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Hi Jenny, when you first started on the show, your win rate was the weakest of the chasers. Now it's the strongest. What has caused that massive improvement? Just getting more comfortable with the nature of the job, or did you work extra hard to improve your quizzing after your first series?

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Hi Jenny, have you ever been part of a final chase that was so close they had to stop and check whether you'd got your final answer in in time?

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Hi Jenny, do you have a most memorable final chase? Maybe catching 24 while defending £100,000? Or are the ones where it goes to the final few seconds more likely to stick?

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Hi Jenny, why do you think it is that celebrity teams have a better overall win percentage than the daytime teams? The questions do seem slightly easier on the celeb shows, but that should benefit the chasers too. Could it be that the questions are slightly more suited to non-quizzers than on the regular show (e.g. more pop culture, more TV questions)?