Hello! We are Dan, James, Anna and Andy, the hosts of No Such Thing As A Fish, a podcast in which we talk about our favourite interesting facts. Ask us anything!

Our latest book, The Book of The Year 2018, the definitive guide to the world's weirdest news, is available to buy now! Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Year-2018-Definitive-Weirdest/dp/1847948391/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1533909457&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=no+such+thing+as+a+fish+book+o+the+year

This week's episode of the podcast features Stephen Fry - listen here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/episode-244-no-such-thing-as-a-fishman/id840986946?i=1000424432627&mt=2




***UPDATE @7PM***

Hey all, thanks so much for joining us for that AMA - check out this week's ep, STEPHEN FRY is our guest!!!

Also, if you are able to, get our book, it's packed with incredible facts from the year you probably missed. Like the fact that...

· NASA sent a man with a fear of heights to the International Space Station.

· An ice hotel in Canada caught fire.

· Mark Zuckerberg’s private data was compromised while he was talking to Congress about compromised data. and thousands more.. available here :


(and other places)

Okay, that's it, that's all of our answers, we'll see you Redditors again next time, goodbye!

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askem87295 karma

@James - as the editor of the podcast, do you find that you edit yourself to be more quick-witted and articulate?

nosuchthingasafish_450 karma

Which one of the other three of you is this? ...the answer is obviously yes


StuieBuck281 karma


Hey guys, just a quick message to say: "How did you first get into working for QI?"


nosuchthingasafish_280 karma

Andy came from Asgard. James is a multi billionaire engineer and arms dealer. Anna is a Russian spy who defected in the early 00’s. Dan goes green when he gets angry. No, hang on, that’s the avengers.

Santafio230 karma

How do you "script" each episode? Everyone just finds their facts, research them on their own, then hit record and go or is it more involved than that?

nosuchthingasafish_395 karma

Yup, that's it. We send each other the headline facts, and then all disappear to research those facts. We never tell each other what we've found so the conversation is genuine.

WiseOctopus158 karma

I think everyone who watches QI has had the experience of telling someone an interesting fact, only to be told 'Yeah, I watched QI too.'

Have you ever had anyone tell one of your own facts back to you, either from QI or from the podcast?

nosuchthingasafish_183 karma

Sometimes. But it’s much worse telling a fact then realising halfway through you can’t remember the second half of it...

deku12345150 karma

Is it REALLY in no particular order?

nosuchthingasafish_195 karma

It’s according to the ancient Babylonian calendar. We’re trying to fulfil the prophecy and end the world.

aaharapraharasamhara140 karma

Why is Anna not on Twitter?

nosuchthingasafish_284 karma

Because it would ruin a 5 year long running gag. She's actually dying to get on it. We won't let her though. DS

WinBear85 karma

I think it be even funnier just to say @ Ptaszynski without spelling it for listeners

PorcupineTongue97 karma


Wow. I was waaaaay off. I always thought, based on how Dan says it, that it would be something like "Czesynski".

Wilda66658 karma

That's because Dan always says it wrong :)

nosuchthingasafish_178 karma

SHE NEVER TOLD ME I WAS SAYING IT WRONG!!! Who let's someone say their name wrong for a year before telling them. Same thing with Covent Garden.

tardistakemeaway122 karma

Hello, Thanks for your work, I'm a big fan! Do you think you'll come to America for a tour soon?

nosuchthingasafish_256 karma

We would LOVE to come to America and may (or may not - got to keep people guessing) have tentative plans to do so next year. But in case that's true, can you please promise to drum up enough support for us there so that we don't play to a bunch of empty theatres? Much obliged. AP

segrasso96 karma

What is the drunkest you've ever been in work?

nosuchthingasafish_252 karma

anna and i downed a pint of processco just before going on stage, because my fact was about how Charles Dickens used to down a pint of champagne before performing. DS

risco8948 karma

Any excuse

bolicsteroids28 karma

I'd pay double to watch this!

nosuchthingasafish_54 karma

We'll film it next time. DS

Santafio91 karma

What do they say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is?

nosuchthingasafish_85 karma


WiseOctopus90 karma

At a rate of 4 facts a week every week, are you ever worried you'll run out of facts?

