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christianbrowny5 karma

meh it really grows on you, embarrassing at first but then you kinda get sucked into it. yes! kill the time travel natzis! woop save the earth! YAY sexy vulcans!


dont worry im ashamed

christianbrowny3 karma

How much are you putting on an act and how much is it your real personality?

christianbrowny1 karma

come to england- it doesn't always rain

christianbrowny1 karma

how do you feel about competition from immigrants in your trade, i hear mr woo's a windowcleaner now?

christianbrowny1 karma

i juggle three balls by holding a ball with my little finger (and finger next to my little finger) then just throwing the remaining two between each hand.

do it quickly and no one notices only two balls are actually moving, ive actually been complimented on it. :D

i guess my question is, am i the scum of the earth to you?