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nosuchthingasafish_450 karma

Which one of the other three of you is this? ...the answer is obviously yes


nosuchthingasafish_395 karma

Yup, that's it. We send each other the headline facts, and then all disappear to research those facts. We never tell each other what we've found so the conversation is genuine.

nosuchthingasafish_284 karma

Because it would ruin a 5 year long running gag. She's actually dying to get on it. We won't let her though. DS

nosuchthingasafish_280 karma

Andy came from Asgard. James is a multi billionaire engineer and arms dealer. Anna is a Russian spy who defected in the early 00’s. Dan goes green when he gets angry. No, hang on, that’s the avengers.

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We would LOVE to come to America and may (or may not - got to keep people guessing) have tentative plans to do so next year. But in case that's true, can you please promise to drum up enough support for us there so that we don't play to a bunch of empty theatres? Much obliged. AP