Do you have a backup plan in case of an unexpected fact shortage?

nosuchthingasafish_203 karma

4 facts a week?? Mate, we tell you way more than that. It's four headline facts, but dozens more on top of that, dontcha know - so yes, of course, we expect to run out any day now. However, we've borrowed that memory wipey thing off Will Smith in Men In Black and we plan to use it on the entire world as soon as we do run out, then go back and reuse all our old material again, for you all to be freshly amazed. This is actually the fourth or fifth time we've wiped your memories and run back through all the old facts

Bren9572 karma

Do you folks still research for QI? It seems like the podcast, itself, is a lot of work. How long do you typically research around each other’s facts?

Love the show!

nosuchthingasafish_88 karma

James, Anna & Andy still work on QI - Dan now mostly is coming up with new ideas. Luckily we have another 10 or so amazing researchers who can pick up the slack when we’re busy podcasting

SpaceyO267 karma

Is there going to be a series 3 of NSTATN?

nosuchthingasafish_119 karma

We'd love for there to be. Please protest outside the BBC on our behalf. DS

kirlisabun59 karma

Hi guys! You did a world cup themed Factball episodes way back, where facts from different countries competed against each other. That was a lot of fun. Are you going to try any new formats in the future?

nosuchthingasafish_51 karma

We would love to. The weekly schedule keeps us running pretty fast but if we think of anything cool we’ll definitely try it!

Mackadal57 karma

When are you gonna come to Canada for shows? Don't you want a free portrait of the Queen?

nosuchthingasafish_79 karma

We all have portraits of the Queen already (Dan has gone the extra mile and got a tattoo.) But we would LOVE to play Canada. The latest episode features Stephen Fry’s best Canadian Stories...

BuckOHare57 karma

What is the weirdest thing Dan has claimed is definitely a fact?

nosuchthingasafish_138 karma

In a live show last week he got the attention of the 1000 strong audience to inform us all he had something AMAZING to report, then proceeded to tell us that your ears still work even when you're asleep. So sometimes it's what surprises him that really amazes the rest of us. And also he once claimed when fizzy drinks are carried over seas, they take the bubbles out at one end and put them back in at the other. AP

Boodleboy74654 karma

Do you guys ever find that the Lightning's (formerly known as Andy) raw sexual power distracts you from doing your jobs?

nosuchthingasafish_93 karma

If you mean ‘is it difficult to podcast when nauseous’, then the answer’s yes.

onerd52 karma

What fact you would recommnded for me to use as pick up line?

What fact made you believe there might be such thing as fate/destiny?

What fact should I use to make my friends listen to your podcast?

I love your work and so glad to find it that it made my commute so enjoyable. Also my earphones drop off frequently laughing from your podcast and many people on my train look at me weirdly now

nosuchthingasafish_101 karma

For the last month of his life, US President James Garfield at everything through his anus is the answer to all of those questions.

kapntoad49 karma

Hi all. I get a ton of enjoyment out of your show, so thank you! Hopefully you'll stop by the United States soon.

If we as listeners find quite interesting tidbits in out of the way places, would you like them sent in for your perusal? Or would that lead to piles of facts you've already heard or which aren't that notable?

Also, I'm still a smidge sad that James changed his Twitter handle.

Thanks again!

nosuchthingasafish_81 karma

Yes please! Definitely tweet them to us - or if you don’t have Twitter email Anna. If you don’t have email, please write a letter on headed notepaper. If you don’t have headed notepaper I’m not sure we can help. AHM

viclnic43 karma


Firstly, thank you - I used one of your facts (on Manta Rays) as part of my MSc Viva and you guys helped me get my Distinction and onto my PhD. So yeah, really appreciate that!

