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Yeah, this is spot on. Last gym as I was at, some bloke joined - he was a Big Guy, I'd guess not far off your weight. You could see that he was fucking mortified to be there, surrounded by people who were all reasonably fit. Thing is, nobody felt "haha, look at that fat shit", quite the opposite - you could feel people silently urging him on. He was mentioned a couple of times in the sauna when I was there, and every comment made was incredibly positive - "good for him for doing something about it", that sort of thing.

Thing is, everyone has put on weight at some point in their life, and even for regular gym goers they know it's a constant battle just to get/keep a few pounds off. To see someone man up/face down losing a few hundred pounds is impressive - not just because it's a big job, but because anyone sensible knows that happy people don't hit that sort of weight, and they probably hate themselves.

Seeing people take that on is the absolute opposite of funny, it's inspiring. It's like the drug addict who hits rock bottom and sorts himself out - you don't laugh at them for having been homeless etc, you admire them for coming back from that shit.

Edit: should add that the big chap stuck with it, at least until I moved away a year or so later. By then he'd lost what I believe is officially referred to as a "metric fuck ton" of weight.

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I would like to pay for you to have a makeup consultation - i.e. somewhere that will help you choose stuff that suits you and that you like - at a place that is convenient for you, if you would like. Can this be arranged?

Sadly, I can't arrange One Direction for you :(

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Firstly, I wanted to say a big thank you for how kind and welcoming you were to my 10yo son when we came to the Nottingham show recently. He's a huge fan of the show, and his ambition is to be an elf one day, so meeting you all was a huge deal for him. Standing in the line to get his book signed he looked up at me and said "my heart is POUNDING" :)

So my question is what background you all have to have ended up as QI researchers? How did you find your way into the job?