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Hey guys, just a quick message to say: "How did you first get into working for QI?"


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Well, at least ‘Lightning’ makes sense now...

Thanks, dudes! Haha

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Hi Sid,

Thanks for telling your story, I honestly couldn't imagine anything like this ever happening to me, so massive, massive kudos for coming on here so soon afterwards to share your experience.

If I could ask one thing, which I totally understand if you didn't want to answer, but the psychology of these kind of events really intrigues me...

I'd like to know the immediate train of thought you had once you realised what was going on? As someone from the UK, I don't know a lot about 'school shooter drills', so I'm curious to know what went through your head when the internal switch flipped that said: "This is real."

Thanks in advance and, again, thanks for sharing.

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Hey Fred and Carrie, thanks for all the Portlandia awesome-ness so far!

Any plans to do a live show and tour it in the future? UK, at the very least, loves a good sketch show turned live tour!

I'd buy a ticket, so there's one...your move! :)