Secondly, who has been your favourite guest? And how do they end up getting involved?

nosuchthingasafish_79 karma

Simply because it was so random and he’s such a nice guy - it has to be Corey from Slipknot for me (JH) - we found him because he once did an interview at Download Festival and said he watched QI so we emailed him out of the blue and were amazed he replied.

AristotleBonaventure34 karma

What are your least favourite fruits, each?

nosuchthingasafish_121 karma

James is scared of pineapple because it eats you while you're eating it (genuinely; sort of). Anna finds some strawberries too tart for her delicate, tender tastebuds. Andy will eat any fruit so long as it's chopped into identically sized pieces and served on a plate with a full gamut of cutlery. Dan doesn't know what fruit is.

theak33 karma

Why do you all treat Dan’s facts like they’re actual facts?

nosuchthingasafish_68 karma

There is a *theory* that Dan’s facts are the only correct ones. Wow.

joeobrown31 karma

Afternoon all

What are your favourite podcasts (other than yourselves)? My list is running low...

nosuchthingasafish_55 karma

I love radiolab, invisibilia and 99% Invisible when I'm feeling facty, but my absolute regulars are From Our Own Correspondent and radio 3's Composer of the Week podcast. And the Totally Football Show. And I'm not telling you which of us this is so you'll just have to guess who it is that has such fabulous and eclectic taste.

NoizeUK29 karma

Hi, when is Tom Scott going to make an appearance? Also, I'd love to see a collaboration with No Such Thing As A Fish and Citation Needed, I think the mashup would be great, like super nerdy 8 out of 10 does countdown.

Thanks, by the way, you lot help take my mind off things before going to bed, help me learn something new and laugh at the same time.

nosuchthingasafish_36 karma

Tom is a good friend of mine (JH) and would obviously be great on the show but he’s always jetsetting somewhere. As for a mash up with CN, I think the universe would implode of me and Matt were ever to be in the same room at the same time

dangerousturkey28 karma

What kind of music do you guys like?

nosuchthingasafish_162 karma

James likes anything after 1994. Andy likes anything up to 1972. Anna likes Simon and Garfunkel. And Dan is in a Boyz II Men tribute act called Male Energy.

bobvaljean28 karma

What’s your top go to fact or fact that has totally blown your mind?

& In some episodes you’ve shown yourselves to be totally bamboozled by interesting legal facts (which are interesting) but common knowledge to actual lawyers - would you consider getting a lawyer on the team for a few episodes to pull up the really funny stuff?

nosuchthingasafish_43 karma

That the fart you release if not you farting, but a collection of millions of bacteria farts all being ejected from your body in one massive blow. *BRAIN EXPLODES*

SuspiciousChicken28 karma

Please, I must know what they are they saying in...Japanese?...in your show intro.

nosuchthingasafish_61 karma

It's a robot voice informing someone that their bath is ready.

Bradslookalike28 karma

What fact from the podcast are you most dubious of?

nosuchthingasafish_79 karma

Any of mine. DS

EnemyGuns26 karma

Is it true that Dan is the lovechild of Lloyd Grossman and a bag of hair?

nosuchthingasafish_35 karma

Tune into The Jeremy Kyle Show next week Monday to find out. DS

pizza_child25 karma

If your personality was a combination of famous people named Harry, which “Harry”s would you be?

nosuchthingasafish_54 karma

Can I be Harriet the Spy or is that cheating? I used to always want to be a spy. But not a proper one, just the kind that carries a magnifying glass around everywhere and forces their friends to provide fingerprint samples constantly. And also I'll take a smidge of Harry Enfield, combining every character he's ever played. AP

Rosindust8925 karma

What's the most disturbing fact you've found?

