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How can you possibly justify the admission costs? Stonehenge is an incredibly important site historically and it is natural that costs are incurred in looking after it for posterity and staffing the site. But the entrance fees are astronomical for the experience. It comes across as a huge honeytrap for tourists rather than something actually significant.

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The fact is that a lot of people are put off seeing perhaps one of the most historically important sites in the country due to the cost. If you've got a family you're looking at over £50 to see something that will take a couple of hours, tops. It's punishingly expensive.

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Hey man, thanks for doing this. I am so sorry that you had to go through what you did, and massive respect to you for the great work you're now doing.

My question to you is this: for you, what's the best way for us as LGBT people to achieve tolerance? Is it simply by being who we are and staying quiet about our sexuality unless it's relevant to the situation we're in? Or do you think we need to make noise and challenge preconceptions if we're to get anywhere?

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Hi Jenny! Thanks for doing this.

Where do the Chasers wait while the contestants do their bits? Is it just the other side of the bridge, down some stairs, or is it another dimension entirely? I ask this because even though I've been on the show myself, I'm still none the wiser! Thanks.

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Thank you! I can sleep a little easier now :-)