Hi, I'm Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan and I've been a Chaser on the ITV show The Chase since September 2015.

With a regular audience of over 4 million, The Chase is currently one of the most successful British television quiz shows on ITV. The show is a very popular franchise, with regional versions in Australia, China, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and the United States.

On The Chase, four contestants individually attempt to amass as much money as possible, which is later added to a prize fund if the contestant survives their individual chase. The Chaser must attempt to catch each contestant during their individual chase, eliminating that person from the game and preventing the money from being added to the collective prize fund.

Later, in the final round, contestants who survived their individual chases play collectively as a team against the chaser for an equal share of the prize fund.

I've got many passions but quizzing is my life. I'm mainly here to discuss life as a Chaser but feel free to ask me anything.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/BPRibhD

UPDATE: That's it from me! Thank you to all of those who took part - I've really enjoyed answering your questions :)

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Hassaan1830 karma

Hi Jenny! Love the show.

I'm one of the moderators for the Reddit community for The Chase at /r/TheChase. It has been going for about a year and is relatively small but we'd love it to become a great community for fans of The Chase.

It'd also be great if you could join us on there from time to time! My questions:

  1. Of all the Final Chases you've done, which one stands out for you?

  2. What makes a great quizzer?

Jen_TheVixen30 karma

Hi Hassaan!

  1. The first time I played for £100,000 was a huge milestone - it was against a solo player and it wasn't a huge target but it was quite intimidating!
  2. Quizzers are people who have a natural curiosity about the world, and are always seeking more information about everything. We're like overgrown toddlers who are always asking 'Why? Where? When?'

wknoxwalker20 karma

How do you keep up to date on your quiz knowledge? The amount of 'stuff' you need to know is staggering - do you have to train constantly to keep up to date on things?

Jen_TheVixen32 karma

Every day is a school day, and information comes in from everywhere. Even a trip on the tube or bus is educational, as there are all those posters for the latest films, albums, TV shows, theatre productions... Personally, I follow lots of news and entertainment accounts on Twitter, and and try to read as many articles as I can. Wikipedia is always open in another tab to keep reading around the subject at hand. Sometimes the key is to know what to learn (predicting questions!) and what *not* to learn - I mean, I'm likely to be asked about characters in Corrie but not so likely to be asked about Lithuanian politics...

james218319 karma

Hi Jenny, love the show! 2 questions -

1) What's your favourite quiz show of all time?

2) If you were a contestant on The Chase, which fellow Chaser would you least like to face in the final chase?

Jen_TheVixen33 karma

  1. The Chase, obviousl.... right, they aren't looking, so I'm gonna say Going For Gold.

  2. I think Paul would give me the most trouble, although I think I would punish any of them on the pushbacks on soaps, TV, film etc.

TOMMEAD198714 karma

Fellow Leeds Uni graduate here. Besides appearing on University Challenge, what are your best memories of Leeds (quizzing or otherwise)? FAB Cafe Quiz on Sundays was my favourite one to do

Jen_TheVixen17 karma

Hi Tom!
Probably the most vivid memories of most Leeds students (or lack of memories!) are of attempting the Otley Run, especially in fancy dress! If you can believe it I once had short dark hair so I went as Harry Potter :) I have family in Headingley too so I like to visit often, great city!

r__s__j14 karma

Hey Jenny!

Love the Chase. How competitive is it between the chasers? Do you keep tabs on who has won and lost the most games?

Jen_TheVixen34 karma

We are competitive insomuch as we want our collective record to be great... Mark is our stats man and he keeps a huge spreadsheet with all our facts and figures on, so we can see who has the best win rate, the fastest, the highest targets etc. We play as a team and we try to support each other as best we can.


has bradley ever corpsed so badly that its been cut? also how much fun is it to try and make him laugh?

Jen_TheVixen18 karma

All the time :) That's why our recordings sometimes overrun! You can often tell when a question comes up that it's going to make him laugh - I try to avoid eye contact or I'll go too!

DanTheStripe11 karma

Hello Jenny!

When you started to pick up a passion in quizzing, were there certain things you learned before others?

For example, monarchs always seem to come up in game show questions, similar to the scoring of Scrabble letters. Did you just know these things naturally or did you sit down one day and tell yourself "right, today I'm going to learn X and tomorrow Y"?

Keep doing Bolton proud, we love watching your episodes!

Jen_TheVixen16 karma

There are some things which just stick in your mind - things you are passionate about, for instance - but others do need to be worked at. Monarchs is a good example - I made myself a timeline and posted them around my living room, so I know that the Plantagenets are by the door and the Tudors become the Stuarts in the corner by the wireless router! The kind of thing you have to do if you want to quiz seriously.

bessymoo9 karma

Hi Jenny, love the chase!