Thanks for the great show! I love having a few weeks saved up, and then listening through them on a long car ride.

nosuchthingasafish_109 karma

That the reason vultures have no feathers on their necks is so that when they stick their heads up the anus of a dead animal in order to eat its entrails, they don't get their lovely neck feathers covered in poo stains on the way out. I'm sorry, but you did ask. AP

inkyfacecloth25 karma

James - because your hair is so amazing have you ever shaken it and said “because I’m worth it”?

nosuchthingasafish_51 karma

I never thought to do that before. But now I have I’m regretting it as I’m getting some strange looks on this train to Copenhagen. JH

ambi2422 karma

Do your families listen to the podcasts?

nosuchthingasafish_72 karma

Andy’s parents have heard the vinyl one and that’s it. All our families come to various live gigs though. I think it’s nice for them to see us boring other people with facts instead of them at the dinner table....

MeOulSegosha20 karma

Do you ever find out after shows have aired that some of the facts are wrong? Do you get tarred and feathered if so?

nosuchthingasafish_41 karma

Tarring and feathering is nothing compared to making a public apology at the start of the next show, as Anna had to the week after Leicester...

olliegrainger19 karma

What was your favourite live recording to do? (Hi btw!)

nosuchthingasafish_50 karma

In terms of epic scale: Sydney Opera House. In terms of wild audience energy: Dunstable. Plus, Dunstable has an entire shop devoted to Exotic Pets.


SuntoryBoss19 karma

Firstly, I wanted to say a big thank you for how kind and welcoming you were to my 10yo son when we came to the Nottingham show recently. He's a huge fan of the show, and his ambition is to be an elf one day, so meeting you all was a huge deal for him. Standing in the line to get his book signed he looked up at me and said "my heart is POUNDING" :)

So my question is what background you all have to have ended up as QI researchers? How did you find your way into the job?

nosuchthingasafish_30 karma

Tell your boy: he rocks. Background doesn't matter. Just make sure he follows his gut, and tell him to be brave and take risks. Remind him if at 10 he's listening to a shows like this, it means he's already switched on to what he wants to do in life. Lots of love, Yoda.

trustmeimweird18 karma

What qualifies a fact to be good enough for the podcast? Obviously it needs to lead into other facts and be able to lead a decent discussion, but how do you decide that?

Anna, how was the root canal?

nosuchthingasafish_31 karma

We send over options, and then it's the one that makes us go 'wow' or makes us laugh, that makes it through. We thought Anna's root canal was a success, until 30 mins ago, when one of her teeth literally fell out of her mouth as she was talking to us. DS

bartjblett17 karma

Do you think there will ever be a man born who can swim faster than a shark?

nosuchthingasafish_65 karma

Absolutely. So long as you’re talking about a Greenland shark which has a top speed of 1mph


MerreM16 karma

Is your job a 9-5? I can't really believe you guys read facts for QI, podcast (as well as other activities) and bully Alex as a "normal" job. What's your work day actually like?

nosuchthingasafish_26 karma

It's 24/7. Which is unfortunate for Alex. DS

Gingijons16 karma

Will you do an April fools special about interesting April fools pranks?

nosuchthingasafish_25 karma


nosuchthingasafish_46 karma

Psych!!!! April Fool!!!!

daisy_neko15 karma

Are there any news facts that happened after you finished the Book of the Year that you wished you could have included?

nosuchthingasafish_46 karma

Yes - the story of the Australian PR guru Roxy Jacenko who had to have her booked pulped because the quote on the front read " Roxy never fails to disappoint" DS

aaharapraharasamhara14 karma

Do you have transcripts or a wiki with what each episode has? Where's it or why not?

nosuchthingasafish_31 karma

Some generous member of the public used to put all our episodes on Wiki but clearly got bored and gave up after a while, and they've since disappeared. When one of us gets around to it, we'll update those pages again, but maybe don't hold your breath!

benisaboringname14 karma

What’s your favourite fact of all time?

nosuchthingasafish_57 karma

It changes by the minute. I've given a different answer every time on here but in this current minute I like the fact that the last thing Robert Falcon Scott wrote was a letter to his wife as he lay in his Antarctic tent, urging her to nurture in their son a love of nature. That son went on to found the WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature one, not the wrestling one). And he designed the panda logo.

