent income to speak of, hustling around as I work on other people's music. I have no complaints at all - I have the wealth of strong spirit and beautiful people in my life. But this is my realty until I get grounded once again after which, I won't be asking for donations - I didn't for the first two records I made. But this idea of me needing to sustain some kind of 'lifestyle' that I'm now accustomed to from my years of rock stardom is truly, truly absurd.

I acquired a home only through a near-death car accident rendering me in lifelong chronic pain that I'm now going to lose from divorce and a loss of my work with Ween, because I cannot afford to live in it; it faces foreclosure if it's not sold. It is only because I am so in the red and in arrears with everything and everyone that I'm seeking help to make this record at all, the first time I've ever done so - my first two records were paid for my own money. I'm unsigned, unrepresented, and self-funded.

If someone really wants, I can support this argument with tax returns, with contacts of friends who've loaned me cash to get heating oil; to put gas in my car to get me to my carpentry gig. Whatever you need to put this issue to bed already.

I'm doing this AMA to promote my efforts to make a record, to meet the fans I've played to for over 20 years, in order to help me make more music. I have tremendous love for the people who show me love, even for those who are blindly ignorant to the realities of a life of musicianship. But please take your ignorance of the subject elsewhere so I can focus on connecting with these people that matter to me most, or please try and digest what I'm saying and stop bringing it up. It's distracting to the fun being had here.

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The final master?? Well, I'm doing all the instruments mostly, engineering mostly as well...I'll probably in the mixing sessions, as well as the mastering sessions. I was for the first two.

Yea, dynamics is being assaulted - music sounds bloody atrocious to my ears. I have no interest in assuming anything that sounds like that crap. I like breath, space, emotion - all the elements that accompany real sounds, and real music. Put on the recording of Heart of Gold or something - it's like that shit never happened or something!

Yes, the obligatory funny ween tour story question - I get it! Someplace in Canada I think, our FOH got a bag of chronic brownies one night. I had gotten a nice sack of some stickie ickie myself. After smoking a number the band settled to the back of the tour bus, to watch a movie - 2001 A Space Odyessy. Everyone was in the dark. I was feeling pretty cool, so I decided to wolf a chronic brownie as well.