How did you get the nickname, 'The Vixen'? Was it your choice or assigned to you by the show?

Jen_TheVixen23 karma

As a matter of fact, it was Bradley Walsh! It came to him in a flash of inspiration when he saw my ponytail for the first time! The producers loved it as vixens are notoriously clever and cunning.

SpiritofAce9 karma

Hi Jenny, favourite chaser of course being a gamer as well!

1) Any idea when the new episodes of Family Chase will be aired?

2) Have you ever played Minecraft?

3) Do you have a Nintendo Switch?

Gaming themed questions, sorry :P Thanks!

Jen_TheVixen12 karma

  1. Afraid that information isn't shared with me!
  2. I'd love to but I know it would be a time sink! I have watched plenty of Minecraft videos though - love the Yogscast Minecraft series!
  3. Not yet...

yofamyofam9 karma

Hi Jenny! Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into quizzing? I feel like my Asperger's could put me at an advantage.

Also, why is The Chase like ten times better than Tipping Point?

Jen_TheVixen12 karma

Be interested in and curious about everything! Think about the kind of quizzing you want to get into - maybe get a few past papers from Quizzing Grands Prix, World and European Championships, Hot 100, see how you would fare. Work out where your weak areas are and work at them in whatever way your brain best takes in information. For instance my memory is more multi-sensory/situational, whilst others can learn from reading lists. Keep watching all the quizzes you can, and get down to the pub quiz or local quiz league.

fantacherry9 karma

Hi Jenny! I’m a big fan of the Chase. 2 questions; How many episodes do you normally film in a day? Are all of the Chasers in the studio together?

Jen_TheVixen24 karma

We record 3 episodes a day, with a different Chaser for each, so we'll often have three Chasers in the canteen for lunch! We're actually quite rarely all together, though we have our own Facebook Messenger group and chat all the time.

tmillsy988 karma

Hi Jenny, when you first started on the show, your win rate was the weakest of the chasers. Now it's the strongest. What has caused that massive improvement? Just getting more comfortable with the nature of the job, or did you work extra hard to improve your quizzing after your first series?

Jen_TheVixen8 karma

You've nailed it I think. Partly it was getting relaxed into the role, and part of it was having the time and focus to work hard on my weaker areas. I'm very focused on my Chase quizzing skills, which is a slightly different skillbase to other types of quizzing.

AlkalineDuck7 karma

Do you ever feel bad for taking the contestants' money? Also, what's your favourite quiz show other than The Chase?

Jen_TheVixen11 karma

I'm not taking anyone's money! I'm protecting the show's money... and that's all hypothetical anyway until the team manage to beat me. I rarely feel bad as I am doing my job, that's what I was hired for :)

supershaunOH736 karma

Hi Jenny! I've always wondered, what's behind the other side of the head-to-head board they we can't see? Is that where they keep Bradley in between takes?

Jen_TheVixen17 karma

Yes, that's Bradley's den! He has a little seat and table there, to stash his water, coffee and a book in case we have a technical delay.

prole_doorstep6 karma

How much longer does it take to film an episode of The Chase end to end than the 45 minutes of it we see on the telly?

Jen_TheVixen12 karma

It will usually take about 2 hours top to bottom to tape an episode.

tmillsy986 karma

Hi Jenny, have you ever been part of a final chase that was so close they had to stop and check whether you'd got your final answer in in time?

Jen_TheVixen5 karma

Yes, there are a few very close ones! Thankfully we have the independent adjudicator in studio to make the ultimate call - it's a horrible feeling to be sitting there waiting for the decision, though :(

ShampooandCondition5 karma

What’s your favourite pub in Bolton?

Jen_TheVixen8 karma

Ye Olde Man and Scythe - one of the oldest pubs in the country, so it's like a history lesson going in there!

Old-Blighty5 karma

Hi Jen

Red or brown sauce?

Jen_TheVixen6 karma

Usually red. Depends on the item being sauced. Sausage butty = red. Bacon butty = depends on mood.

mrjohnnymac185 karma

Hi Jenny!

If you went on WWTBAM or Pointless Celebrities, which Chaser would you like to accompany you?

Jen_TheVixen10 karma

Good question! I'd have Anne as my Phone a Friend on WWTBAM, and Paul as my Pointless friend.

tmillsy985 karma

Hi Jenny, do you have a most memorable final chase? Maybe catching 24 while defending £100,000? Or are the ones where it goes to the final few seconds more likely to stick?