ShaqFutastic12 karma

Hi there, my last name is fish. How would you explain that? 🤔

nosuchthingasafish_36 karma

Sorry, you don't exist. Will have to report you as a bot.

Gwaur12 karma

What do you answer when someone asks you what you do for work?

nosuchthingasafish_81 karma

I tell them what I do for work. And then I usually ask them what they do for work because that seems polite, and then we'll often have a conversation about our respective jobs and try to find things they might have in common. Then sometimes I'll buy them a pint or they buy me a pint and we take the friendship from there. Please buy my book: Blindingly Obvious Social Tips, available now in all good bookshops. AP

futurecrazycatlady11 karma

Anna, how's your jaw? You mentioned something about breaking it and I couldn't tell if it was a joke or not.

*I realise this might sound a bit crazy/stalkerish, but I promise you I'm to lazy to stalk anyone and I'm far far away. Did that make it worse? It did didn't it?

nosuchthingasafish_32 karma

It's great thanks, coming along nicely, back on the hard foods. I also broke most of my teeth though, and another one literally just fell out of my mouth as we were starting this AMA. But, you win some, you lose some. Point taken re stalking, but just to be on the safe side you will receive notice of the restraining order from my lawyers.

Kakestykke11 karma

How single is Andy?

nosuchthingasafish_27 karma

very un-single. Dan was devastated to learn this.

Gingijons10 karma

Greetings from Iceland. The Fry podcast is great!

What would a person have to do to get into a similar line of work?

Will you be releasing videos like NSTATN in the future? Like a pay per episode kinda thing.

Will there ever be a Schreiberland Resort?

Can I send facts?

nosuchthingasafish_12 karma

Thanks! Head to qi.com/talk and start adding facts - If it's QI you are interested in. We did a video on twitter today that has a NSTATN vibe. Check it out on @nosuchthing. And yes, there will one day be a Schreiberland. Micro-nation on the way, apply for passports now. DS

indreksiitan10 karma

Any plans to release "Behind The Gills" worldwide?

nosuchthingasafish_8 karma

I think it's available in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK but sadly we couldn't work out the finances and logistics of getting it subtitled for other countries. Sorry!

gearieos9 karma

Dan big question - who would win in a fight a yeti or Bigfoot?

nosuchthingasafish_17 karma

Whoa. Huge question. This needs a whole different Reddit IAMA thread to answer. DS

walking_chemist8 karma

Have any of you ever started researching something only to realise it’s already been covered on the podcast, and you’ve forgotten about it?

nosuchthingasafish_15 karma

Andy here. This happens a worrying amount, so much so that it may be best to delete all the old episodes and start afresh. Like in Dr Strangelove, or Die Hard 4.

CardboardZombie8 karma

Have you got any gigs in Dublin coming up? I listen every week but would love to go to one of the live shows here in Ireland!

nosuchthingasafish_12 karma

we do! we're back in march, tickets available at: nosuchthingasafish.com

Byron14218 karma

Favourite dog breed?

nosuchthingasafish_27 karma

Schnauzer. Half dog, half sneeze.

criminal_cabbage7 karma

What is the weirdest thing a fan has asked you to sign?

P.s Thank you guys for calling my mate a twat in his book on his Birthday. Your show in York was great

nosuchthingasafish_21 karma

We have signed shoe soles, faces, and on one occasion, a book we didn’t even write. We’ll sign anything.

OneOfTheLostOnes7 karma

Greetings from Argentina!!! Love the podcast.

Has any fact ever got you any blowback from the audience? If so which one?


nosuchthingasafish_9 karma

Does anyone know what ‘blowback’ means in Argentina? It can’t be what I think it is?

