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teenagesadist3610 karma

I honestly haven't really given a shit about IAmA since she was fired.

Not out of spite, there's just no interest. Its like its spirit died.

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I can't believe that, because you just said two sentences and didn't incriminate your client even once.

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Do you make it known that you're capable of hearing beforehand, or only if people ask?

If other students realize you can hear, how do they react?

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"Hmm. I'm a bit chubby. Think I'll take a walk across the country to do away with that."

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It's a wonderful idea. People of all sorts love sleep, but hate the idea of death. To me, they're one and the same. The universe has existed for billions of years without me, why should I fear the idea of it existing for many more billions without me?

I don't have any right to expect more after what is already an amazing gift.