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America_Loves19 karma

When playing with Ween and your triggering samples like for Mononucleosis, hand claps in Stallion pt 1, the chimes in Spinal, what kind of sampler/pads are you triggering and what do they go through? Has the setup changes much over the years or has it stayed pretty much the same since you joined?

America_Loves10 karma

Thanks! Are there any odd samples that you trigger off during jams or when a particularly odd version of a song is happening that we don’t know about? Any inside jokes or stories behind the the “psychedelic stuff”?

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What are your favorite songs to sing? Not just your own songs but songs maybe that you sing lead or background on for Ween or covers that you’ve done?


Are there any songs that you’d love to play with Ween that have never made it to stage or covers you think the band would excel at?