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We are competitive insomuch as we want our collective record to be great... Mark is our stats man and he keeps a huge spreadsheet with all our facts and figures on, so we can see who has the best win rate, the fastest, the highest targets etc. We play as a team and we try to support each other as best we can.

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  1. The Chase, obviousl.... right, they aren't looking, so I'm gonna say Going For Gold.

  2. I think Paul would give me the most trouble, although I think I would punish any of them on the pushbacks on soaps, TV, film etc.

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Every day is a school day, and information comes in from everywhere. Even a trip on the tube or bus is educational, as there are all those posters for the latest films, albums, TV shows, theatre productions... Personally, I follow lots of news and entertainment accounts on Twitter, and and try to read as many articles as I can. Wikipedia is always open in another tab to keep reading around the subject at hand. Sometimes the key is to know what to learn (predicting questions!) and what *not* to learn - I mean, I'm likely to be asked about characters in Corrie but not so likely to be asked about Lithuanian politics...

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Hi Hassaan!

  1. The first time I played for £100,000 was a huge milestone - it was against a solo player and it wasn't a huge target but it was quite intimidating!
  2. Quizzers are people who have a natural curiosity about the world, and are always seeking more information about everything. We're like overgrown toddlers who are always asking 'Why? Where? When?'

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We record 3 episodes a day, with a different Chaser for each, so we'll often have three Chasers in the canteen for lunch! We're actually quite rarely all together, though we have our own Facebook Messenger group and chat all the time.