Jen_TheVixen11 karma

That's probably my top Final Chase! The team set an amazing 24, especially the young quizzer Charlie (former University Challenge contestant) and I managed to catch them with 14 seconds remaining. Even I was shocked! 24 is usually more than enough but unluckily for the team I went on to a higher plane of speed quizzing...

XanderGrogan5 karma

Hey Jenny. Massive fan of the Chase and everything. My question is, as you're the latest chaser on the show, would you consider going on other quiz shows to build up your game show history like as Shaun has been on Weakest Link before and Mark on Millionaire? Thanks Xander

Jen_TheVixen7 karma

I've actually been on more quiz shows than either of those guys!

ghostmoon5 karma

Hi Jenny! Thanks for doing this.

Where do the Chasers wait while the contestants do their bits? Is it just the other side of the bridge, down some stairs, or is it another dimension entirely? I ask this because even though I've been on the show myself, I'm still none the wiser! Thanks.

Jen_TheVixen7 karma

Yep, at the bottom of the steps up to the bridge is 'Chaser Corner' where we sit ready to pounce :)

jack0rias4 karma

Do you ever fancy doing anything like I'm a Celeb or going on 8/10 Cats?

What's your favourite book?

Jen_TheVixen9 karma

Good Omens is probably my favourite book of all time - I re-read it at least once a year.

Jen_TheVixen5 karma

I'm a bit too afraid of snakes and spiders for the Jungle! But Cats does Countdown would be fun - I'd have to keep up with those quick-witted comedians, though.

SecretSquirrel-884 karma

Have you ever seen any contestants fight/argue?

Jen_TheVixen11 karma

This happens in the Family shows quite a bit - they all know each other so well it turns to bickering, but all in good spirits.

TheChrisD4 karma

Are you going to stream more Lego games on Twitch soon? 😝

Jen_TheVixen6 karma

I hope to! I've been super busy for the last few months with The Chase then panto, but aiming to get back into it in the next month.

Nacho363 karma

Who chose the name Vixen for you?

Jen_TheVixen4 karma

Hi! Thank you for your question. This was answered elsewhere on the thread :)

DaveRainford3 karma

Hi Jenny. Brilliant to see you doing well. Are you going to follow Shaun in writing a book?

Jen_TheVixen4 karma

I'd love to get a book out there one day. Probably not an autobiography like Shaun though - my life has been too boring I'm afraid!

TheThirdLugia3 karma

Hello Jenny! I am an absolute fan of The Chase.

What are some of the best moments in your quizzing career? Also, what other quiz shows would you consider participating in when you have the time?

Jen_TheVixen4 karma

I loved my quiz show debut on University Challenge, and my career highlight pre-Chase was probably winning series 3 of Only Connect with the Gamblers.

I'd still like to do Pointless...

Ooooood3 karma

Have any of the other chasers experienced a pasty barm? And did they go brown or red?

Jen_TheVixen3 karma

Despite being from Bolton I've never eaten a pasty barm! Carb overload! Though I'd go red if I did.

pacdude3 karma

Do you think a localized version of Jeopardy! would work on UK television today? Why or why not?

Jen_TheVixen6 karma

I'd love it if they tried it over here again, as I think it's such a fun and classy format. I think it is due another attempt, if one of the networks would take a chance (I'd be happy to host!)

jammingpearl3 karma

Hi Jenny,

What did you do for New Years? I think I saw you were in Panto this year?

Jen_TheVixen3 karma

I was in panto in Rochdale but we had our last show on New Year's Eve, so I spent it at a house party with a Fairy, a Dame and a Prince!

RS20192 karma

Evening Jen! Just a couple of quick ones - Who's your favourite Wanderers player, and who do you wish you could have seen live?

All the best for the future! Ricky❤️

Jen_TheVixen2 karma

I loved the glory days of Super John McGinlay, Andy Walker, David Lee... wish I could have seen Nat Lofthouse in his pomp, though.

KingArgazdan2 karma

Do you ever watch foreign versions of the show and if you do, how do you feel about those?

Also, how do you feel about the World Quizzing championship, and do you think it's too focused on British culture? Winners are almost always English, I want to participate for the first time this year but that is kind of discouraging, I'm obviously not looking to win haha , I'm pretty new to the quizzing world and while I have won on the Serbian version of "The Chase" with a pretty good result I am ways of from the best in the country, and only our top quizzer reached the World top 100 last year.

Jen_TheVixen3 karma

I have watched international versions on YouTube, I love that the format has spread worldwide!

Have a look at past papers for the Worlds and European Quizzing Championships - I think you will be surprised by how international the questions are.