AristotleBonaventure7 karma

What sports teams, if any, do you support?

nosuchthingasafish_48 karma

James supports Tranmere Rovers and Jacksonville Jaguars; Anna supports Oxford United and Newcastle United; Dan supports the Socceroos; Andy supports many worthwhile charities

innit137 karma

what type of comedy/which comedians do each of you like?

nosuchthingasafish_30 karma

If I had to think of one comic that we all agree is incredible, off the top of my head: James Acaster. But there are hundreds more. We all like puns. And Mr. Bean. DS

Blazik3n996 karma

Hi, thanks for the laughs! I've been listening for years now and I'm glad I got the opportunity to go to one of the live recordings earlier this year, it was great fun.

So, my question: first you released a vinyl, then a cassette, what's next, a CD? And if you continue with this trend, are you going to come up with some crazy future technology to distribute your recordings in?


nosuchthingasafish_6 karma

Laser Disc!

Flandangle6 karma

Now that you've had Stephen Fry on, what QI guest/alum would you love to have on but haven't been able to yet?

nosuchthingasafish_24 karma

If she were ever able to juggle us with cake-baking, women's equality campaigning and QI hosting (those are not in order of importance) we would obviously love to get Sandi on. Any excuse to persuade her to hang out with us more, really. And we're about to start the Q series research meetings with her, so we'll probably lock her in the office after one of those and make her come on!

tomstarfort6 karma

How did you end up in the podcast crew?

nosuchthingasafish_14 karma

we all work in the same office in covent garden, and it grew out of the conversations we were having in the office.

Yonish6 karma

Hi guys!

What is a good fact to drop in a conversation to seem like an interesting person?

nosuchthingasafish_41 karma

By the number of tyres made, the Lego company is the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world. If they’re not interested after that, they’re not worth it

maggikpunkt6 karma

Is a taco a sandwich?

nosuchthingasafish_19 karma

Andy says: 100% no. That’s like asking if a lolly is an icicle. Same ingredients, same ballpark, very different experience.

vega7115 karma

Where did the name of the podcast come from?

nosuchthingasafish_23 karma

It comes from an old question on our parent TV show QI - One alternative title was going to be Q-Ear (glad we didn’t go for that)

Gingijons4 karma

What is the least believable fact you've ever heard?

nosuchthingasafish_15 karma

Anna once tried to convince us that the blanket was invented by a guy called Mr Blanket - it turns out to be almost true, he existed and sold blankets but they already had that name

christianbrowny3 karma

How much are you putting on an act and how much is it your real personality?

nosuchthingasafish_11 karma

80/20. But we’ll never say which way round.

Eraxon3 karma

Are there any plans to ever come to some non-English countries for live shows? (Maybe even Austria to be more specific?)

nosuchthingasafish_9 karma

HUGE leak coming, please don't tell the paps, but....rumour has it that we may be touring Europe sometime next year. You didn't hear it from me, or at all. Destroy this message.

innit133 karma

Who is running the QI elves twitter account? I noticed they never retract/correct facts when people point out mistakes in the replies. Sorry, not trying to be rude, I love you elves!

nosuchthingasafish_3 karma

That's our social media manager Other James. We do often retract/bring down facts when we're provided with sources that disprove any facts posted. Here's an example from yesterday https://twitter.com/qikipedia/status/1065647406644174848

bolicsteroids3 karma

Will you ever so more than one podcast a week? Is Anna dating one of the other fish? I'm sure i remember this, but i might've dreamt it! Looking forward to seeing you again in Scotland!

nosuchthingasafish_11 karma

She sure is. BUT WHICH ONE??? (no but seriously, she actually isn't. Or is she????? Can we leave the question hanging and hope we make it into Heat Magazine? Is Heat Magazine still a thing?)

ispytiye3 karma

What is your favorite part of the process when leading up to a new episode?

nosuchthingasafish_6 karma

finding that initial fact that blows your mind, and then the discovery of a whole world you didn't know about when looking into it.

mss243 karma

Where did you get the KACL t-shirt?

nosuchthingasafish_4 karma

Whimsical answer: my psychiatrist gave it to me as a joke. Real answer: Redbubble

delusionsofbanter2 karma

Where's a free, easy place I can listen to the podcast? (Listening from the UK) I don't have Spotify premium

nosuchthingasafish_4 karma

iTunes, Audioboom, Deezer, and anywhere that good podcasts are stored.

aaharapraharasamhara1 karma

Hey Dan! What's your favourite 'fact' about yetis?

nosuchthingasafish_2 karma

The one I did on the show a long time ago - that it is easier to escape a female yeti than a male one, because the female has such long dangling boobs - so before she can chase you, she needs to chuck them over their shoulders (like a scarf) or she might trip on them.

kirlisabun1 karma

How did James get into golfing? What does he find interesting about golf?

nosuchthingasafish_14 karma

No one knows why he finds it interesting, and no one knows how he got into it because in order to find out we'd have to ask him, and then we'd be stuck in a conversation about golf. AP

TheHumanSuitcase1 karma

What episode do you recommend new listeners start with?

(Please don't say the first episode)

nosuchthingasafish_3 karma

Episode 196. (I can’t remember what’s in it but I think we can all agree it’s a great number)

Marmite_Badger1 karma

Let's get down to the real questions.

You guys like Marmite?

nosuchthingasafish_9 karma

I neither love nor hate it. Though today I was at the ‘Disgusting Food Museum’ in Sweden and they have vegemite. The curator said that inclusion caused a diplomatic incident with Australia! JH

cblack19661 karma

Why do you keep referring to exoplanets as huge?

It just means they are outside of our solar system.

nosuchthingasafish_3 karma

They are huge, you're just seeing it from very far away. Explanation here

PeterBrookes1 karma

Do you ever find it difficult to think of facts or find things to fill a segment?

nosuchthingasafish_3 karma


Wilda6661 karma

What are each of your favourite facts you've ever found in all of your years of research for QI/NSTAAF?

nosuchthingasafish_9 karma

There are too many, it's not possible to choose. Should a parent pick a favourite child? Think of us as people with about 5000 children each, all of whom we love equally. Though I've always been partial to the fact that the inventor of Shredded Wheat's son invented round Shredded Wheat. And Andy loves how in Sweden, a brand of meatballs contained so little meat that they had to be renamed 'balls'. Dan has the maturity of an eight year old so loves that Charles Dickens' sister, Fanny, was taught to play the organ by a man named Dr Crotch. And James is really into stupid records so loves that the world record for kicking yourself in the head the most times is.....oh I can't remember the exact number, ask him yourself.

kirlisabun1 karma

Do you come up with some jokes while researching and hope for an opportunity to get it in? I bet James is doing this.

nosuchthingasafish_5 karma

I think it’s pretty obvious to a listener if you do this - so I’m sure you can infer from your own question that I obviously do and the others wouldn’t dream of it - JH

hambeef1 karma

Hey! Big fan here! You guys have covered Zoology quite often on and off the show, can I ask what the heck this ding-dong thing is? https://i.imgur.com/TfCMpr1.png

nosuchthingasafish_2 karma

I can’t really tell on my phone, but it looks like a mouse mat made from an actual mouse - JH

Jambls1 karma

I need a few short facts for reasons, are there any that you recommend? What was your favourite episode of the podcast and what was your favourite episode of Qi?

nosuchthingasafish_2 karma

Mice sing - doesn’t get much shorter than that

Majirra1 karma

Which Godzilla movie is each of your favorites?

nosuchthingasafish_2 karma

The latest. By Gareth Edwards. But mainly because we knew him before he was Godzilla big, when he was merely Monsters big.

MarcusAurelius01 karma

Are fish real?

nosuchthingasafish_2 karma

Yes. We shouldn't have let dan, the one who gets all his facts wrong, name the show.

Indirar1 karma

What food would you avoid under any circumstances? I love the podcast btw :)

nosuchthingasafish_2 karma

Today in Sweden I had urine soaked fish washed down with three penis wine. The wine was fine, but I’ll be happy going through life never having the fish again. JH